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  • Radios appear on ships

    Radios appear on ships
    Radios were beginning to appear on ships which allowed the people on land to communicate with people on the boat. This provided more reliability of going out on ships. A good example of this is on the Titanic; the Titanic had radios.
  • The First Radio

    The First Radio
    Marconi was an Italian Inventor who sent the first radio signal. Some think that Marconi wasn't the original inventor, but he was the one who had good public relations. The message he sent wasn't music, but maybe some morse code.
  • The First Amplifier

    The First Amplifier
    Lee de Forest invented or borrowed the audion tube which is like an amplifier (ampliefied signals) made from a vacuum tube. However some believe that a Canadian Inventor named Reginald Fessenden created it. Still Lee de Forest is credited with inventing it.
  • The First Radio Station

    The First Radio Station
    The first radio station was invented in 1920, made by a man named Frank Conrad. The original station was orignally named 8XK, but was renamed to KDKA. This station still runs in Pitsburg, Pennsylvania as KDKA 1020.
  • WEAF Aired a Commercial

    WEAF Aired a Commercial
    WEAF aired a 10 minute commercial about a Apartment Complex. This is important because this is how radios make money. The total cost for WEAF to air that commercial was 50 dollars. Today it costs a lot more to air just a 30 second commercial.
  • BBC was created

    BBC was created
    British Broadcasting Company or BBC was created in 1922, Marconi being one of the founding members. BBC started broadcasting in London, but in 1925 the broadcasts were heard throughout the United Kingdom. Later in 1927, BBC was renamed as British Broadcasting Corporation.
  • FRC was Established

    FRC was Established
    Many people back then had their own radio shows that would interfere with other radio shows that had advertisements on them. Companies that pay for the advertisement became angry because no one could listen to an ad they paid for when other people's personal radio shows were going to peoples's radios. The FRC (Federal Radio Commssion) was then established to help control that. Now you must have a liscense to have a radio show. FRC was later changed to FCC (Federal Communications Commssion).
  • The Golden Era of Radios

    The Golden Era of Radios
    In the 1930s-40s, there was a war and then the Great Depression. A lot of people wanted a radio because it provided an escape for them. People could take their minds off the current problem and just listen to the radio.
  • FM Radio appears

    FM Radio appears
    Edward Howard Armstrong invented the FM or Frequency Modulation Radio. This new radio allowed a stronger signal and better quality sound. Many listeners were forced to buy a new radio set when this radio was invented.
  • TV becomes Popular

    TV becomes Popular
    Around the late 1930s TVs come out and becomes popular. Many radio stations were loosing money because the advertisements went to TV stations rather than radio stations. Many radio shows stopped and quit because of TVs becoming popular.
  • Music On Radios

    Music On Radios
    Around the late 1930s, since the TV was becoming popular, and radios were loosing money. SInce they were loosing money, radios began playin music. Music was hard to find at the time since it was only played in restuarants or if you had your own record player.
  • Elvis Presley's first single

    Elvis Presley's first single
    Elvis recorded his first songs at Sun Records which were called "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartache Begin". In 1954, he had his first single "That's All Right". He then had opportunity and became famous.
  • Rolling Stones form

    Rolling Stones form
    The Rolling Stones formed their band in London, England and have been active from their start to now. By the mid sixties, they were already number 2 in rock bands right after the Beatles. April 16, 1964, they released their first album, The Rolling Stones.
  • Micheal Jackson Thriller

    Micheal Jackson Thriller
    Micheal Jackson releases his soundtrack Thriller recorded by Epic Records. This song was a big hit and this song made him known. People still listen, sing and dance to this song today.
  • Radios and new Technology Today

    Radios and new Technology Today
    Today Radios are up against other music players that can be apps or websites such as Pandora or Youtube. Also music can be downloaded from ITunes in this era by buying the song, which allows ad free listening and the freedom of choosing songs. However, radios are still great, the play various music.