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Radio Timeline- Jordan Chaney

  • Marconi

    Marconi was an Italian inventor. He sent and recieved the first radio signal in 1895. Even though it's debated on whether or not he invented radio, he did.
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    History of Radio

  • Audion Tube

    Audion Tube
    In 1906, Lee DeForest, created (or 'borrowed' the idea for) the audion tube. The audion tube was a vaccum tube that amplified signals. It is widely believed that a Canadian inventor, Reginold Fessenden, actually came up with the idea, but Fessenden didn't seem to make it into the history books for that invention.
  • Iceberg Straight Ahead!

    Iceberg Straight Ahead!
    Marconi sells radio to the marines. He dpes this because before radio, if anything were to happen to your ship, no one outside of the people on board would realize anything actually happened until weeks after the event.So when the titanic sank, if they didn't have radio, then everybody would have died.
  • Radio Stations

    Radio Stations
    In 1920, the first radi station ws called 8XK. (later renamed KDKA) Frank Conrad invented the station. The station still around today and broadcasts out of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie
    Uncle Charlie is the nickname for personal radiostations. At the time you could run your own radio station without a liscence. The problem however, was that everyone wanted their own station...
  • The Dawn of Advertising

    The Dawn of Advertising
    The way radio stations make money, is through commercials. In 1922, WEAF aired a 10 minute 'commercial' or toll broadcast. It has was fro an apartment complex charging $50.
  • FRC

    Uncle Charlie was becoming too popular and was hurting businesses that paid to have their commercials featured on radio stations, so the FRC (Federal Radio Comission). It organized the licensing of transmitters, and assigned radio station frequencies, call leters,and power limits. This eventually led to the FCC.
  • Call Letters

    Call Letters
    Any station that starts with the letter W is East of the Mississippi river, The letter K was used for stations West of the Mississippi River. WBAP and WFAA were created before these letters were assigned (Even though both stations are west of the Mississippi River) Call leters were assigned to identify stations.
  • AM and FM Waves

    AM and FM Waves
    AM stands for amplitude modulation (change). They are 535 Khz-1605 KHz. FM stands for frequency modulation. They are 88_108 MHz.
  • Golden Era

    Golden Era
    It was in the middle of the great depression, and it provided an escape for the people. Some famous shows at the time were; Amos n Andy, Gunsmoke, THe Sadow, Our Miss Brooks, Superman, Dick Tracey, Little Orphan Annie, 464 dollar Question!!! (it was the origional Who Wants to be a Millionaire)
  • Family Medium

    Family Medium
    The entire family could enjoy radio together. They listened to Big band music/ story hour/ situational comidies/ dramas.
  • The Demise of Radio

    The Demise of Radio
    TV makes an appearance in the late 30's, and as popularity grew, Advertisers went to TV. Radio lost money, radio shows jumped to TV as well. And people started saying, "TV will do to Radio what the Cardid to Horses.
  • Music

    This is what saved radio.The reason why is because at the time, you had very few options when it came to how you could listen to music.These options were; Jukeboxes, records, and live concerts. Listening to music on the radio filled a void.
  • Radio's Progression

    Radio's Progression
    Major Edwin Armstrong invented the FM transmitter, which made for a stronger signal and higher quality of sound. Listeners were forced to buy new radio sets. Talk would now be on AM, and music would be on FM.
  • Radio VS....

    Radio VS....
    Nowadays radio has to compete with almost everything else. Some of the compitition includes; Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and Pandora. These apps have seriously dented radio.