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Scientific Literacy Project EDU 337

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    Memories of Science Throughout the Years

  • Roberta Gail Dedman Age 72

    Roberta Gail Dedman Age 72
    Roberta sent a memory of science throught a mutual friend. "I'm 72 and my favorite Science memory is passing my New York State Regents Chemistry exam so I could graduate in 1956, Whew! :0)"
  • Manny Vital Age 63

    Manny Vital Age 63
    Manny shared his memory of the beginning of the space race. "My favorite science memory, with out doubt, was the launching of rockets on the playground circa 1960. The Russians had just launched Sputnik which started the space race. I wanted to be an astronaut; Allen Shepherd, John Glenn, real American heroes."
  • Perry Brown Age 57

    Perry Brown Age 57
    My dad does not have a Facebook account, but did share a funny memory he had when he taught science during his first year of teaching. "I was a PE major and I only taught science four years long long ago. Funniest storym but embarrassing. As a first year teacher, my ex wife does my bulletin board... Puts paleontology in large letters on the board. A student, Dawn, asked "What is paleontology?" and I say "why" and she says it is on your board... WOW... "Open your books. I will show you how."
  • Jayne Kennedy Age 56

    Jayne Kennedy Age 56
    Jayne shared a science memory that made an impact on the world. "I am 56 and my favorite science memory was the 1st landing on the moon. We watched it unfold in our elementary classroom!!"
  • Female Friend of a Friend Age 51

    Female Friend of a Friend Age 51
    My teacher passed on a science memory from her friend. "‎(A friend wanted to help) she is 51 and her science memory is making a terrarium and watching the miracle of its growth."
  • Vickie Brown Age 50

    Vickie Brown Age 50
    Vickie's repsonse was the use of a new technology, the microwave. "my favorite science invention.... the microwave.... because before that.. it took a long time to warm up baby Jessie's milk on top of the stove."
  • David Horne Age 43

    David Horne Age 43
    David shared a memory of a unspervised science experiement that created an explosion. "We took some potassium and sulphur out of the science lab....borrowed it of course. We tested it on some fish in a tank first.....really reactive to water. You should have seen the fish which actually ate a bomb!!!! We showed my friends brother how a small piece reacted. It sucked in the water around it and then with a big woody three water up atleast 20 feet into the air with little fire..."
  • Kelly Evans Age 39

    Kelly Evans Age 39
    Kelly's memory of science related to her nurturing 10th grade science teacher. "I remember just starting the 10th grade and my science teacher was so nice, and she loved teaching! She made science seem so exciting. When she told the class we had to disect a baby pig, I cried. I was completely mortified! She came over to my desk and patted me on the back and said, 'We will let someone else do the disecting part and you can take notes. It will be okay.' I was so relieved. Unfortunatly..."
  • Male Friend of a Friend Age 38

    Male Friend of a Friend Age 38
    My teacher sent me another response, but this time from a male friend. "Another friend, who is 38, says his awesome science memory was his rock collection from 4th grade...( memories are often very obscure!!)"
  • Bill Mason Age 35

    Bill Mason Age 35
    Bill remembered a method of learning about anatomy. "'There are 206 bones in the body' like that? Mr. Leslie had us go through, in song of course, in 7th grade. new bones every week :) He would point to a bone and say something like, 'Pelvis, like El-vis'."
  • Paul Swartz Age 30

    Paul Swartz Age 30
    Paul did not share a specific memory, but shared he is a science teacher. "I teach science"
  • Michael Kemper Age 29

    Michael Kemper Age 29
    Michael shared a memory of a science field trip he took as a child. "My favorite memory of science was when I went to the museum of science and industry in Chicago as a small kid. I saw everything from dinosaur bones to a real coal mine, a real space pod and how we get gasoline from crude oil."
  • Andrew Guyton Age 26

    Andrew Guyton Age 26
    Andrew's memory of science was a science experiement in 10th grade. "well in 10th grade chemistry class, she was covering the alkali metals and our lab was to take a small chunk of lithium that had been wrapped in foil, and to drop it into a test tube of water, where it'd fizz as the water reacted with the metal.
    I'd venture to guess that my foil wasn't wrapped tightly, as I dropped it into my test tube of water, it was promptly fired out of the test tube and across the room."
  • Rachael Hurtz Age 25

    Rachael Hurtz Age 25
    Rachael remembered learning how to chart genomes and understanding genetics, "In 7th grade I learned about genes and what is dominant Nd recessive . We learned how to tell what color rabbits would be and how many plants would female or male by doing charts..we also learned about ourselves. Why we had blue eyes or how we got our hairline from what parent.. I loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed the activities and so I learned the material and did well and there for enjoyed it more. Hope it helps"
  • Jon Freddino Age 25

    Jon Freddino Age 25
    Jon replied about space science. "Anything space related!"
  • Garett Brown Age 24

    Garett Brown Age 24
    Garett shared a memory of a science experiment he was not told to do. "24 my most memorable science class moment was when i learned about a light socket in the class room with kendall ... we split a paper clip in half, stuck one piece in the bottum hole and a L shaped piece in one of the top holes and when the two pieces touched the power went off in the whole building and flames went up the wall... the teacher never relalize the black stain on the wall from the explosion..and she thought,,,"
  • Michael Keller Age 24

    Michael Keller Age 24
    This response was shared through Rachel Converse. "My boyfriends favorite was in high school when he had to give a science presentation on the male reproductive system and had to try and keep a straight face the entire time."
  • Brittany Kellner Age 22

    Brittany Kellner Age 22
    Brittany described learning about butterfly metamorphosis in the second grade. "Hey jess !!! Sure ...ok well I'm 22 ..and my favorite science memory was when I was in the second grade ..the teacher explained where butterflys came from ..she said that of happened when a catapillar curled itself up into a little cacun then turned into this butterfly with all these colors ..I.thought it was the coolest thing in the world ..miss ya"
  • Rachel Converse Age 23

    Rachel Converse Age 23
    Rachel's memory of science was an experiement in 10th grade. "My favorite science memory was 10th grade Mr. Aytons class when he let me blow something up on purpose."