Timeline History of Radio's 1930-1945 Alissa Meyer, Brandi Hahn, Brittany Ladd

Timeline created by 16ameyer
  • Midst of the great depression.

  • The radio telescope was invented.

    The radio telescope was invented.
  • Period: to

    Dates Evens Happened

  • The " birthyear" of the little orphan Annie.

  • Adolf Hitler was named fuhrer of Germany.

  • FDR signed the U.S Neutrality Act

  • Pittsburgh beat Washington 21-0 in the Rose Bowl.

  • The British "Policy of Appeasement" was instituted with Hitler.

  • Radios grew push buttons.

  • U.S supreme court ruled that minimum was law also applied to women.

  • Glenn Millers band celebrates first birthday.

  • Henry James hires Frank Sinatra.

  • First appearence of baseball on Television.

  • U.S. Radio sends commentatorsnto Europe.

  • Presidents Roosevelt freezes wages, salaries, and prices.

  • Halian Government surrenders.

  • President Roosevelt died.

  • Mussolini assassinated

  • Hitler commits suicide.

  • Germany and Japan surrender.

  • A-bombs dropped on Japan