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History of Murray State Men's Basketball

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    Murray State basketball

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    Carlisle Cutchin Era

    First head coach in Murray State History. Spent 17 seasons as the head coach of Murray State and compiled a 256-91 record.
  • First Game In Murray State History

    First Game In Murray State History
    The Racers played their first ever and fell to Will-Mayfield 31-14 at Wilson Hall.
  • Final game at Wilson Hall

    Final game at Wilson Hall
    The Throughbreds run at Wilson Hall came at this date with a 43-32 win against Bethel. The win gave the building a 15-7 record at during its two seasons as the home of the team.
  • Murray State's first game at Lovett

    Murray State's first game at Lovett
    After moving from Wilson Hall, Murray State opened the 1928 season at Lovett Auditorium and defeated Allbrittons Indep. 47-23.
  • End of Lovett

    End of Lovett
    The highest win percentage of all the arenas the team has played at, Lovett Auditorium saw its final basketball game come against the Mexico City YMCA with Murray earning the 46-28 victory. The building finished at 84-15, a .849 winning percentage.
  • First game at Carr Health

    First game at Carr Health
    As the campus expanded, so did the location for the school's basketball program. The team opened the Carr Health Building in 1937, with a 44-27 win against the Missouri All-Stars
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    Rece Mountjoy Era

    Spent just one season at Murray State but has the highest win percentage in the program's history at a 18-4 record.
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    John Miller Era

    3rd head coach of the team. Spent six seasons and compiled a record of 74 wins and 60 losses.
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    Carlise Cutchin Returns

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    Harlan Hodges Era

    Was the the first head coach to bring home an OVC Championship which took place in the 50-51 season. 120-81 in seven seasons with the program.
  • First Ohio Valley Conference Game

    First Ohio Valley Conference Game
    The Racers are one of the founding members of the OVC and took on Eastern Kentucky in the first conference game. The Colonels won the game 65-42.
  • Final Game at Carr Health

    Final Game at Carr Health
    In the final game at Carr Health, Murray State defeated Tennessee Tech 87-59. The win ended the buildings career at 141-38 after 17 seasons.
  • First Game at Racer Arena

    First Game at Racer Arena
    The Racers opened their new home, Racer Arena, in their third home game of the 1954-55 season. Hosting Middle Tennessee, the Racers new floor provided a 104-80 romping of their rivals.
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    Rex Alexander Era

    One of two coaches not to bring home an OVC title, Alexander lasted three seasons at Murray State and had a dismal 34-39 record.
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    Cal Luther Era

    Tied with Carlisle Cutchin for the longest tenure at head coach. In the winningest head coach with 251 wins and 169 losses. Led the Racers to three OVC regular season championships and one tournament championship.
  • First NCAA Tournament Game

    First NCAA Tournament Game
    After 16-8 regular season, the Racers took on Loyola (Ill.) in the NCAA Tournament. In their first appearance in the "The Big Dance" the Racers fell 101-91.
  • Racers back to the Dance

    Racers back to the Dance
    After defeating Morehead State 94-76 to make the NCAA Tournament, the Racers fell to Marquette 82-62.
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    Fred Overton Era

    Having to replace a legend is always tough and Overton found it to be true. Only three seasons at the head coach, Overton has the lowest winning perecentage in program history with a 34-44 record. Overton is the last head coach not to win an OVC championshp.
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    Ron Greene Era

    While Greene never won an OVC tournament championship, he did bring the Racers 3 regular season championships in seven seasons. 119-78 for his career.
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    Steve Newton Era

    The Racers thrived under Coach Newton bringing home four OVC regular season titles and three tournament titles, the most in program history. Newton compiled a 116-65 record in his six seasons. Led the Racers to their first NCAA tournament victory.
  • First NCAA Victory

    First NCAA Victory
    The Racers stunned No. 3 seed North Carolina State in the first found of the 1988 NCAA tournament as Jeff Martin led the way with 23 points.
  • Second round

    Second round
    Coming off an upset win, the Racers looked to keep their tournament dreams alive. The dream would end with a 61-58 loss to eventual champion Kansas. The game was the closest the Jayhawks would have the entire tournament.
  • 16 seed goes OT

    16 seed goes OT
    Battle of the MSU'sThe closest a 16 seed has come to defeating a No. 1 seed, the Racers took Michigan State to overtime before falling to the Spartans 75-71.
  • Down to the Tide

    Down to the Tide
    A 17-3 run midway through the first half was enough for the Crimson Tide to pull away from the Racers who fell 89-79.
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    Scott Edgar Era

    The 10th head coach, Edgar was head coach for four seasons and went 79-40 in his tenure. Won three regular season championships and two tournament championships.
  • Three straight Games

    Three straight Games
    The Racers made their third straight appearance to the NCAA tournament but lost once again this time to No. 3 seed Arkansas 80-69.
  • Taking the Tar Heels

    Taking the Tar Heels
    Murray State returned to the NCAA tournament after a 21-8 regular season thanks to Marcus Brown. Brown and the Racers couldn't stop No. 2 seed North Carolina, 80-70.
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    Mark Gottfried Era

    The current head coach at NC State, Gottfrield spent three seasons at Murray State and won three consectuvie championships in his short tenure at the program. Add two tournament victories and a 68-24 record.
  • Downed by Duke

    Downed by Duke
    Tied at the half 35-35, the Racers could never overcome one basketball's great programs and fell to Duke 71-68 in Charlotte, N.C.
  • End of Racer Arena

    End of Racer Arena
    The longest host of the program that saw the team transform from the Throughbreds to the Racers in 1961. It saw its final home game against Tenneessee Tech a winning one as the team defeated the Golden Eagles 84-63. The arena ended with a 503-135 winning record.
  • No. 9 seed

    No. 9 seed
    After a school record 29-3 regular season, the Racers earned the No. 9 seed in the 1998 NCAA Tournament. With the high seed, the Racers would falter in the first half and trail by 20 points before falling 97-74.
  • RSEC/CFSB Opens

    RSEC/CFSB Opens
    The current home to the Racers and their championship banners, the Racers opened the 1998-99 season against Southern Illinois at the Regional Special Events Center (RSEC). The Racers christened the building with a 65-62 victory.
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    Tevester Anderson Era

    Anderson is the only African American head coach in the program's history. He brought the Racers two OVC regular and tournament titles while winning 103 games.
  • Buckeyes roll 72-58

    Buckeyes roll 72-58
    Shooting just 27 percent for the game, the Racers 27 win season was not enough to defeat eventual Final Four participant Ohio State.
  • Second half run ends Racers once again

    Second half run ends Racers once again
    Trailing by just three points at halftime, the No. 3 seed Georgia Bulldogs would send the Racers home with their eighth straight NCAA loss. Bulldogs used a 43-29 second half run avoid the upset, 85-68.
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    Mick Cronin Era

    The highest winning percentage of all the former coaches, the now Cincinnati head coach spent three seasons in Murray bringing home the 05-06 OVC titles. Went 69-24 for a .741 winning perecentage.
  • No 12 seed upset here.

    No 12 seed upset here.
    A 24-7 season would end the career of OVC Player of The Year Cuthbert Victor as the Racers fell to Illinois 69-53. Victor led the way with 15 points and seven rebounds for the Racers.
  • Pearson's Corner Three

    Pearson's Corner Three
    A wide open three by Trey Pearson was no good for the Racers with 43 seconds left , as they fell to No. 69-65.
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    Billy Kennedy Era

    The Head Coach of Texas A&M, Kennedy led the Racers to their second NCAA Tournament victory and two OVC championships in his five seasons as head coach. Was 70-24 in his tenure.
  • The Shot

    The Shot
    Voice of the Racers Highlights The greatest shot in Murray State basketball history as senior forward Danero Thomas hit a mid range to "extend the stay in San Jose."
  • The dribble

    The dribble
    Racer's endingLooking for the program's first Sweet Sixteen appearance and the ball, freshman point guard Isaiah Canaan lost the ball with five seconds remaining to fall to NCAA Cinderalla Runner-Up Butler 54-52.
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    Steve Prohm Era

    The program's current head coach, lucky #13. Prohm led the Racers in his first season to a magical 31-2 season along with just their third NCAA victory. Is 52-12 entering this season, highest in program history with a .812 winning percentage.
  • Home Court

    Home Court
    Coming off a 30-1 regular season, the last undefeated team in the nation, the Racers wore home jerseys for the first time in program history during a NCAA game. As the No. 6 seed, the Racers overcame a halftime deficit with a 18-2 run to start the second half and defeat Colorado State 58-41.
  • Sweet 16 denied

    Sweet 16 denied
    Leading by five with 7:36 remaining in the game, the magical season would end to Marquette who answered with a 21-7 run to finish the game. The game did include a breakout performance by center Ed Daniel seen here: Daniel's "Beast Mode"