History timeline

America in the Eyes of a Veteran

  • Henry F. Holguin is born

    My grandpa was born in El Paso, TX to Francisco and Eufemia Holguin
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • Period: to

    Civil Rights Movement

    My grandfather thought that the movement was justified and that people of all differences should be treated equally, despite dissagreement.
  • First Job

    My grandfather had to help support his family at a young age so he had a paper route when he was very young. Some experiences were hard, especially in the Winter because of the harsh weather.
  • Period: to

    Anti-War movement

    My grandpa felt that people back home during the war should not have opposed their fellow citizens when they were fighting for a noble cause. People were scared due to live footage of war being broadcasted on T.V. and were mad that their family members had to fight while some dodged being drafted. My grandpa thought this was very unpatriotic and was probably a major factor that endorsed the loss in Vietnam. He felt that the enemy had the upper hand because their opponents had no support.
  • Graduated From High School

    My grandpa graduated high school from El Paso Tech despite the fact that he attended Bowie High School most of his high school career.
  • Worked in California

    My grandfather migrated to California to work due to the fact that he thought that the opportunites and pay were greater on the West Coast.
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    My grandfather felt that JFK handled the situation well when it came to Russia sharing missles with Cuba due to the fact that Cuba is so close to America. JFK blockaded Cuba and my grandfather felt that the president made a very honorable executive decision.
  • "I Have a Dream" speech

    My grandfather remembers watching the speech being delivered on T.V. Race was never an issue with my grandpa, but he felt it was a national problem that did need to be dealt with and this speech was delivered at a right time. Race was never an issue with my grandpa because he fought with colored men in war.
  • JFK assassination

    My grandfather felt that the assassination was sad and hat Americans let the killing affect their confidence in national security.
  • Enters Army

    My grandpa said that entering the Army was alomost a given due to drafting; it was expected that almost every young man was going to be in the Armed Forces at one point or another. He said the experience was relieving becuase he was fufilling his duty to his country and was still able to support his mother simultaneously.
  • Deployed to Vietnam

    My grandpa was depolyed to Okinawa after "Jump school" because he was training to be a paratrooper. He was then sent to Vietnam after spending six months in Okinawa. There he combated the enemy with the 173rd Airborne Brigade.
  • Wounded in War

    My grandfather took shrapnel in his upper back during a fire fight with the Viet Cong. He spent a month in a hospital in Saigon and was later sent back to the States.
  • Military Awards

    My grandfather was awarded the Purple Heart for being wounded in combat. He was also awarded the C.I.B. for engaging the enemy while serving in an infantry unit and a Vietnam Service Medal, His last award was the Commendation Medal with "V" device.
  • Discharged from Army

    Discharged from Army
    My grandfather was discharged after being hit with shrapnel and sent back to San Fransico, California.
  • Period: to

    Post Office Career

    My grandfather had a almost thirty-year long career at the Post Office this was his second job post-war and he had an enjoyable career serving his country yet again.
  • Married

    My grandfather married my grandmother, Rosalia Montoya, and later went on to have three daughters.
  • First Daughter Born

    First Daughter Born
    Melissa Holguin, my mother, was born early January to Henry and Rosalia Holguin.
  • Gradutated from College

    Due to the fact that my grandpa already had a decent job his gaining of a degree did not excite him greatly.
  • Second Daughter Born

    Second Daughter Born
    Marcia Holguin was born mid-March to Henry and Rosalia Holguin.
  • Watergate Scandal

    My grandfather's opinion on this scandal is that is was unnecessary on Nixon's part. He had confidence that Nixon would have won the election had he not betrayed the trust of his country. My grandfather also believed that this was a major contribution to the loss of Vietnam because Congress no longer had faith nor trusted Nixon's decisions or words.
  • Third Daughter Born

    Third Daughter Born
    Laura Holguin was born mid-July to Henry and Rosalia Holguin.
  • "Challenger" shuttle Exploded

    My grandfather thought this unfortuate accident was very tragic due to the loss of great minds, but especially because the first teacher and woman to be approved for space travel was killed. He felt that despite the accident Americans were not affraid to keep making strides when it came to exploration.
  • Period: to

    Realestate Agent Career

    My grandfather worked part-time as a realestate agent and had an extra income that was convinient for supporting a family.
  • Period: to

    Persian Gulf War

    This war was triggered by Saddam Hussein owing debts to Kuwait and in effort for his debts to vanish he sent troops to invade Kuwait to take over without thinking that America would help the effort, according to my grandpa. My grandfather felt that America's involvement in this war was the right move at the time.
  • 1st Grandchild Born

    1st Grandchild Born
    Amanda Labrado, my sister, was born mid-Summer to Melissa Holguin and Jaime Labrado.
  • 2nd Grandchild Born

    2nd Grandchild Born
    Kristen Bustamante was born to Laura Holguin and Freddy Bustamante.
  • 3rd Grandchild Born

    3rd Grandchild Born
    Alexis Labrado was born to Melissa Holguin and Jaime Labrado.
  • Comubine Shooting

    At Columbine High School two teens decided to shhot up their high school wounding 23 and killing 15 teachers and students. My grandfather believes that this incident was influenced by T.V. and the violence kids are exposed to now a days. My grandfather thinks this situation was sad because these young men had all sorts of opportunities in a great country but decided to kill people and themselves, but the saddest factor to this tragedy is that we will never know the exact motives of the shooters.
  • Period: to

    Teaching Career

    My grandfather has been teaching for about sixteen years and enjoys passing his wisdom of history on to younger generations. He is seventy-three and still thrives in his teaching career. And has no intentions of retiring in the near future due to his belief that if you can work you should work.
  • Terroist Attack of 9/11

    By grandfather believes that this terrorist attack was not only tragic but was caused by the involement of American in the Israeli cause. Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries and becuase Israel is not exclusively Muslim a hostility towards America formed becuase we help Israel. This hostility led to the tragic fall of the Twin Towers. The President was right in that we needed to stand up to terrorism but my grandfather finds it ironic that we attacked Iraq when Saudi Arabians were involved.
  • 4th Grandchild Born

    4th Grandchild Born
    Bryce Clark was born to Darryn and Marcia Clark.
  • 5th Grandchild Born

    5th Grandchild Born
    Devyn Clark was born to Darryn and Marcia Clark.
  • 6th Grandchild Born

    6th Grandchild Born
    Heather Clark was born to Darryn and Marcia Clark
  • Boston Marathon Bombing

    My grandfather believes that this was a terrorist act that was sought out by Russians who were trained to fight in a Muslim country because they were Muslim. He believes that some groups in America, not all, have turned against the Muslim religion.
  • First African-American President Elected

    Barack Obama is the first Black president elected into office and my grandfather believed that there was change to come for this country, but he feels we are in worse shape than we started in. He felt that the citizens were more tolerant of differences by electing a Black president, but now he feels that the country has divided again due to race probably becuase of our Black President.
  • Last Grandchild Born

    Last Grandchild Born
    Caitlynn Clark was born to Darryn and Marcia Clark.
  • Woman Running for 2016 Election

    Hillary Clinton is running for president and my grandfather does not believe that she is competent enough to be our president, his opinion has nothing to do with her sex. He does believe that she might win because more women in this country vote and those women want to see one of their own sex in Office. He hopes that if she does win she is a success.