Top 10 Sports moments of 2008, 2009 and 2010

  • New York Giant wins by an amazing catch (Football)

    With 1 minute and 15 seconds remained, the New York Giants throw the ball forward and the receiver catched the ball with his helmet. With this save he wins the championship for his team.
  • Roger Clemens confessed that he used steroids (Baseball)

    Roger Clemens confessed that he used steroids (Baseball)
    Roger Clemens confessed for a national televised hearing that his coach had injected him with steroids. This was just before the memorable World Series, where he would play in. But now his carreer was over.
  • Kansas stops Memphis from incredible season (Basketball)

    The Kanas Jayhawks missed 4 out of 5 three pointers they tried to shoot in this season. In the national championship they have 10 seconds to go and they are down 3 points against the Memphis Tigers. But they scored the three pointer. Now they had overtime, after which they became national champions. Kansas stopped Memphis from an incredible season. Memphis had a record of 38-1.
  • First home run ends in disaster (Softball)

    First home run ends in disaster (Softball)
    In a Division II game between Western Oregon University and Central Washington, a player of Western Oregon University hits her first home run ever. As soon as she's going to run, she misses the first bag and turns around. But then her knee gave out and tore her ACL. She couldn't move. But because of a very sportive action of the other team, she carried this girl around the field, and the home run would be counted good.
  • Rafael Nadal wins his first Wimbledon title (Tennis)

    Rafael Nadal wins his first Wimbledon title (Tennis)
    Rafael Nadal wins his first Wibledon title after a great match that took 4 hours and 48 minutes. He defeaded Roger Federer in 5 sets after a lead of 2-0.
  • The first lost of Big Brown (Horse riding)

    Big Brown is the best horse ever. He won every cup where he participate in. But on this day on the track of Belmont Stakes he became last. He came almost walking over the finish line. Nobody knew why, because he had no injury. Later it became clear that his trainer injected him with steroids. It made him only sick, instead of better.
  • Incredible comeback of Boston Celtics (Basketball)

    Incredible comeback of Boston Celtics (Basketball)
    In the 4th game of the NBA Finals the Boston Celtics, playing against the Los Angeles Lakers, were 24 points down at one point. But they fought back and they won the game. It became 3-1 in the finals for the Boston Celtics, who won the finals 2 games later.
  • Tiger Woods wins U.S. Open (Golf)

    Tiger Woods wins the U.S. Open, after his knee surgery in April. He didn't play before this tournament. And after this tournament he had to sit out 2008 because of his broken left leg, which he played with in the tournament.
  • The first one for Spain (Soccer)

    The first one for Spain (Soccer)
    In the final against Germany, Spain wins by a goal of Fernando Torres. It is their first Euro title since 1964.
  • The final lap of Lewis Hamilton (Auto racing)

    The final lap of Lewis Hamilton (Auto racing)
    Lewis Hamilton went into the last race of the season with a comfortable 7 point advantage over Fillipe Massa. If Massa finished first, Hamilton would have to finish fifth or better. Hamilton went for safe and raced at fitfh position all the time. But then it started raining and he lost his position. Untill the last corner he was number 6. Then he did something what he couldn't believe, he past someone and finished 5th. That meant that he had won the Formula 1 Championship.
  • Pittsburgh wins Super Bowl by an amazing catch (Football)

    With 41 seconds left in the 43rd Super Bowl the Pittsburgh Steelers led the game by 3 against the Arizona Cardinals. The quarterback of the Steelers threw the ball to another player, but he was defended by 3 defenders. This looked impossible, but it worked out. The Steeler jumped high in the air, controlled the ball and landed on two feed inside the white lines. Touchdown and the title for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • First final four for Villanova in 24 years (Basketball)

    First final four for Villanova in 24 years (Basketball)
    The basketball teams Villanova and Pittsburgh are tied at 76 with 5,5 seconds to go. Villanova has the ball under the Pittsburgh basket. With an amazing play the ball comes into the foul lane and with a great shot Villanova wins and goes on to its first final four in 24 years.
  • Two players that make up a dream series (Ice hockey)

    In the playoff series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitols two players, one of each team, make up the game. They are the two best players of the season and they both made 11 goals and 10 assists in the 7 playoff games. In the second game they both made a hattrick. But in the end of the series the Penguins won and went on.
  • First derby-winning jockey racing on another horse (Horse riding)

    Jockey Calvin Borel won a lot of prices with Mine That Bird. It was his number one horse. But for the game of Preakness Stakes he decided to race with another horse, Rachel Alexandra. And that was a good choice. She won the race by length against Mine That Bird, he became the horse of another jockey.
  • FC Barcelona wins the Big Triple (Soccer)

    FC Barcelona wins the Big Triple (Soccer)
    If Barcelona would win this final of opponent Manchester United it would be the first time in the Spanish history a soccer club would win the Big Triple. The country's league, the cup and the champions league. And Barcelona did it, with the best player of the world in his team, Lionel Messi.
  • Roger Federer wins again (Tennis)

    Roger Federer had a long day on the center court in London against Andy Roddick. But he won with: 5-7, 7-6 (6), 7-6 (5), 3-6, 16-14. It was the longest match in games in the history of Grand Slam finals, the two men needed 77 games to end the game. This was Federers 15th Grand Slam title.
  • Player saves perfect game with perfect catch (Baseball)

    The pitcher of the Chicago White Socks throws a perfect game 8 innings long. But then he made a mistake and the hitter hits the ball. It looks like a home run or a double of the wall. But a fielder of the White Socks jumped up against the fence and catched the greatest ball ever catched. He saved the perfect game for the Chicago White Socks.
  • Watson almost oldest winner of a major (Golf)

    Watson almost oldest winner of a major (Golf)
    Tom Watson could win the Biritsh Open championship, he would be the oldest winner of a major if he had won it with his 59 years. He had to putt an 8-foot putt for the victory, but he missed by a mile, so he didn't win his sixth British Open title after 32 years.
  • Usain Bolt breaks world records again (Track & Field)

    Usain Bolt breaks world records again (Track & Field)
    Usain Bolt, also called the Lightning Bolt, did great on the Summer Olympics of 2008. He broke 2 world records, on the 100m and the 200m. Nobody thought somebody could improve that, but at the World Championschip of 2009 in Berlin Bolt did it again. He improved the world records again. The 100m by 0.11 seconds. The biggest improvement ever!
  • Rio gets the Summer Olympics of 2016 (Olympics)

    Rio gets the Summer Olympics of 2016 (Olympics)
    Rio de Janeiro was voted to be the host country for the Summer Olympics of 2016. As the first South American country it defeated Chicago already in the first round. Chicago had high expectations with Obama pitching votes in Copenhagen. But instead the people on the white beaches in Brazil were celebrating the victory.
  • Great win for New Orleans (Football)

    New Orleans Saints had to play against the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl. In the beginning they led the game by 10-6. Later on the Saints coach called for an on-side kick, this is a really risky kick. It could turn the game around in a bad way. But the Saints got the ball under control and they won the game by 31-17. This was a big winning for the whole city after the hurricane Katrina destroyed a lot.
  • Making cricket history (Cricket)

    Making cricket history (Cricket)
    Sachin Tendulkar is an Indian cricket player. In the match against South Africa he was on his was to write history and he did that. He was competing against a really powerfull squad, but that couldn't stop him. He reached a mile stone to hit more than 200 runs in a one-day international match. He became the greatest cricket player ever
  • Rochette wins bronze with pain in heart (Figure skating)

    Rochette wins bronze with pain in heart (Figure skating)
    Joannie Rochette, a canadian figure skater, had to compete in bad circumstances. Two days before her game her mother died of a heart attack. But she decided to skate anyway, that is what her mother wanted to do. She finished finally with a bronze medal and she got a rousing ovation of her own fans in her home country.
  • Duke wins with weird basketball strategy (Basketball)

    In college basketball Duke had to play against the Butlers in the final. In the end it was 59-60 for Duke. Then they got two free shots and with the second one the coach ordered the player to miss it on purpose. With 3,6 seconds to go the Butlers took a shot and it almost went in the hoop. But the Dukes could celebrate they won.
  • Umpire took perfect game away (Baseball)

    The pitcher of the Detroit Tigers delivers a perfect game against the Cleveland Indians. But on top in the ninth inning the umpire calls the runner in. The video's really shows that the runner was too late and the pitcher made an out. But the umpire didn't saw it on that moment and took a perfect game away.
  • Longest match ever in history (Tennis)

    The first round game on Wimbledon between John Isner and Nicholas Mahut took 11 hours and 5 minutes. This was the longest match ever played, it was played over 3 days. The score was: 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3), 70-68. Records that were broken: Most games ever 138 games. Most aces in one match 112 aces.
  • Penalty of Ghana saves Uruguay (Soccer)

    Penalty of Ghana saves Uruguay (Soccer)
    In the quarterfinal of the World Cup in South Africa, Luis Suarez from Uruguay stops a ball with his hand in front of the goal. That means a red card for him and a penalty for Ghana at a score of 1-1. This could meant the first semi final ever for an African country. But the player missed and Uruguay won finally with the penalty kicks. The 'hand ball' saved Uruguay from sending themselves home.
  • LeBron's bad decision (Basketball)

    LeBron's bad decision (Basketball)
    James LeBron decided to announce his future on national televison, ESPN. On this night he said that he would change clubs. He would go from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat. Everyone thought it was a bad decision, but especially to do it on national television. His popularity took a hefty hit and Cleveland accused him of "cowardly betrayal."
  • Magic in the Ryder Cup (Golf)

    The American was down with 3 points on the European team. But they came back great! Even Tiger Woods won his game after his scandal-plagued divorce. Now the score was a tie and there was one match left to play. The European player in the end could win the cup for his continent, but he had to putt a 15-foot putt. That would be unbelievable. And he did it, it was magic.
  • Player uses his head instead of his hands (Football)

    Player uses his head instead of his hands (Football)
    In the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland quarterback throws the ball against a player on the 50 yard line. He is focused on the ball, while a player of the Steelers thinks the head is more fun to hit. It wasn't on purpose, but it was hard. Because the Browns player was diagnosed with a concussion. It wasn't the first head kick in the game that day of the same player.