Timeline of Nada Rudolph

  • Prenatal Development and Birth

    Prenatal Development and Birth
    At birth weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce. I was full-term (38 weeks) and 2 days over due. Normal delivery with no complications. Born in St. Joseph Mercy Hospital-Ann Arbor, Michigan. The five senses begin-hearing, smelling, seeing, touching and tasting!
  • Period: to

    Timeline - Nada Rudolph

  • First Two Years

    First Two Years
    biosocial- By 3 months, slept through the night. I was lifting my head, rolling over and grasping objects. Using my gross motor skills with crawling at 9 months. Standing alone by 12 months. Began to walk at 14 months.
    cognitive-though I did not suck a thumb, I did have a blanket-I did not name.. My first word was "mama" Learn to clap my hands and wave bye-bye.Feeding myself by 8 months.
    psychosocial-I wanted my mother only. The trust was there for my mother. I did not do well with strangers.
  • Play Years 2 - 6 years old

    Play Years 2 - 6 years old
    Biosocial-Contiued to be short and skinny. I mastered skipping, jumping rope and actually catching a ball. Cognitive-in kindergarden I had to wear dresses everyday and could not play on the monkey bars like the other children, but couldn't understand why. More of an observer than a leader or follower. Psychosocial-loved to play pretend and house. I was always the little sister.
  • Early Childhood 2 - 6

    Early Childhood  2 - 6
    biosocial-I was always short and skinny. I started wearing glasses at the age of 5. I loved to color with crayons and paint. I rode my bicycle by the age of 6 years old.cognitive-very observant-I would watch what my older sister would do and try to copy her in everyway possible. Psychosocial-I would get the gold stars on my papers and the was motivation to encourage me to do even better. Loved to play dress up and mommy and daddy.
  • Middle Childhood 6-11 years

    Middle Childhood 6-11 years
    biosocial--taking care of myself healthy habits by the age of 10. Visited health care physician regularly. I was not permited to participate in after school physical activities. Majority of my physical activity came from the gym time and recess. Maintaning a health weight.cognitive-I had ong -term memory and metacognition was something I mastered. Psychosocial-Being nuclear family only. I had many moments of stress and less resilent, Low self-esteem. Family constantly moving.
    no interation.
  • Adolescence 11 - 18 years

    Adolescence 11 - 18 years
    Biosocial-17 well developed. Menarche began(later than others) Biorhythems mastered.Terrible nutrition habits, but maintained healthy weight. Cognitive-imaginary audience and adolescent egocentrism both we my weakness. Psychosocial-first love the best friend passed in beginning of senior year-extreme clinical depression & drugs. Realizing I had to be independent and graduate.
  • Emerging Adulthood 18 - 25 years

    Emerging Adulthood 18 - 25 years
    biosocial-I always made sure my appearance was being nice and clean, fully developed and at 22, married and pregnant with much emotional stress. cognative-being a postformal thinker, with subjective thoughts! psychosocial-with the baby born and the marriage falling apart, intimacy versus isolation. Then came intimate terrorism, and by 26, divorced with one child.
  • Adulthood 25 - 65 years

    Adulthood 25 - 65 years
    biosocial-experience aging, yet pregnant again at 34 health baby girl. cognitive-reaching the age of intellegence with a little fluid of intelligence. Practical intellgence came after several years. pschosocial-divorced again, and going through midlife crisis. Both myself and my ex have "the Big Five" for sure! we get along great considering divorced!
  • Late Adulthood 65 years and older

    Late Adulthood 65 years and older
    Biosocial-Ageist, elderism and and elderspeak is something I feel would happen. I am doubtful of being a centurian due to secondary aging. Healthy eating habits and excercise will hopefully slow the wear and tear theory. Cognetive-passing my wisdon hoping to educate others. Retrival stage would be in effect slowing it down by keeping my mind active. Delirum could play apart due to my past history. Psycho-achieving the positivity effect and aging in place would be ideal.