St. Ignatius High School History

By mh78
  • Founding

    St. Ignatius College, as it was then known, opened it's doors on 6 September 1886. In 1886, there was an enrollment of 75 students and 4 teachers, all German Jesuits. The President of the School at the time was Reverend John Neustich, a Jesuit.
  • Period: to

    St. Ignatius High School

  • New Subjects

    New Subjects
    In 1887, St. Ignatius introduced the subjects of Latin, Greek, English, German, French, History, Geography, Mathematics, Philosophy, Chemistry, Bookkeeping, and Penmanship. St. Ignatius would later drop four of these subjects.
  • JUG

    The JUG (Justice under God) is introduced.
  • First Play

    First Play
    The First (annual) Theatrical Production at St. Ignatius
  • Baseball

    In 1890, St. Ignatius introduces it's first sport, baseball.
  • Main Building

    Main Building
    In 1891, The Main Building was completed, replacing the old wooden schoolhouse.
  • Enrollment

    In the class of 1895-1896, St. Ignatius High School had 143 students enrolled and 15 teachers.
  • Basketball

    St. Ignatius introduced basketball as a sport in the 1900-1901 Season.
  • First Baseball Season

    First Baseball Season
    In the 1904 Season, St. Ignatius had its first competition against another school in baseball.
  • Victories

    After the end of the 1904-1905 Sports season, Coach F.J. Gallagher reports leading both Ignatius teams to an 80% Victory Record.
  • Marching Drills

    Marching Drills
    In Preperation for the United States's involvement in WWI, St. Ignatius students are forced to do Marching Drills on the Mall.
  • First Football Game

    First Football Game
    On October 11, 1917, the first football game between St. Ignatius and another team is played. St. Ignatius wins.
  • School Day

    School Day
    The Time for a School Day during the 1922-1923 Season is from 9:00 AM to 2:25 PM, a significantly shorter day than what we have now.
  • Seperation

    St. Ignatius High School splits from John Carroll University. John Carroll moves.
  • The Eye

    The Eye
    The First Issue of the Eye is Published in September 1924
  • Marching Band

    Marching Band
    The St. Ignatius Wildcat Marching Band Debuts at Rhodes Field.
  • Alma Mater

    Alma Mater
    The St. Ignatius High School Alma Mater is written by History Teacher Jack Hearnes.
  • "Wartime Priorities"

    "Wartime Priorities"
    Sports at St. Ignatius are cancelled for the 1943-194 season due to "Wartime Priorities."
  • Annexation

    St. Ignatius High School Annexes St. Mary's Elementary School, later to become Loyola Hall.
  • Cross Country

    Cross Country
    Cross Country is added to the sports curriculum for the 1949-1950 Season.
  • St. Ignatius vs. St. Eds.

    St. Ignatius vs. St. Eds.
    The First Football game between St. Ignatius and St. Edwards is played. St. Ignatius wins.
  • Collard Shirt

    Collard Shirt
    The Dress Code of a Collared Shirt, Khakis, a Tie, and a Suit Jacket is introduced. The Suit Jacket is later taken out.
  • Sullivan Gym

    Sullivan Gym
    Sullivan Gymnasium is added on to the Main Building in March 1956.
  • Bowling

    Bowling is added to the Sports Curriculum of St. Ignatius during the 1956-1957 season.
  • 1000 Enrolled

    1000 Enrolled
    During the 1958-1959 School Year enrollment reaches over 1000 Students.
  • Student Council

    Student Council
    Student Council is Established. The first voting for student council president takes place on slates.
  • St. Mary's Razed

    St. Mary's Razed
    St. Mary's Church is Razed to make way for the Clavius Center.
  • Clavius Center

    Clavius Center
    The Clavius Science Center is created and opens its doors during the 1968-1969 School Year.
  • Wrestling

    Wrestling is added to the St. Ignatius Sports Curriculum.
  • Theme Days

    Theme Days
    "Theme Days", such as Lumberjack Day, are created during the 1973-1974 School Year to express student individuality.
  • Historic School

    Historic School
    St. Ignatius High School was added to the National Historic Register in 1974.
  • Soccer

    Soccer is added to the St. Ignatius Athletic Curriculum.
  • Tom Healey--Best Teacher At St. Ignatius

    Tom Healey--Best Teacher At St. Ignatius
    In 1977, Thomas Healey, Believed by many to be one of the greatest teachers at St. Ignatius ever, graduated from St. Ignatius High School. He currently teaches there.
  • Tower Illuminated

    Tower Illuminated
    In 1979, the Tower on the Main Building was illuminated for the first and only time.
  • Wasmer Field

    Wasmer Field
    In 1979, Wasmer Field was created.
  • The Mall

    The Mall
    In 1979, West 30th Street became "The Mall".
  • Coach Kyle

    Coach Kyle
    Chuck Kyle is appointed as Head Football Coach in 1983. He still holds that title.
  • Blue Ribbon School

    Blue Ribbon School
    Beginning in the 1983-1984 School Year and continuing even now, St. Ignatius has been known as a Blue Ribbon School.
  • Paw Power

    Paw Power
    "Paw Power" Paw Prints first appear on St. Ignatius Football Players' helmets for the 1984-1985 Season.
  • Computer Class

    Computer Class
    During the 1985-1986 School Year, Computer Class became a required course for credit.
  • Arrupe

    The Arrupe Neighborhood Partnership Program was founded during the 1988-1989 School Year.
  • State Champions

    State Champions
    In October 1988, the St. Ignatius Football team won their first State Championships. They would go on to win 9 others in subsequent years.
  • "The Greatest Game Ever Played"

    "The Greatest Game Ever Played"
    St. Ignatius High School wins against St. Eds in triple overtime 25-24. Described as "The Greatest Grade Ever Played"
  • Chariot Races

    Chariot Races
    In May 1995, the first Latin Class Chariot Races were held.
  • Website

    The St. Ignatius Website was created in 1998.
  • Crew Victories

    Crew Victories
    The Crew team made Midwest Championships for the first time in 2000, and then in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.
  • Sullivan Atrium

    Sullivan Atrium
    The Sullivan Atrium was added for the 2001-2002 School Year.