Jim boeheim

Syracuse Violations under Jim Boeheim

By lsmauro
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    Jim Boeheim's career as head coach

  • Boeheim Takes Over

    Boeheim Takes Over
    Boeheim is promoted from assitant coach to head coach of the Orange after Roy Danforth left for another job.
  • 2 Players Charged W/ Rape

    2 Players Charged W/ Rape
    Andrew Hawkins and Ronald Payton were charged with raping a Villanova female student in a Hartford Hotel after losing a game in the 1982 Big East Tournament.
  • Coleman Arrested

    Coleman Arrested
    Derrick Coleman was charged with a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief and harrasment following a fight and break-ins at two Syracuse students' apartments. He later admitted in court that he "punched a guy," Coleman, who could have received up to six months in jail, plea-bargained and was ordered to perform 50 hours of community service instead.
  • Brower Arrested

    Brower Arrested
    Derek Brower was arrested during a drug raid, as the former Cuse player was involved in a cocaine ring. Brower served a six month prison sentence and community service.
  • Owens 'pummels' man

    Owens 'pummels' man
    19-year-old Syracuse man told police he was 'pummeled' by Syracuse basketball player Billy Owens and three other men for throwing a snowball at a car Owens was driving. The man declined to press charges on Owens.
  • Recruit Arrested

    Recruit Arrested
    Wilfred Kirkaldy is arrested for raping an 18 year old in a hotel room during his official recruiting trip to Syracuse while still in high school. The meeting between Kirkaldy and the young female was set up by a Syracuse player at the time, Adrian Autry, who was hosting the recruit.
  • Autry Assault

    Autry Assault
    Couldn't find the exact date, but in 1991 Adrian Autry, now an assitant on Boeheim's staff, was charged with harrasment for punching an ex-girlfriend. The women didn't press charges against the Syracuse guard.
  • NCAA Violations

    NCAA Violations
    University attorneys uncovered NCAA violations, including a player participating illegally in a pickup game, players staying rent-free with a booster or player, a player failing to pay for auto repairs and a player working at Boeheim's summer camp.
  • Players Suspended

    Players Suspended
    Seven players, including all-American Billy Owens, were suspended by the university for 'minor unsepecified infractions' after an in-house investigation.
  • Johnson Placed On Probation

    Johnson Placed On Probation
    Syracuse player Dave Johnson was put on probation for a year after believing to have had sexual relationships with a 14 year old girl who was serving as a babysitter for one of the school's boosters. Syracuse then asked the head of the booster club, Joseph Giannuzzi, to step down from his position after it was discovered that these events took place at his home.
  • Booster Benefits

    Booster Benefits
    Dave Johnson and Mike Hopkins, who is now an assitant coach on Boeheim's staff, are reported to be the players who had lived rent-free at the home of a booster. Both players did so before the start of their freshman years.
  • McRae Arrested

    McRae Arrested
    Conrad McRae was arrested for fighting with two police officers outside a campus restaurant during a melee that involved more than 100 people. McRae was 'bear-hugging' a cop in effort to keep him from arresting his friend.
  • NCAA Violations

    NCAA Violations
    Syracuse was placed on two years probation for recruitment violations as well as violations including current student athletes at the school. The Orange recieved a one year postseason ban, lost some of their scholarships for two seasons and coaches couldn't leave campus to recruit for six months. Among the violations included free meals, discounted car rentals, cash from boosters, and free drinks at a popular bar nearby.
  • Six Players Arrested

    Six Players Arrested
    Six Syracuse basketball players were arrested for fighting with bouncers at a local bar. After originally leaving the bar, three of the players met up with three teammates and went back. Michael Edwards pounded on the bar's windows with a hammer, demanding that the bouncers come outside and fight. The players also smashed the windows of parked cars at the bar. Edwards was suspended from the team, while another player, Anthony Harris, lost three teeth from the scuffle.
  • Lloyd Fudged Grades

    Lloyd Fudged Grades
    Returning starter, Michael Lloyd, was found by the NCAA to have falsified his academic transcript from San Jacinto Junior College and was not qualified to be enrolled at Syracuse. As a result, he could not play his senior season at Cuse.
  • Wallace Arrested

    Wallace Arrested
    John Wallace was arrested for not following a police officer's directions after the officer ticketed Wallace for playing his car radio to loud.
  • Burgan Suspended

    Burgan Suspended
    Orange player, Todd Burgan was suspended by the school for seven games after violating student conduct rules. Burgan used 'physical harm' and the 'threat of physical harm' against a female student.
  • Wallace Arrested Again

    Wallace Arrested Again
    John Wallace was arrested a second time after punching and choking an ex-girlfriend during a fight about the couples son. The women dropped the charges instead of having Wallace serve a 15 day jail sentence.
  • Edelin Suspended

    Edelin Suspended
    Billy Edelin was suspended for raping a freshman student, while another female student claimed he sexually abused her as well. The indefinite suspension ending up lasting 48 games.
  • Williams Transfers

    Williams Transfers
    DeShaun Williams transfers from Syracuse after multiple suspensions and run-ins with the law. Williams was suspended for three games in the fall of 2001 after getting a DUI. He was also suspended after being arrested for hitting a female during a fight at a bar. The victim had to recieve four stiches to close the cut above her eye. Williams was the teams leading scorer and was also academically ineligible at the time of his transfer (following the 2001-02 season).
  • Harris Arrested

    Harris Arrested
    Future Syracuse player, Paul Harris, is charged with assaulting his girlfriend. This coming after already spending 13 days in jail for drug possession. The 6-4 swingman would have to repeat a year of high school before Syracuse for missing too many classes.
  • Jardine Suspended

    Jardine Suspended
    Scoop Jardine is suspended for two games after stealing a student's ID card and using it to order $116 worth of food.
  • Wright Arrested

    Wright Arrested
    Just a month after finishing his senior year at Syracuse, Josh Wright is arrested for stealing a woman's credit card. Wright quit the basketball team a few months earlier for multiple off the court issues, as well as academic issues.
  • 3 Put on Probation

    3 Put on Probation
    Jonny Flynn, Scoop Jardine and Richard Jackson are all put on probation for sexual assaulting a female student on two seperate occasions during the 2007 fall semester.
  • Dean Fired

    Dean Fired
    Associate Dean of Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Science, David Potter, is fired by the University for not covering up the assault case against three players (Jardine, Flynn & Jackson) from months earlier. Potter had been at Syracuse for 20 years.
  • Devendorf Suspended

    Devendorf Suspended
    Eric Devendorf is suspended for punching a female student in the face a month earlier. The suspension is originally until the end of the school year (May), but is shortened a week later to just two games.
  • Syracuse Penalized

    Syracuse Penalized
    Syracuse recieves a two year scholarship reduction for their low APR score. The NCAA cutline is 925 (equivalent to a 50% graduation rate), but Syracuse scored just a 912. Cuse was one of two major conference school's, the other being Colorado, to score below 925. The 2010 report spanned from 2005-2009.
  • Melo Charged

    Melo Charged
    Fab Melo is charged with criminal mischief after reaching into a car being driven by a female student and breaking the turn signal control arm in the process. The victim is issued an order of protection.
  • Fine Fired

    Fine Fired
    Bernie Fine, a 36 year Syracuse assistant, is fired by the University amid allegations that he had sexually abused two ball boys when they worked for the team in the 1980's. Syracuse was made aware of the allegations in 2005, but didn't act upon them until ESPN and other media outlets broke the story in 2011, 10 days before the firing of Fine.
  • Failed Drug Tests

    Failed Drug Tests
    NCAA launches an investigation against Syracuse after Yahoo reported that atleast 10 different Syracuse Players had failed a drug test since 2001 and were not punished. Four 'sources with intimate knowledge' reported that 10 different players were allowed to play when they shouldn't have been. '
  • Melo Suspended

    Melo Suspended
    Fab Melo is deemed academically inelgible for March Madness just two days before the tournament began. This suspension came after Melo missed three games in January due to being academically inelgible at the time as well.
  • Carter-Williams Caught Shoplifting

    Carter-Williams Caught Shoplifting
    Sophomore guard, Michael Carter-Williams, is caught shoplifting a bathrobe and a pair of gloves from a local Lord & Taylor. Carter-Williams signed a store form to acknowledge the theft and paid a $500 fine. However, Carter-Williams was never punished by the school.
  • Southerland Suspended

    Southerland Suspended
    Senior James Southerland is suspended after an NCAA investigation into Syarcuse's academic record. Part of the issue surrounding Southerland was that a tutor wrote a term paper for him. In the end, the suspension caused Southerland to miss six games.
  • NCAA Investigation

    NCAA Investigation
    Reports surface that the NCAA has been investigating the Syracuse basketball team 'for years' for 'major and wide ranging violations.' A source was quoted by Dennis Dodd, of CBS Sports, saying, “throw a dart at the [NCAA] Manual and you would hit a violation by Syracuse.”