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Radio Programs from the 1930s to the 1950s

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    Radio Programs

  • Amos n' Andy

    Amos n' Andy
    This radio show wasone of the very first radio shows in the history of radio that was broadcasted in the early 1930's.
  • Hedda Hopper

    Hedda Hopper
    Hedda Hopper (May 2, 1885 – February 1, 1966) was one of America's best-known gossip columnists, notorious for feuding with her arch-rival Louella Parsons
  • Little Orphan Annie

    Little Orphan Annie
    Little Orphan Annie was a daily American comic strip created by Harold Gray (1894–1968) and syndicated by Tribune Media Services. The strip took its name from the 1885 poem "Little Orphant Annie" by James Whitcomb Riley, and made its debut on August 5, 1924 in the New York Daily News. It ranked number one in popularity in a Fortune poll in 1937.
  • Just Plain Bill

    Just Plain Bill
    Just Plain Bill was a long-running 15-minute American daytime radio drama program heard on CBS Radio and NBC Radio
  • Tarzan

    Tarzan is a fictional character, an archetypal feral child raised in the African jungles by the Mangani great apes; he later experiences civilization only to largely reject it and return to the wild as a heroic adventurer.
  • The Craft Music Hall

    The Craft Music Hall
    The Kraft Music Hall was a popular variety program, featuring top show business entertainers, which aired on NBC radio and television from 1933 to 1971.
  • Adventures of Gracie

    Adventures of Gracie
    This was another one of the early radio golden age shows in the 1930's.
  • Spohie Tucker

    Spohie Tucker
    Sophie Tucker (January 13, 1887 – February 9, 1966) was a Ukrainian-born American singer, comedian, actress, and radio personality. Known for her stentorian delivery of comical and risqué songs, she was one of the most popular entertainers in America during the first half of the 20th century. She was widely known by the nickname "The Last of the Red Hot Mamas."
  • Hawii Calls

    Hawii Calls
    Hawaii Calls was a radio program that ran from 1935 through 1975 that featured live Hawaiian music conducted by Harry Owens.
  • Adopted Daughter

    Adopted Daughter
    Based on a series of skits called The Jangles, the story of Adopted Daughter centered around Jerry Jangles, a "courageous young wife who fights for home and happiness."
  • Terry and the Pirates

    Terry and the Pirates
    Terry and the Pirates was a radio serial adapted from the comic strip of the same name created in 1934 by Milton Caniff. With storylines of action, high adventure and foreign intrigue, the popular radio series entralled listeners from 1937 through 1948
  • Quiz Kids

    Quiz Kids
    Quiz Kids, a popular radio and TV series of the 1940s and 1950s, was created by Chicago public relations and advertising man Louis G. Cowan. Originally sponsored by Alka-Seltzer, the series was first broadcast on NBC from Chicago, June 28, 1940, airing as a summer replacement show for Alec Templeton Time.
  • Land of the Lost

    Land of the Lost
    Land of the Lost was a 1940s radio fantasy adventure, written and narrated by Isabel Manning Hewson, about the adventures of two children who traveled underwater with the fatherly fish Red Lantern.
  • Pat Novak, For Hire

    Pat Novak, For Hire
    Pat Novak, for Hire is an old-time radio detective drama series which aired from 1946-1947 as a West Coast regional (produced at KGO in San Francisco) program and in 1949 as a nationwide program for ABC.
  • The Life of Riley

    The Life of Riley
    The Life of Riley, with William Bendix in the title role, is a popular American radio situation comedy series of the 1940s that was adapted into a 1949 feature film, a long-run 1950s television series
  • Gunsmoke

    The stories take place in and around Dodge City, Kansas, during the settlement of the American West. The central character is lawman Marshal Matt Dillon, played by William Conrad on radio and James Arness on television