Timeline of Ashley

  • Period: to

    Conception and Prenatal Development

  • Birth

  • Period: to

    First two years

  • Talking-cognitive

  • Walking-biosocial

  • First Birthday-psychosocial

  • Period: to

    Enrolled in daycare

  • Period: to

    Elementary School Years

  • Mom Married Step Dad-psychosocial

  • Moved from Ohio to Michigan-psychosocial

  • Period: to

    Middle School Years

  • Mikayla became my best friend-psychosocial

  • Period: to

    High School Years

  • First kiss-psychosocial

  • Got first job at Papa Romanos-psycosocial

  • Become a nanny-psychosocial

  • Period: to


  • Get a new job at Aubrees-psychosocial

  • Quit Papa Romanos-cognitive

  • Find a good job-psychosocial

  • Get married-psycosocial

  • Have a child-biosocial

  • Buy house-psycosocial

  • Period: to

    Enjoy watching my kids grow up. Spend as much time with my husband as I can.

  • Retire-biosocial

  • Pass away