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History Of Radio- Morgan Burks

  • First Radio Signal

    First Radio Signal
    Macroni was the first person to send out a radio signal and recieve a singal. This wasn't what we think of radio today, it was most likey a sound. He is credited with inventing the radio. Most people actualy don't think he did it but back then you could say anything and have someone believe you.
  • First Radio Transmission of MUSIC!

    First Radio Transmission of MUSIC!
    The first time music is broadcasted over radio is in 1904. This is the start of what would LATER become a really big thing after TV comes around taking the place of radio shows. The music broadcast was in Granz. Austria.
  • Audion Tube Invented

    Audion Tube Invented
    Lee De Forest created the idea for a vacuum tube that applified sound. This tube is the thing that allows radio to work and be broadcasted throughout a certian area. Agian, this invention could belong to another man (Reginald Fessenden) but his discoveries were not noted.
  • GE Develops radio alternator.

    GE Develops radio alternator.
    Back when radio first beings people wanted their own stations too! Before licening made this a lot harder people could buy a transmitter and just set up a station anywhere. This allowed the people to be able to engage in the alternator too!
  • First Radio Broadcast with Music in the US.

    First Radio Broadcast with Music in the US.
    Christmas eve 1906 is when the first radio broadcast of MUSIC in the United states occured. This was the first time music had been on the radio in America and it started a huge craze as music wasn't widley unavalible.
  • RCA is founded

    RCA is founded
    This company was one of the first to be founded to build radios! They are still around under GE and create electronics. This company made the technology of radio more widley avalible.
  • First Radio Station!

    First Radio Station!
    KDKA the Nations first radio station makes its first broadcast over the radio. This is the start of a new found way for people to ease stress from everyday problems during these hard times. The station still broadcasts out of Pittsburg, Pennsylvannia!
  • First Commercial!

    First Commercial!
    Radio stations need money like all things to be able to keep going. In 1922 WEAF aired a 10 minute commercial. The people charged 50$ to air the commercial (which is very very cheap!) Advertisers take hold of this new found technology and the radio commercial is born!
  • FRC (Later FCC) established.

    FRC (Later FCC) established.
    Due to the uncontrollable popularity of "Uncle Charlies" being created, in 1927 the FRC (Federal Radio Communications) is established. Now to operate a radio station you have to have special licences and permits to be able to broadcast.
  • TV is Born, FM radio is moved.

    TV is Born, FM radio is moved.
    The television is born and begins to change the radio industry. This causes FM radio to be moved to a larger frequency to handle the demand of TV. Radio shows begin to take a turn down.
  • Radio over powers Newspaper

    Radio over powers Newspaper
    In 1954 Radio began to overpower Newspaper. This year the number of radio recievers in America outbumbered the number of newspapers printed daily. This shows how much people loved the new invention and counted on it as well.
  • Elvis Emerges as first "Rock Star"

    Elvis makes a huge impact on music in the 50's becoming one of the nations first "Rock stars". His hit singles captured hearts all over the country as radio helped make his music more avalible to people. This allowed people to listen to music whenever instead of only at live preformances or on records.
  • FCC approves FM broadcasting.

    FCC approves FM broadcasting.
    This desion mades FM radio more avalible to the public. This incresses the numebr of transmitters avalible. Music is being played on FM radio now.
  • The first portable stereo!

    The first portable stereo!
    Woohoo! Gone are the days of having to actually like sit in front of a radio to hear your jam. This little beauty is a Walkman introduced by Sony in 1978. Now you can walk around and listen to tapes! Insert cheesy 70's slang for cool here

    Okay, I'll stop singing now. In 1982 halloween parties are changed forever when Michael Jackson releases what will later be known as the biggest selling album in history. Thriller! This classic halloween track had to start somewhere from the undead. Eh?