My Independent Study

  • Week 1

    Week 1
    This week was my first week of Independent Study, and it was great! On Tuesday, I rewrote my proposal so that it would be acceptable by Mr. Donald's standards, and began to code using, although it was a little too easy for me. I led tours for prospective 6th graders on Wednesday and Thursday, so I wasn't in class then. Today (Friday), I discussed my NHD project with Ms. Darnell and worked on it a little.
  • Week 2

    Week 2
    This week was a little hectic, but still interesting! On Monday and Tuesday, I started to learn JavaScript using Codecademy, and on Wednesday and Thursday, I worked on my NHD project. On Thursday, I conducted an interview with a CU law professor over the phone, but I missed math class. Today (Friday), I worked a little on my Spanish project and did some more Java. This week was pretty fun!
  • Week 3

    Week 3
    This week in Advanced Studies was a little crazy! On Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked on both my NHD project and JavaScript. Yesterday I was out of class because I was competing in National History Day. Today in class, I continued on learning JavaScript. I finished up a section about loops, and made a dragon slayer game! I'm almost 50% done with the course! I hope when the results come out for NHD, I did well!
  • Week 4

    Week 4
    This week in Advanced Studies was fun! I kept working on my JavaScripting course, and I'm more than 3/4ths done with it now! This week I also tried experimenting with the Hammer Editor, but things weren't working properly, and even after a re-install, it didn't work. I had a couple problems with the JS course, but they were fixed by Codecademy before the week was over. Next week I hope to finish the course so I can make my own programs with JavaScript and move on to something else that interests
  • Week Five

    Week Five
    This week was a little dragged out, but it was still interesting. All this week I worked on finishing my course for JavaScript on Codecademy, and I also dabbled a little in making some charts with Microsoft Excel. Today I had just started the final project, building a cash register, when time ran out. Next week, I'll see if I can find a compiler for JavaScript that I can use (after I finish the final course!).
  • Week 6

    Week 6
    This week in Advanced Studies has been short but tiring. On Monday, after finishing my course in JavaScript, I tried to find a compiler for Java, but my search was fruitless. Instead, I turned my focus over to making a JavaScript course with Codecademy that anyone can use to learn JS! Hopefully, when I'm all done with it (which will be a while), I'll submit it to Codecademy and they'll use some of it in their official JavaScript course!
  • Week 7

    Week 7
    This week in Advanced Studies was another short but fun one. This week's work was a combination of Student Council work and JavaScript. I organized my lessons better into sections and made some more lessons too! I also helped out Student Council by creating signs for their fundraiser, and making announcements. I'm glad the weekend is here!
  • Week 8

    Week 8
    This week in Advanced Studies has been full of JavaScript! I worked on my lessons this week and made some significant progress! I'm now just under 1/3 done discussing all of the elements in JavaScript! Today I just finished up my section on loops. I think next week I'll either make a section on switch statements, which are just like if statements, or I'll take a break and do something else for a little bit.
  • What Makes Me Sad?

    What Makes Me Sad?
    What Hurts My Feelings? - What hurts my feelings is when others say things that they might not know the true meaning of (e.g. the R word)
    What Makes Me Sad? - What makes me sad is when I see other people who don't deserve sadness have something tragic happen to them.
    What Makes Me Happy? - What makes me happy is getting and giving compliments and support, playing video games, sleeping, and being with others.
    Continuum - A gradual change across a spectrum without any abruptions
  • Week 9

    Week 9
    This week in Advanced Studies has been a little weird due to TCAP, but it's been productive for the most part. As I couldn't do anything big because of the shortened periods this week, I worked on a small Minecraft project with Rahul in a creative server, but I think Minecraft might be axed as a project next week, so I'll go back to JavaScript. Minecraft has been a refreshing break from JavaScript, but I'll be glad to go back to good ol' JS. Next week I'll start making more lessons in JavaScript
  • First Quarter Summary (Week 10)

    First Quarter Summary (Week 10)
  • Week 11

    Week 11
    This week in Advanced Studies has been a little slow, but productive nonetheless. I started creating the second part of my course on JavaScript, and as of right now, I've finished making three out of six sections! I made sections on Pop-Up Boxes, Objects, and Numbers and Advanced Math Functions this week, and I'm really proud of myself. I figure that creating the rest of the course shouldn't take more than three weeks at this rate, so I'll be done before May begins! After spring break, I'll star
  • Period: to

    Spring Break

  • Week 12

    Week 12
    This week in Advanced Studies was the first week back from Spring Break, but it was still very productive. I worked on creating my lessons in JS Monday through Thursday, and as of right now, I just have two sections left to write! On Friday, I wasn't in class due to the talent show, but I still got a lot done. Next week I'll start wrapping up my course and writing the last two sections - OOP and Functions.
  • Week 13

    Week 13
    This week in Advanced Studies my JavaScript course was just brimming on the verge of completed, but there's still just a little more to go. All this week I worked on the last two sections of my course in JS - Functions and OOP (Object Oriented Programming). I should finish next week, but some unexpected delay might set me back. After I finish with JS, I'm going to move on to some Arduino coding with the RedBoard, a best-of-both-worlds Arduino board from SparkFun Electronics, a local company here
  • Week 14

    Week 14
    This week in Advanced Study was a short and crazy one. On Monday we weren't in the lab due to CMAS testing that didn't work, so we watched a movie with Food Fun. On Tuesday I finally finished up making my course in JavaScript and on Wednesday and Thursday I started to code with Arduino. Right now I'm making a geometric formula calculator, but afterwards I think I might sketch some code for an entry into SparkFun Electronics' Autonomous Vehicle Competition. I won't be in class on Monday next week
  • Week 15

    Week 15
    This week in Advanced Studies has been another short but fun one. On Tuesday and Wednesday I wasn't able to access my Arduino sketches due to the fact that I wasn't aware that putting the sketches on the desktop rendered them inaccessible. Instead, I took the Edmodo Snapshot to compare it to the CMAS testing. After moving my Arduino Sketches to my Private Folder, I finished my formula calculator that calculated sine, cosine, and tangent. After that, I started writing a sketch program for a poten
  • Week 16

    Week 16
    This week in Advanced Studies has been a technology-filled whirlwind! On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I continued working on and perfecting my code for my yet-to-be-built line follower robot. On Thursday, I tried working with some DC motors, but without much luck. On Friday I brought in my RFID reader and tried reading some tags. Nothing worked, but I'm going to try hooking it up to my RedBoard over the weekend and going again on Monday. Next week I'll continue working with my RedBoard.
  • Week 17

    Week 17
    This week in Advanced Studies has been full of scheming and planning! On, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I screwed around with Fritzing, a free circuit-designing software, and created a cool little circuit of my own. On Thursday, after I finished making my circuit, I hunted the internet for a solenoid that would work in a keycard locker-opening mechanism that I might install in my locker at Fairview next year. I'm not going to be in class on Friday due to the Spider field trip. Next w
  • Week 18

    Week 18
    All last week I was unable to do journals because I was in 100% productivity mode doing the SHMagazine. Using Microsoft Publisher, I compiled the whole magazine myself, which included all the 8th grade memoirs, poems, and artwork from SHMS students. Working two periods a day for a week, I was just able to squeeze it in under the deadline. It'll be printed this week, and we should be getting it out to SHMS the last week of school. Next week, I think I'll do some more work with my RedBoard.
  • Second Quarter Summary

    Second Quarter Summary