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Jack Wrights life (worst case scenario)


    KCMO Research Medical Center
  • Period: to

    Sits Up, Rolling Around, Babbling

  • Period: to

    Had stomach flu

    Trust vs. Mistrust, I threw up for 6 hours while my mother made sure I stayed comfortable, took me to the ER for IV fluids
    I gained trust
  • Period: to

    Walking while holding onto things

    Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
    I gained Autonomy by walking all on my own
  • Period: to

    Pedaling Big-Wheel

    Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
    I gained Autonomy by pedaling the big wheel on my own
  • Period: to

    Whistling, Talking(poorly)

    Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
    I copied what I saw my dad doing, I gained autonomy by making noises and people understanding them. ("noke" for milk, "yo-wee" for lily).
  • Period: to

    Drank a bottle of Tylenol

    Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
    I was exploring and was able to drink the whole bottle of tylenol, and it was in a cabinet above a counter.
    I gained autonomy from this
  • Period: to

    Slept in "big-boy" bed

    Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
    Spent the whole night in a twin bed
    I gained Autonomy from being on my own
  • Period: to

    Dad cut nipple off of pacifier

    Walked around stating matter of factly "binky broke" and showing the mutilated pacifier
  • Period: to

    Potty Training

    I gained Initiative from activley trying to use the toilet
    I gained Autonomy from doing it on my own
    Initiative vs. Guilt, Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
  • Lacy is Born

    Lacy is Born
  • Period: to

    Acting out for attention over Lacy

    Moms attention was on Lacy, so I danced on tables and played in streets. I gained Shame and Doubt by not getting positive attention Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
  • Moved to Independence

    Moved to Independence
  • Period: to

    Neighbor found me wandering in the street

    Initiative vs. Guilt
    I gained guilt from trying to cross the street on my own
  • Period: to

    Cutting with Scissors

    Competence vs Inferiority
    I gained Competence by getting stickers on my craft projects from the teacher
  • Period: to

    Started swimming on my own

    Competence vs. Inferiority
    I gained competence from being able to swim well on my own
  • Period: to

    Started Preschool

  • Period: to

    Learned how to ski

    Competence vs. Inferiority
    I gained competence from skiing without holding onto my parents and not falling over
  • 4th Bday

    4th Bday
  • 5th Bday

    5th Bday
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    No more training wheels

    Competence vs. Inferiority
    I gained competence by riding on a bike up and down the sidewalk on my own without training wheels
  • Period: to

    Learned to read in kindergarten

    Competence vs. Inferiority
    I gained competence from being able to read very well
  • Moved to Parkhill

    Moved to Parkhill
    Identity vs Role Confusion
    I gained role confusion from having to figure out how to fit into a new social environment
    I gained Identity from being able to try a different person out
  • Skiing

    Hospitalized for 4 days to dehydration
    Trust vs Mistrust
    I gained trust in the system because the hospital saved my life
  • Started Swimming

    Identity vs Role Confusion
    I gained Identity; At that point on, I considered myself a swimmer
  • Asthma- year off swimming

    Asthma- year off swimming
  • started high school

    started high school
    Identity vs Role Confusion
    I gained Role Confusion; I did not fit in, I did not like most of my friends. they were awful people.
  • Graduate highschool

  • Pre-Med

    Initiative vs. Guilt
    My courses in highschool have lined me up for success. Ive worked hard and Ive made it one step closer to becoming a surgeon
    Ive gained Initiative
  • Med School

    Ive gained Identity; I am a Med student
    Gain of Competence: I am successful thus far
  • Meet Future Wife

    Intimacy vs. Isolation
    Meet the woman I want to marry. Hopes of always having someone by my side are coming true.
    Ive gained Intimacy
  • Graduate Med School

    Gained Identity New Title: Jackson Wright, M.D.
  • Start Fellowship

    Identity vs Role Confusion
    Gain Identity
    Make great doctor friends, drinking buddies, and role models
  • Get Married

    Intimacy vs Isolation
    Gain Intimacy
    I have gained a lifelong companion. Provides a new half of my Identity
  • Have first child

    Generativity vs. Stagnation
    gain of generativity; First thing I have contributed to the world that will continue my legacy
  • Become a full surgeon

    Generativity vs. Stagnation
    Gaining Generativity; Contributing to the world, things are awesome
  • accidentally kill patient (super brutal, out of control, cant stop it, totally all my fault)

    Initiative vs. Guilt
    Gain Immense guilt, constant nightmares
  • Period: to

    Depression, Unsure about everything

    Generativity vs Stagnation
    Medicine is my life talent, I cant do what Im good at anymore
    Gain of Stagnation
  • Fired for malpractice

    Identity vs Role Confusion
    gain Role Confusion, I am not what I thought I was
  • Period: to

    Life spiraling out of control

    Lots of Stagnation and Role Confusion and Guilt and Failure
    Cant support my wife or child
  • Divorce because of my depression

    Intimacy vs. Isolation
    Lots of Isolation, lost all friends, pulling away from everything that is close to me.
  • Suicide at 43 years old

    Integrity vs. Despair
    Overwhelming despair
    Life is seemingly worth nothing
    No money friends or family left to care for