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Ken Dryden

  • Date of birth

    Date of birth
    Ken Dryden was born on August 8 in 1947
    page. 44
  • Becoming a goalie

    Becoming a goalie
    Ken played road hockey on the streets as a child. Ken claims that he became a goalie because of his brother Dave. This is the beginning of his very successful career.
    page. 114
  • Received University Degree

    Received University Degree
    Ken pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in History at Cornell University. Ken loved his school studies even though he was into playing Professional hockey.
    page. 211
  • Eastern College Championship

    Eastern College Championship
    Starting in 1967 playing for Cornell, Ken Dryden won three Eastern College championships.
    page. 100
  • MVP champion

    MVP champion
    Ken wins MVP (Most Valuable Player) recognition in the Eastern College championships.
    page. 124
  • Olympics

    Ken played for Canada's national hockey team in the Olympics. The Olympics was a good experience and a big accomplishment for Ken Dryden.
    page. 153
  • Won 'Most Honored Opponent' award

    Won 'Most Honored Opponent' award
    Ken was a co-winner of Boston University's “most honoured opponent" award.
    page. 126
  • Making it to the AHL

    Making it to the AHL
    Ken Dryden played at Cornell University and turned professional with the Montreal Voyageurs in the year of 1970. This was just the start of his successful career.
    page. 147
  • Call up to the NHL

    Call up to the NHL
    Ken got called up to Montreal, because their goaltender was injured and his brother Dave was in the net for the Boston Bruins. It was just like old times in the backyard, with Ken and his brother playing against each other.
    page. 58
  • Draft Year for the NHL

    Draft Year for the NHL
    Ken was originally drafted 14th overall by Boston, but got traded soon after by Montreal. His draft year, was a major year for development.
    page. 100
  • Stanley Cup finals

    Stanley Cup finals
    Montreal Canadians beat the Boston Bruins in game 7 of the Stanley cup playoffs. With only six NHL games behind him, Ken led an underdog team to a Stanley cup championship. This is one of his biggest success'.
    page. 107
  • Rookie of the year

    Rookie of the year
    Ken won the Calder Trophy, as the rookie of the year.
    page. 150
  • Won Conn Symthe trophy

    Won Conn Symthe trophy
    During his first playoff season with the Canadians, Ken won the Conn Smythe Trophy, as the playoffs' most valuable player.
    page. 149
  • Ken Dryden's got a new coach

    Ken Dryden's got a new coach
    In 1930 Scott Bauman left the Small Market and moved to Canada. In 1951 he played for the Montreal Junior Canadians, but after an injury ending his career, in 1972 he became a coach for the Montreal Canadians. Scott Bauman was Ken Dryden's favourite coach.
    page. 35
  • First Superstition

    First Superstition
    Ken had a superstition before each game: “I must take the first shot in warm ups; it must strike the boards to the right of my net between the protective glass and the ice.” If it doesn’t, he would play poorly he claimed. A lot of goalies have superstitions, things that help them focus before the game. Ken Dryden came up with his first superstition in his 2nd year of playing in the NHL.
    page. 176
  • Regular season win

    Regular season win
    Ken had a game against Buffalo, and it was perhaps the best game in for what has not been a good start to the season for his team. Ken was relieved they had a good game under their belt.
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  • Gets the game puck

    Gets the game puck
    Ken Dryden receive's his first ever NHL game puck. Ken played an amazing game in the playoffs against Pittsburgh.
    page. 175
  • Won Vezina trophy

    Won Vezina trophy
    In his whole career he won the Vezina Trophy a total of five times as the top goaltender in the NHL. The first time he won it was in 1973.
    page. 152
  • Graduated from Law school

    Graduated from Law school
    Ken graduated from Law School at the University of McGill. Besides hockey, Ken was very interested and dedicated in his school studies. Ken wanted to be able to have an education so he could later pursue a career, after retiring in the NHL.
    page. 212
  • First commercial

    First commercial
    During his playing career, he got interviewed by an advertising agency because of the good reputation he had. Ken Dryden was a well known athlete and liked by all.
    page. 161
  • Won division

    Won division
    Montreal won the Norris Division Prince of wales conference. Them and Detroit came from the Eastern Division.
    page. 235
  • Regular Season win

    Regular Season win
    Ken Dryden played an amazing game against the Red wings, keeping the game a close 2-1.
    page. 201
  • Challenge cup victory

    Challenge cup victory
    Ken Dryden played on the Canadian team and they won the challenge cup. This was a very exciting event and the first time Ken played with the Canadian team.
    page. 210
  • Stanley cup Champions

    Stanley cup Champions
    3 Seasons in a row, 1976-1978 Montreal won the Stanley cup and set a record, most wins a season, most points, and fewest losses.
    page. 5
  • Stanley Cup finals

    Stanley Cup finals
    Montreal won four straight games against the Flyers in the Stanley cup finals. This was Montreal's best Stanley Cup final series ever played.
    page. 96
  • Hockey Showdown Win

    Hockey Showdown Win
    Montreal won the hockey’s showdown. They beat the soviets, who are a really good team.
    page. 209
  • Super Series

    Super Series
    Canada beat the Soviet Union 4-3 in the first game of the Super series 'tournament'.
    page. 215
  • Final NHL career game win

    Final NHL career game win
    Ken Dryden won his last ever NHL career game. After everything Ken has been through in his career, he ended on a good note and played an amazing final game.
    page. 246
  • Retirement

    Ken Dryden retired. Ken felt like it was a good time to retire. He had a very successful career, did amazing things, and had many victories.
    page. 247
  • Moved to England

    Moved to England
    Ken Dryden moved to England with his family. Ken wanted to get a new start, and get a change in his life.
    page. 248
  • Hockey Hall of Fame

    Hockey Hall of Fame
    Ken Dryden got put in the Hockey Hall of fame. This was a big accomplishment for Ken, as he truly was a very successful athlete.
    page. 248