By Prucha
  • Jacod cocey was chosen as mayor of massillon ohio

  • Young gang shoot 6 police men

  • Ratification of presidentSF City charter

  • France's Lava goverment falls

  • El SAvidor army kills 4,000 protesting farmers.

  • Cecil Jacod

    (According to Harper Lee, p.42) scout told Atticus that he said "Niger". That is why he fought him.
  • Walter Cunningham is introduced

    (According to Harper Lee,p.4)"Why it"s no bother mr.cunningham.He"ll Be happy to see you".
  • Dill is introduced

    (according to harper Lee,p.7) Jem asks Dill how old are you. and Dill said" Going on seven."
  • Jem is up on tree and is not happy

    (according to Harper Leee, p.8) "Jem wants a gun. also wants dad to play tackle foot ball."
  • Mrs. Dubose is introduced

    (According to Harper Lee p.11) she is introducted when scout says."Hey Mrs.Dubose."
  • Scout will get her moms ring.

    (according to Harper Lee p.15) Atticus said "you will get your moms ring." This made scout feal good.
  • Scout,Jem and Dill head to Radly house

    (According to Harper Lee p.18) They head to the house.Dill said "i dare you to go."
  • Dill mentioned Boo's jail cell

    (according to Harper Lee, p.18) dill said " lets see were they locked up Boo." so they did
  • Went to see their dad

    (according to Harper Lee p.20) when at the cort house a towns man said."your dad is in the court house."
  • Went to Radly House Again

    (According to Harper Lee p.26) They head to his house again."they spit on the gate to not make it squeck."
  • Mr.Radly shot his gun

    According to Harper Lee p.27) "Mr.Radly shot at them" this caused every one to be scared.
  • Scouts first day of school.

    (according to Harper Lee p.28)"Scout had started he first day of school." she had also fought a guy.
  • Walter comes over for dinner

    (According to Harper Lee p.31) Walter ccomes over for dinner and Scout and Jem find out he has a gun.He said"i had it for a year or so."
  • Mad Dog Close to House

    (According to Harper Lee p.36)"their is a mad dog coming shot it."they were scared of it.
  • Dog Shot

    (According to Harper Lee P.36) Tate said"Your dad is the best shot in the county." They are shock of what had happened.
  • Helen Robinson

    (According to Harper Lee P.38)Scout asked Articus."how is Helen Robinson." Atticus said "The wife of the man I am defending."
  • Soap Dolls

    (According to Harper Lee p.44) when Jem said to Scout."That the girl wears bangs like you."
  • Folded Pants

    (According to Harper Lee p.45) Jen said "he pants seamed like they were expecting me." This was because of Boo Radly.
  • Cunningham

    (According to Harper Lee p.51) scout was looking around and seen Mr.Cunningham. she said."Do you rember me"
  • The Trial

    (According to Harper Lee p.54) Jem said I don't care I'm not missing the trial