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The Life of Alex Rodriguez

By farrmes
  • Alex was born

    Alex was born
    Alex was born in New York City to Lourdes and Victor Rodriguez on July 27th 1975.
  • Period: to


    Every day snce ALex wanted to be a baseball player, he would do a routine of 100 push ups and sit ups every morning.
  • Where did my daddy go?

    Where did my daddy go?
    Alex's dad, Victor, left when Alex was only 4 years old. He left his wife to deal with all of the kids alone.
  • His first team

    His first team
    Alex had been chosen to be on the Orioles in 1982.
  • League's Most Valuable

    League's Most Valuable
    Rodriguez was named MVP on his league in 1983.
  • We won!

    We won!
    The Westminster Wariors won the state AA Chsmpionship, and had finished tenth in the USA Today's national ranking of high-school baseball teams. ( Which was Alex's team)
  • Hurricane Andrew

    Hurricane Andrew
    Hurricane Andrew hit the Miami area, knocking down buildings, causing flooding, and injuring hundreds of area residents.
  • National Team

    National Team
    Alex's star rose higher. He played on a United States National team against teams from all over.
  • WOW Alex

    WOW Alex
    In the summer of 1992, Allex's star only rose higher. He played on the United States national team against teams all over.
  • There he goes

    There he goes
    The next day Alex would fly off to Boston and meet the Mariners who were playing the Rex Sox. Then the next morning at 6:00 a.m. Alex's mother drove him to the airport. When he got on the plane his mother went home and cried. Then she followed Alex to Boston, she had to see his first game.
  • The begining of baseball for Alex

    The begining of baseball for Alex
    In 1994 Alex started to play with the Mariners for seven seasons.
  • The big contract

    The big contract
    Two days before Alex's 20th birthday the Mariners rewarded him. They tore up his old contract and gave him another worth 10 million dollars for over four years!
  • Homerun!

    A-Rod cracks his first home run in a game against the Detroit Tigers in 1996
  • married

    Alex married Cynthia Scurtis on 2002 (there was no day or month listed)
  • MVP

    Alex was named the MVP, most valuable player, in the American League, beating out Carlos Delgado of thr Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Alex in pinstripes

    Alex in pinstripes
    Alex took the field in a Yankee uniform on March 30, 2004
  • Good Idea

    Good Idea
    In a controversial play in game six of the 2004 ALCS, Alex slaps the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove. Alex was first called safe, but when the play was deemed illegal, he was called out.
  • The errant pitch

    The errant pitch
    Just a few day after Alex's 18th birthday his career nearly ended. Alex was sitting on the bench. An errant throw flew into yhe dugout, Alex never saw it coming, it hit the side of his face. He immediantly fell to the bench holding his face......he had broken his cheekbone. (unknown date)
  • The begining of Alex's baseball career

    The begining of Alex's baseball career
    One day when Alex was at home, a baseball man named Mr. Arteaga noticed his talent he said to Alex "You are a great ballplayer, you are going a long way, and I am going to take you there.
    (unknown date)
  • School

    Alex attended Westminster Christian School for his last three years of high school. (unknown date)
  • Texas Rangers

    Texas Rangers
    Alex joined the Texas Rangers in 2001 and played there for 3 years. (unknown date)
  • College

    Alex was thinking of going to Westminster Christian Academy. It was a big choice to make. It was either baseball or college, Alex was playing baseball at the time but was still deciding which to choose. (unknown date)
  • Baseball America

    Baseball America
    At the begining of baseball season, the magazine Baseball America, which covers high-school and college baseball closely, named Alex the number one high school prospect in the country! (unknown date)
  • Draft

    Alex was very excited to be picked to be in the draft. He hopped he would be picked by the Dodgers. (no month or day listed)
  • The big news

    The big news
    At 1:14 p.m. the phone rang at J.D.'S house, The Marieners were on the line and they wanted Alex! (unknown date)
  • The phone call

    The phone call
    Later that day, the phone rang someone answered it and asked for Alex. When he hesrd the voice he was puzzled. It was his father! (unknown date)
  • Another injury

    Another injury
    In the starting of the new season Alex pulled a hamstring muscle. (unknown date)
  • 252 million dollar contract

    252 million dollar contract
    Alex was offered a $252 million dollar contract to play for the Texas Rangers.
    (no month or day listed)
  • 40-40 club

    40-40 club
    With 42 homeruns and 46 stolen bases, Alex became the only third player ever to join the so called "40-40" club! (no month or day listed)
  • The elbow injury

    The elbow injury
    Alex was up to bat and Arroyo was pitching. He threw that ball and WHAP! that was not the sound of the ball hitting the bat but the sound of the ball hitting Alex's left elbow. Alex could not control his anger so he began shouting at the pitcher. The catcher immediately stood up and confronted him. Then that catcher and Alex started cussing. The catcher put his glove in Alex's face and after that they were both ejected from the game. (not month or day listed)