By galvsus
  • Birthdate

    I was born to William and Jean Croghan. We lived on a small farm in Iowa. I had two older brothers.
  • My brother Nathan born, age 2

  • Preschool in Council Bluffs, Iowa , age 4

  • Period: to

    Lived in Crescent, Iowa somewhere in here

  • Period: to

    Moved to Amboy, Washington

    We lived on a small farm, outside fo town. We had a cow and calf, chickens, rabbits, and my uncle's mean Shetland pony. The house had no furnace, or air conditioning. We had a wood stove to heat the house. I loved living there.
  • Moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa, age10

    My oldest brother Bill moved to California to live with Grandma, a year later he returned.
  • Moved to Canning Street, age 11

  • Dad died, age 13

  • Mom has a new boyfriend move in , age 13

    9 months after my father died.
  • My brother Robert born, age 15

  • Mom has a new boyfriend, age 15

  • Mom gets married, we move, age 16

    My mother married Ray, we moved out to Glenwood,Iowa
  • My sister Amy is born,

    My only sister.
  • My mother gets a divorce, we move back to Council Bluffs, age 17

  • I join the Navy, age 17

    I was called into the counselors office to be told I couldn't graduate with my class, I was missing 3 credits. I quit, got my GED, and joined the Navy.
    Basic training in Florida, and then stationed in Guam. I loved Guam.
  • Health Discharge from Navy, age 18

    Pregnant! I moved back to my mom's house in Council Bluffs.
  • Beau Brandon born, age18

    8 lbs. 5 1/2 oz.
  • Period: to

    Lived with my mother or friends, moved a lot

  • Moved into an apartment with a friend, met Emilio, age 23

  • Pregnant, moved back to my moms, age 23

  • Ryan Emilio born, age 23

    7 lbs. 9oz.
  • My brother spanked my son Ryan, we left to a shelter, age 28

    No one hits my children.
  • Moved to an apt. in South Omaha, met Jose

  • Married Jose

    We were married 10 months.
  • Miscarriage, Lacey Gabriella at 5 months, age 28

    The cord was wrapped around her neck, she was very tiny.
  • Moved back to my moms, age 29

  • Jose arrestedand went to jail, age 29

  • Met Paulino, moved to trailer in Council Bluffs, age 34

  • Maria Engracia born, age 35

    7 lbs
  • Thalia Maritza born, age 37

    6 lbs. 5 oz.
  • Separated from Paulino

    This was very difficult as Thalia was very angry with me, and refused to have anything to do with me, she was age 2.
  • Period: to

    Moved to Mexico

  • Jonathan Norman Emmanuel born 1 month early, age 40

    A rough pregnancy, preterm labor.
  • Moved to apt. in South Omaha, started college age40


    Maria Montana and Candy, Angela, and the baby were burned alive in a house fire. The alcoholic husband escaped, along with the two olders girls. Maria was pregnant.
  • Moved to North Carolina, age 45

    We moved to be closer to Ryan, and Maria was having a tough time since the fire.
  • Period: to

    No where to live, age 47 & 48

    We lived with Beau, Amy, my mother's driveway in a travel trailer. It was hell.
  • Moved back to Iowa, Ryan moves to England, age 47

    Ryan was done with the Army, he had an award for killing 100 people. Amazing what they give medals for. Ryan was moving to England to attend college.
  • Move to a house

    We have a house of our own, even if it is in a bad neighborood.
  • Murder near our house, age 49

    A murder was committed 3 blocks away from our home. This is not going to work.
  • Moved to Irwin, Iowa , age 50

    I refuse to EVER move again unless I am buying a house!!!!!
  • Moved to a house in Council Bluffs, age 41

    Still in school IWCC for Associates degree