The History of Football

  • First American Football Club

    First American Football Club
    Most likely in a summer month, the first football club in America was started in Boston, Massechusetts. They were called the Oneida Football Club. They never lost a game or even gave up a single point. Was established by Gerrit Smith Miller.
  • First College Football Game

    First College Football Game
    The first college football game ever was played between Rutgers and Princeton. They played with 25 players each and had rugby like rules. Rutgers won this game 6-4.
  • First Standardization of Rules

    First Standardization of Rules
    Columbia, Rutgers, Princeton, and Yale met in 1873 to create the first standardized rules of football. They established scoring and playing.
  • U of M Creates Football Team

    U of M Creates Football Team
    The University of Michigan became the first school West of Pennsylvania to establish a college team.
  • Walter Camp Changes Rules

    Walter Camp Changes Rules
    In 1880 Walter Camp went to meetings and changed the number of players on the field from 15 to 11. He also established the line of scrimmage and the Center to Quarterback "snap".
  • Hamdone Park Blood Bath

    Hamdone Park Blood Bath
    Date Estimated. A game between Yale and Harvard ended with r crippling injuries and the contest was suspended until 1897.
  • 19 Fatalities Occur

    19 Fatalities Occur
    19 deaths happen during the season. President Theodore Roosevelt threatened to shut down the program if changes were not made.
  • First Forward Pass

    First Forward Pass
    The first leggal forward pass was thrown by Brad Robinson against Carroll College.
  • The NFL is Created

    The NFL is Created
    The NFL was formed in 1920 by representatives of several professional American football leagues and independent teams met in Canton, Ohio, and founded the American Professional Football Conference, soon renamed the National Football League.
  • Youth and Highschool Football

    Youth and Highschool Football
    One of the earliest youth football organizations was founded in Philadelphia.
  • Heisman Trophy is Introduced

    Heisman Trophy is Introduced
    The first Heisman trophy was given out in 1935. The tradition continues today.
  • First Pro African Americans

    First Pro African Americans
    The Los Angeles Rams draft Kenny Washington and Woody Strode, the first African Americans in the NFL
  • Oklahoma Wins 3 National Titles

    Oklahoma Wins 3 National Titles
    Oklahoma won national titles in 1950,1955, and 1956 under the coach Bud Wilkinson.
  • Teams Added to the NFL

    Teams Added to the NFL
    In 1950 three teams were added to the NFL and the AAFC folded and the players were drafted into the NFL.
  • The Greatest Game Ever Played

    The Greatest Game Ever Played
    The first ever game to go into sudden death overtime. The Colts defeated the Giants in the first overtime.
  • Shula's Dolphins Are Perfect

    Shula's Dolphins Are Perfect
    The Miami Dolphins coached by Don Shula ended their season undefeated by winning the Super Bowl.
  • The Heisman Pose

    The Heisman Pose
    Desmond Howard put his mark on history with his heisman pose against rival Ohio State.
  • Most Winningest Coach

    Most Winningest Coach
    Don Shula becomes the winningest coach in NFL history passing George Halas with his 325th win.
  • Browns Become the Ravens

    Browns Become the Ravens
    The Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore and become the Ravens.
  • Charles Woodson Wins Heisman

    Charles Woodson Wins Heisman
    Charles Woodson becomes the first defense oriented player to win the Heisman Trophy.
  • Barry Sanders' Surprise Retirement

    Barry Sanders' Surprise Retirement
    Barry Sanders shocked football followers by announcing retirement when he was within striking distance of the record.
  • Smith Breaks Payton's Record

    Smith Breaks Payton's Record
    Emmitt Smith breaks the all time rushing yards set by Walter Payton.
  • Ricky Williams Scandal

    Ricky Williams Scandal
    Ricky Williams was one of the first major superstars to test positive for Marijuana during his career. He retired early.
  • Mike Vick First Rushing QB

    Mike Vick First Rushing QB
    Michael Vick becomes the first QB to rush over 1000 yards in a single season.
  • Favre Comes Back... Again

    Favre Comes Back... Again
    Brett Favre comes back from retirement for a second time to play for the Vikings, a rival of his longtime team the Packers.
  • Saints Give Hope To New Orleans

    Saints Give Hope To New Orleans
    After a catastrophic hurricane ruined a lot of New Orleans, the Saints give citizens something to root for by winning the Super Bowl.
  • Tebow Nation Begins

    Tebow Nation Begins
    Tim Tebow first started to become a national icon. His touchdown celebration, "Tebowing", became a national icon as well.
  • Referee Lockout Ends

    Referee Lockout Ends
    After a poor showing by replacement referees. Thel NFLRA and the NFL agree on a deal to end the NFLRA lockout.
  • NFL's First Commissioner

    NFL's First Commissioner
    Bulldogs owner Ralph Hay was named the first head of the league until a permanent president could be chosen. Hay chose Jim Thorpe for the role.
  • NCAA Claims All Broadcast Rights

    NCAA Claims All Broadcast Rights
    Notre Dame was the first team to purchase their own channel to broadcast their games.