Timeline Project

  • Approx, Conception

  • Embryo Stage

  • Fetus

  • Genitals should be formed

  • Have all body parts

    I weigh about 3 ounces and am about 3 inches long
  • Birth

    3:57pm, Sinai Hospital in Detroit, MI.
  • Part of a single-parent family

    Nuclear family consist of my mother. Extended family consists of maternal grandparents.
  • Vision is Maturing

    Begin to recognize human faaces and start smiling.
  • Binocluar Vision ability begins

  • May begin to crawl or creep

  • May walk with assistance

  • Fine motor skills improve

    finger skills improve, pincer movement begins, self-feeding
  • Walk unassisted

  • Mother becomes a Jehovah's Witness

    This makes me a Jehovah's Witness as well
  • Start Kindergarten

    Parkman Elementary, Detroit
  • First Grade

  • 4th Grade

  • Diagnosed nearsighted

    I started wearing glasses
  • Puberty Begins

  • 6th Grade

  • Menarche

  • 7th Grade

    Began a bout of depression that probably lasted until I was about 16 or 17 years old. I became withdrawn-rejected for a number of reasons. I changed schools several times because of a series of home moves. Also, beng a Jehovah's Witness left me feeling isolated from peers and I didn't have many friends if any.
  • First "Boyfriend"

    I became really good friends with a boy I met at a religious meeting. We're still in touch today, minus the religion.
  • First Job

    Got my first job a 15 years old as an appointment setter at Montgomery Ward.
  • Diagnosed Clinically Depressed

    I pretty much shut down and suffered so much social anxiety, I wouldn't leave my house. I stopped going to school or dealing with anyone but my mother. I actually felt physically ill when I'd try to leave.
  • New Job

    Got a job as a bookseller at B. Dalton bookstore in Dearborn.
  • Break From Religion

    I decided I was not going to be a Jehovah's Witness as my mother was. I didn't believe the teachings and felt it contributed greatly to my poor mental state. My decision was met with some resistance by my mother, but she quickly got over it. She realized my participating in a religion I didn't believe in would do me no good.
  • New Job

    Got a new job writing and producing news at the Fox affiliate in Detroit.
  • Back to School

    At this point I still had no desire to go to a high school. However, I enrolled in a program so that I could finish high school at home and earned my diploma. I did it a bit later than my peers but I finished with honors.
  • Met Current Fiance

  • Broadcasting School

    I decided to pursue my dream of working in television news. I enrolled in Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield. I graduated 9 months later.
  • New Friendships

    Met and got to know my 2 best friends in broadcasting school.
  • First Broadcasting Job

    After a 4 month internship, I secured a postion as a writer at the NBC affliate in Detroit.
  • New Job

    New job in Security at Target. I stayed there for nearly 5 years.
  • Got Engaged

    Got engaged in Honduras after a brief 10 year courtship.
  • Signs of Aging

    Signs of aging are visible. The sking around my eyes and mouth are not as elastic as they once were. I have laugh iines.
  • Get married

  • Get Pregnant

    I plan to get pregnant with my first child around this time.
  • Have Baby

  • Medical School?

    I haven't given up my dream of going to medical school. Hpefully by now I'll be prepared to enter.
  • Get Pregnant

  • Have second child

  • Significant increase in gray hairs

  • Graduate Medical School?

  • Menopause

  • Become a grandparent?

  • Predicted Death

    If I live out my full life expectancy, I will survive until about 91 years old.