Timeline Project

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    Beginnings: Prenatal Development and Birth

    Conception and Birth of a healthy baby!
  • Pregnant?

    The test at the doctor's did not come back that my mom was pregnant regardless of how she felt. This did not effect my development but could have been a factor in how my mother took care of herself during the earliest time on of development. (Biosocial)
  • Pregnant!

    The test finally revealed my mother was pregnant, but at this point I am already three months along!
  • Birth of Haley

    I was born a healthy baby at 7 lbs. and 13 oz. I was my mother and father's first baby.
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    First Two Years:

  • Talking at 9 months

    At nine months old my cognitive development was moving along quickly, I am already able to talk. I think this is becasue as an only child, I was able to hear my mother talkin complete sentences all the time helping me with that development.
  • Walking at 10 months

    Biosocial: Physically I am developing as I am now able to walk around and my gross motor skills are really starting to develope!
  • Moving Into A House!

    I consider this a psychosocial example because moving into this home, I am now living with both my mother and my father. This means my bonds and attachments to my mother and father and one as a family is forming.
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    Early Childhood

  • 3 Year Old Preschool

    Cognitive: I am now old enough to go to school. I am able to put together the fact the my mom takes me to school and then leaves me there without her. (also psychosocial since my attachment to her caused me to cry everyday the first month) This was a Catholic based preschool which also slowly introduced me to God.
  • New Baby:

    Psychosocial: My first little sister is born. An infant in the house changed the dynamics and put a new label on me: "Big Sister" This is key in my development process because I am now realizing a new bond for another family member and was feeling a lot of new emotions!
  • Riding My Bike

    Biosocial: My gross motor skills have continued to improve especially now at age five I am able to ride my bike without my training wheels at my grandmas house! I remember the moment I realized she was not running behind me!
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    Middle Childhood

  • Gymnastics

    Biosocial: I am now in an activity that consists of a lot of exercise!
  • Change Of Schools

    Cognitive: I started first grade in a public school and now for second grade my parents and making me go to a private Catholic school where I do not know anyone. I am learning to make new friends, have a different style of learning, and needing to adjust to the changes.
  • Another Baby!

    Another new baby, this time a brother!
  • JRA

    Biosocial: I am diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in my right knee. At the time this was something so new and different I was now given the resposibility of taking medicine for my knee and being able to take care of my body physically.
  • Two More Babies!

    Psychosocial: My mom gave birth to two twin girls. I am now the oldest of five children which brought many different emotions, stress, and responsibility. I have to share a room with my other sister and everything else with the rest of my entire family.
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    Biosocial: I began puberty in ways of saying I am a woman now. This change in my body was taking me to another level emotionally also! It is also the best way to date this change,
  • Changing Schools

    Cognitive: Besides going from middle school to highschool, I am moving from a Catholic school to a public school. This is a big change, I am going into a new environment and also trying to find myself, friends, and where I fit in with kids who already knew each other.
  • Divorce

    Psychosocial: My parent's divorce was finalized this year. The reason I am using this as my psychosocial example is because it was a traumatic seperation. My father was an addict. I felt like I went from 10 years old to 18 years old. I had new responsibilities of helping my mother out of a tricky situation and helping with my four siblings. It was an overnight change of who I am and I missed out on typical preteen drama.
  • Boys?

    Psychosocial: My first "love" or boyfriend, being able to learn to connect with another person of the opposite sex in a relationship. There were a lot of changes and pressures.
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    Emerging Adulthood

  • Generalized Anxiety

    Biosocial: at 19, I am finding myself, which meant dealing with who I am emotionally. It also meant I am dealing with my parent's divorce 9 years later. I find out that I have a lot of anxious tendencies and find a way of working them out through therapy and yoga.
  • Friendships

    Psychosocial: I met my best friend Katie! First friend out of high school and a friendship that felt real for adults.
  • Meeting Justin

    Psychosocial: I met the person I think I am going to marry! This is a huge change because not only am I truly falling in love, I am realizing I want to spend the rest of my life with this man.
  • Beauty School

    Cognitive: I decided to attend cosmotology school rather than getting a degree. This was a hard decision and I needed to learn what I was going to be in this life.
  • My Body

    Biosocial: I am struggling with having a woman's body. Also, I now live on my own and need to find a balance between eating right and exercise and having the financial means to do this. This is also a stressor.
  • Going Back To School!

    Cognitive: I am going back to school to be a Social Worker & reopening a door of possibilities.
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  • Getting Married!

    Psychosocial: I get to marry my best friend in this world, Justin. This is an emotional commitment.
  • Graduate with my Masters

    Cognitive: I am graduating with my masters! I have accoplished all my academic dreams!
  • Pregnant

    Biosocial: Justin and I are expecting our firat child together. As a female my body is going through a lot of crazy stuff. I dealt with trying to get pregnant and now having a pregnant body and emotions.
  • Baby No. 2

    Psychosocial: Another baby is what I conder another example of psychosocial. I am emotional and overwhelmed with joy at my growing family.
  • Midlife Transition

    Cognitive: I turn 40! I have a time of deciding and reflecting on my life thus far. On my children and the type of parent I am. I think about the career I chose and how it has brought me happiness. I think about the choices I have made and the woman I am and still want to be.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • Taking Classes!

    Cognitive: In order to keep my memory and pass down my wisdom, I join classes and groups at my church. I chose to keep my brain healthy and active!
  • Health Scare

    Biosocial: For biosocial, I am predicting that I will have a scare with cancer in my older age. This is already genetic in my family so something I think about. I end up being ok and it was benign! Now I need to begin to consider my health is not going upwards!
  • Retirement

    Psychosocial: I retire! I decide to retire and now I have to adjust my entire life and the way I spend my time. Hopefully with grandchildren and my children!
  • Death and Dying

    Biosocial: My health is just not at it's best. I end up passing away from a combination of age and lifestyle.
  • Death and Dying

    Cognitive: Even though I do not want to leave this worlf. I am okay with dying and ready. I have felt myself slipping away for a little bit of time now.
  • Period: to


    Death and Dying: I pass away.
  • Death and Dying

    Psychosocial: I have a wonderful husband, children, and grand children. I accomplished my career and made strides within my field of work. I have found complete piece with what I am leaving behind.