Elizabeth's Development Timeline

By emlekas
  • Birth

    I was born November 23rd, 1992. I weighted 6 lbs. 13oz. and was 19.5 inches in lengths. The average baby weighs 7 lbs. and is 20 inches long, so I wasn't off by much. I was delivered by a Dr. Wolk at Christ Hospital in Oaklawn, Illinois.
  • First Social Event

    I was 5 days old when I had my first social event. I went to my aunt Pam's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Mom, Grandma. Grandpa, aunt Kathy, aunt Cheryl, aunt Diane, uncle George, Joe (older brother,) Sam (older sister,) aunt Pam, uncle Bill, big Sam (second cousin,) and Grandma Lekas.
  • First Trip to the Dr.

    My first trip to the doctor was to see Dr. Sivajan (aka Dr. Siv.) I weighted 8lbs. 9oz. and was 20 inches long. At this time my heart murmur was discovered.
  • Sleeps through the night

    I started to begin sleeping through the night at a month old. The average baby doesn't start sleeping through the night until 6 months. But remember, all babies are different.
  • Eating Habits

    My meals consisted of bananas, popcorn, and bagels until I was about 5. "She only ate certain things and only when she felt like it. And now she eats like a cow."
  • First Illness

    For my first illness I had Bronchitis and an ear infection.
  • Rolls Over

    I was 4 months and 2 days old when I rolled over. After that I continued to roll on the kitchen table, in bed, and on the livingroom floor. The average age for crawling is about 4-5 months.
  • Baptism

    I was baptised at Burbank Manor Presbyterian Church on March 28th, 1993. I wore a white crocheted dress made by my great great Gramma Rees.
  • First Tooth

    I got my first tooth on April 19th, 1993. Babies usually receive their first tooth at about 6 or 7 months. I was 5 months old when I got my first tooth, I was a little early.
  • Crawling

    I was about 7 months old when I started crawling.
  • First word

    My first word was "mama." I was about eight months old. "She was about eight months old when she decided to become verbal!" Babies bgin smiling and making speechlike sounds at 2-3 months of age.
  • Self Feeding

    Self Feeding
    I began self feeding at about seven or eight months. The average baby begins to self feed around 7-8 months. i was on time for this, but every baby is different.
  • Stands

    I began standing at 9 months. "After she started walking she just needed to master going from the floor to the coffee table."
  • First Discovery

    My first discovery was the tupperwear cabinet at my Great Great Grandma's house (Gramma Lekas.)
  • Sits Alone

    I began to sit alone at 8 months. "She finally did something besides lay there."
  • Walking

    I began walking at 10 months. "She wasted no time walking along the furniture or holding someone's hand." Babies usually start walking between 12-13 months. I guess I was getting a jump start.
  • Siblings

    I had a brother and a sister, Joe and Sam, when I was born. When I was 11 months old I received a younger brother, Matthew
  • Walks Alone

    Walks Alone
    I began to walk with no support or furniture, when I was about 11 months old. "I guess she waned to walk by her 1st Halloween because she mastered it in no time." Again, I was a little early with walking. The average baby walks at about 12-13 months.
  • First Friends

    The date is not exactly known, but I was 3 years old and my first friends were Julia and Cole from dow the block.
  • First Classes

    First Classes
    I began my kindergarden class in 1998. I was in Mrs. Henke's class at Montello Elementary School. My favorite subject was reading.
  • First Adolescent Social Event

    I was 10 years old when I attended my first adolescent social event. It was at the Valentine's Day dance. Each person is different, therefore there is no average age for adolescent events.
  • Delinquency

    I was in 8th grade when I got taken home at 3:30am for being out past curfew. I received a ticket and community service. There is no exact age for delinquency, it depends on the child/person.
  • First Job

    First Job
    My first job was bussing out at Good Old Day Restaraunt when I was 14. Most children get thier first actual job around the age of 14, due to labor laws.
  • Driving

    I got my drivers license on February 13th, 2009. Lucky for me that was also Friday the 13th. The average age for teens to begin driving is about 16. I got my lisence when I was 16, so I was right on track.
  • Career Planning

    I began career planning when I took myy CNA class. The class mixed with choosing a college made me realize what I wanted to do. Career planning can happen at any age, depending on where the person is at in their life.