Greece 1

Timeline of Greece

  • Dec 31, 600


    Greek coin currency is introduced.
    Transformation: Greece became a more modern empire.
    Forces and Pressures: Greeks needed a way to pay for day to day objects.
  • Dec 31, 750

    Iliad and the Odyssey

    Iliad and the Odyssey
    Homerput together the Iliad and the Odyssey.
    Transformation: Greek men could know how to be the model of a greek man.
    Forces and Pressures: The Iliad and the Odyssey described the ideal Greek man.
  • Dec 31, 776

    First Olympic Games

    First Olympic Games
    The first Olympic games occured in Greece.
    Transformation: The Olympics would let extreme athletes show their talent for hundreds of years afterward.
    Forces and Pressures: It was in honor of Zeus.
  • Dec 31, 1200

    The Trojan War

    The Trojan War
    The Trojan War and destruction of Troy.
    Transformation: Troy, a great city, was destroyed.
    Forces an Pressures: People of Troy stole Helen and Athenians had to get her back.
  • Persian War

    Persian War
    The people of Athens are attacked by the Persians, who are lead by Xerxes.
    Transformation: The Persians were defeated and Athens became the most powerful navy.
    Forces and Pressures: The Persians wanted revenge on the Athens for being defeated once before.
  • Aristotle

    Aristotle, a famous greek philosopher was born.
    Transformation: Aristotle made the first college, Lyceum.
    Forces and Pressures: Aristotle dreamed of a better Greece.
  • The Bronze Age

    The Bronze Age
    The Bronze Age when Early Aegean cultures start to emerge in 2900 BC.
    Transformation: Everything changed for Greece.
    Forces and Pressures: Greece needed a new era.
    Bronze came to Greece.