Journey of Journalism.

  • 1456

    Printing Press

    Printing Press
    Led to printing books, the Bible, and newspapers.
  • First Newspaper

    First Newspaper
    First published in England. First American newspaper was Publick Occurrences both Foreign and Domestick. Lack of permit shut it down.
  • Penny Press

    Penny Press
    Newspapers grew, Advances in printing technology made printing cheaper. The New York Sun was born by Benjamin Day, he sold them for a penny.
  • New York Herald

    New York Herald
    First paper to have a regular audience and coverage by Wall Street.
  • Associated Press

    Associated Press
    5 NY newspapers banded together to get a pony route to bring news from Mexico.
  • New York Times

    New York Times
    Wasn't special at first, then blew up later.
  • First Radio Waves

    First Radio Waves
    Heinrich Hertz detected first radio waves, resonator and radiator used to create and measure radio waves
  • Mid-1890's

    William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer owned competing newspapers in NYC.
  • Morse Code

    Morse Code
    Guglielmo Marconi- who is usually credited with inventing the radio, built a wireless device that could transmit Morse code.
  • Birth of Investigative Reporting

    Birth of Investigative Reporting
    Worked to reveal injustices, inequalities,abuses,and corruption during the Progressive Era
  • First Broadcast of Music

    First Broadcast of Music
    Reginald Fessenden makes first broadcast of music to ships in NY harbor on Christmas.
  • "Ham" Radio

    "Ham" Radio
    Frank Conrad started broadcasting in Pittsburgh, didn't get a big audience so he stopped for a period of time during WW1 then resumed in 1919.
  • First Radio Station

    First Radio Station
    KDKA in Pittsburgh, 100 watts,50,000 watts and could be heard over most of the eastern U.S. at night.
  • Federal Radio Commission

    Federal Radio Commission
    Radio Act establishes FRC to clean up chaos,sets frequencies, and power levels.
  • Philo Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin

    Philo Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin
    Did the first wireless broadcast and made kinescope. TV's were expensive- wasn't much programming. WW2 interrupted development.
  • Period: to

    TV's Big Impact

    FM developed and had better quality than AM,but it grew slowly, Radio lost a lot of best performers to TV,like Lucille Ball. They stole formats like dramas,mysteries, news, and music.
  • Period: to

    TV Grew

    8 stations to 8,000 homes, now 100 stations to 35 million homes. Growth was so fast, broadcast signals were overlapping and interfering with each other. FCC stopped to clean up mess.
  • Camel News Caravan

    Camel News Caravan
    Camel News Caravan on NBC with host John Cameron Swazi. Was pictures with speaking. Then CBS's daily network newscast with Douglas Edwards-1st of kind.
  • Period: to

    Color Broadcast

    1st color broadcast- Tournament of Roses. Followed formats set by radio- local stations affiliated with networks. TV was black and white until the end of the 50's. Most TV was live and then the actors would do it again for the West Coast.
  • Magazine News Shows

    Magazine News Shows
    Beginning of the "Today Show".
  • JFK and MLK

    JFK and MLK
    Start of PBS, Color TV became the rule not the exception by the end of the decade. Funeral of JFK and MLK.
  • Period: to


    Growth and stabilization, Rise of FM and radio personalities. Stations chose what they wanted to do/play- country,religious,news,etc. Began syndication.
  • TV

    Surgeon General warns about kids and TV violence. Cable TV starts to compete, 1st super-station WTBS-1978. Color TV's outsell B&W for 1st time-1972
  • Watergate Scandal

    Watergate Scandal
    Break-in by 5 men at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex . Took down Nixon.
  • Period: to

    News Networks

    Beginning of CNN. Fox Network
  • Period: to

    Digital Era

    Brought new options, people except free online music, digital music cuts into radio time or talk time. Podcasts are the new "talk radio"
  • Video Streaming

    Video Streaming
    Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Use of social media. Viewers can ''weigh in'', local news, online news. Sinclair Media and issues of ownership..