Philadelphia skyline from south street bridge

Philadelphia: A History of Sport and City

  • Philadelphia Founded

    Philadelphia Founded
    William Penn founds the city of Philadelphia to be the capital of the English Crown Province of Pennsylvania. (Photo courtesy of
  • Period: to

    Lifetime of Philadelphia

  • Pennsylvania Gazette

    Pennsylvania Gazette
    Benjamin Franklin and Hugh Meredith purchase the year-old newspaper and turn it into one of America's most prominent papers until 1800, when the paper ceased publication. (Photo courtesy of
  • Liberty Bell hung in the State House

    Liberty Bell hung in the State House
    The Liberty Bell arrived in Philadelphia in 1752, and was recast by Pass and Stow in early 1753. Later that year, in June, it was hung in the State House, where it would remain until it was moved to its current location in the Liberty Bell Center. (Photo courtesy of
  • Declaration of Independence Signed

    Declaration of Independence Signed
    As most know, on July 4th, 1776, the United States Declaration of Independence was signed in the Philadelphia State House. (Photo courtesy of
  • Constitutional Convention

    Constitutional Convention
    The United States Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia from May 25- Sept. 17, 1787 in order to address issues of governing the United States under the Articles of Confederation. (Photo courtesy of
  • Philadelphia Inquirer Founded

    Philadelphia Inquirer Founded
    Then known as the Pennsylvania Inqurier, the newspaper was founded by R. John Walker and John Norvell. It is currently the third longest surviving newspaper in the United States. (Photo courtesy of
  • Philadelphia Zoo Opens

    Philadelphia Zoo Opens
    Chartered by the city of Philadelphia on March 21, 1859, the zoo's opening was delayed more than a decade due to the American Civil War. Now, the zoo remains as one of the most famous in its area. (Photo courtesy of
  • Phillies Founded

    Phillies Founded
    The Phillies are the oldest continuous one-name, one-city franchise in all of American Sports. Prior to 1883, they had been known as the Quakers. (Photo courtesy of
  • Phildelphia City Hall

    Phildelphia City Hall
    The tallest habitable building in the world from 1901 to 1908, City Hall as completed in 1901. The building still stands today as one of the most recognizable in the city. (Photo courtesy of
  • Subway Begins Operations

    Subway Begins Operations
    The Philadelphia Subway, now a little less impressive and amazing, began its operations in 1907, and is still running today. (Photo courtesy of
  • Benjamin Franklin Bridge

    Benjamin Franklin Bridge
    The bridge that connects Camden, NJ, and Philadelphia, now one of the most recognizable bridges in the United States, was contructed by chief engineer Ralph Modjeski, design engineer was Leon Moisseiff, and supervising architect Paul Philippe Cret. (Photo courtesy of
  • Philadelphia Eagles Founded

    Philadelphia Eagles Founded
    In order to replace the bankrupt Frankford Yellow Jackets, the Philadelphia Eagles were founded. They've called Philadelphia home since. (Photo courtesy of
  • 76ers Founded

    76ers Founded
    Founded as the Syracuse Nationals, the 76ers would become one of only 8 teams to survive the NBA's first year, and is now one of the oldest teams in the league. (Photo courtesy of
  • Eagles Win NFL Championship

    The Eagles won their first league championship in 1948, where they defeated the Chicago Cardinals 7-0 on a cold December day. (Photo courtesy of
  • Eagles Win NFL Championship

    Eagles Win NFL Championship
    As repeat Champs, the Eagles defeated the Los Angeles Rams 14-0 at the LA Coliseum. It was their second league championship. (Photo courtesy of
  • 76ers Win NBA Title

    76ers Win NBA Title
    As the Syracuse Nationals, the team won its first NBA World Championship 4 games to 3 against the Fort Wayne Pistons. (Photo courtesy of
  • Eagles Win NFL Championship

    Eagles Win NFL Championship
    The Eagles would defeat the Green Bay Packers 17-13, marking Vince Lombardi's lone playoff loss. It was also the last time the Eagles won a Championship. (Photo courtesy of
  • 76ers Move to Philly

    76ers Move to Philly
    After a disappointing time in Syracuse, the Nationals moved to Philadelphia, and after Walter Stalberg won a naming contest, the team became the 76ers, as tribute to the founding fathers. (Photo courtesy of
  • 76ers Win NBA Finals

    76ers Win NBA Finals
    As the 76ers, the team beat the San Francisco Warriors 4 games to 2, from April 14-24 with the help of WIlt "The Stilt" Chamberlain. It also ended the Boston Celtics' NBA title streak at 8 years. (Photo courtesy of
  • Philadelphia Flyers Founded

    Philadelphia Flyers Founded
    As part of the 1967 expansion in the NHL, the city of Philadelphia welcomed its own hockey team, the Flyers. The name came from a contest held by the owner of the team. (Photo courtesy of
  • The Spectrum Opened

    The Spectrum Opened
    The Spectrum was the home to the Flyers and 76ers from 1967 until 1996, when they moved to their present day area. On Halloween of 2009 the Spectrum was officially closed, and demolished the same year. (Photo courtesy of
  • Veterans Stadium Opens

    Veterans Stadium Opens
    The Vet opened for business in 1971, and closed its doors officially in 2003. It was home to the Eagles, as well as the Phillies during their first World Series title. (Photo courtesy of
  • Flyers Win Stanley Cup

    Flyers Win Stanley Cup
    The Flyers' first Stanley Cup victory came from May 7-19 of 1974, where the Flyers beat out the Boston Bruins 4 games to 2. (Photo courtesy of
  • Flyers Win Stanley Cup

    Flyers Win Stanley Cup
    The Flyers won their second and final (thus far) Stanley Cup as defending champions agianst the Buffalo Sabres. They won the series 4 games to 2 from May 15-27. (Photo courtesy of
  • Phillies Win World Series

    Phillies Win World Series
    The Phillies captured their first World Series title in 1980, where they defeated the Kansas City Royals 4 games to 2. (Photo courtesy of
  • SEPTA Regional Rail

    SEPTA Regional Rail
    SEPTA began its operations from humble beginnings in Philadelphia, taking over operations from Conrail. (Photo courtesy of
  • 76ers Win NBA Finals

    76ers Win NBA Finals
    From May 22-31 the 76ers played the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA title, defeating them 4 games to none in a sweep. It was the last title the 76ers have won. (Photo courtesy of
  • The Wells Fargo Center Opened

    The Wells Fargo Center Opened
    Opened in 1996 as the Corestate Center, this has been home to the Flyers and the 76ers since its opening, and remains such to this day. (Photo courtesy of
  • Lincoln Financial Field

    Lincoln Financial Field
    After breaking ground two years prior, Lincoln Financial, the new home for the Eagles would open. It still hosts Eagles games today. (Photo courtesy of
  • Citizen's Bank Park Opens

    Citizen's Bank Park Opens
    The Phillies' current home, Citizen's Bank Park, opened for the 2004 season, and has been the home for the Fightin' Phils ever since. (Photo courtesy of
  • Philadelphia Union Founded

    Philadelphia Union Founded
    The Philadelphia Union aimed for expanison in Major League Soccer in 2008, and the franchise was founded. It didn't join the league until 2010, however. (Photo courtesy of
  • Phillies Win 2nd World Series

    Phillies Win 2nd World Series
    From Oct. 22-29 in 2008, the Phillies played the Tampa Bay Rays to defeat them 4 games to 1, capturing the franchise's second World Series, and first since 1980. (Photo courtesy of
  • Philadelphia Union First game

    Philadelphia Union First game
    The Union played their first game aginst the Seattle Sounders FC in March of 2010, where they lost 2-0. (Photo courtesy of
  • PPL Park Opened

    PPL Park Opened
    PPL Park, the current home to the Philadelphia Union, opened in June of 2010, two years after brekaing ground. (Photo courtesy of