History of Radio

By MeiChee
  • Guglielmo Marconi

    Guglielmo Marconi
    Marconi was an Italian inventor and engineer who is known for inventing the first ever radio. He had invented the radio for his parents and the first ever radio broadcasted up to 12 miles. When he and his mother moved to England he was interested in creating some sort of way to be able to commmunictae with someone from a far away distance. Thats when he invented the radio.
  • First Song on the Radio

    First Song on the Radio
    The first song ever played on the radio was O Holy Night by the violinist Clay Aiken. It was played from BrantRock during a short program for christmas. It was only played for A little while while was the program was showing.
  • The First Vacuum Tubes

    The First Vacuum Tubes
    Vacuum tubes were added to revolutionize radio recievers and transmitters. Later on John Ambrose developed the dioed and placed it to a "grid" electrode creating the triode. Thats how they were able to figure out ow to make a wireless radio to crry it around instead of having the big box.
  • AM Radio

    AM Radio
    AM stands for amplitude modulation. AM was first used for music and entertainment but then later became only for commercials. It was authorized in medium waves and some parts were longwaves and some wer short waves.
  • KDAK- Frist Radio Station

    KDAK- Frist Radio Station
    KDAK was the first ever radio station broadcasted to the public. It aried in Pitsburg,Pennsylvania and was created by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. After KDAK came out all the pople wanted to have their own radio station and at the time you could have your own radio station without having problem but now a days you cant. KDAK also became very popular since it was the first ever radio station.
  • First Sport Radio Broadcast

    First Sport Radio Broadcast
    The first ever sport radio broadcast took place on April 11, 1921 in Pitsburg, Pennsylvania. KDAK was also the first station to talk about sports. The first sport that was mentioned on the radio was a 10 round boxing match between Johnny Dundee and Johnny Ray.
  • First Ever Commercial

    First Ever Commercial
    KDAK was the first radio station to have a commercial. The first commercial was about 10 minutes long and they were payed $50 dollars for the advertisment. The announced the first commerical on election day so that they would be able announce the news to people instead of people figuring it out in the newspper.
  • Radio at Great Depression

    Radio at Great Depression
    During the Great Depression people started to rely on the radio to cheer them up despite of what was happening. Many people would like to listen to the radio especilly during this time because it would keep their minds from not thinking about the economic crisis that was going on. President Roosevelt was the first president to apper on the radio and when he would appear he would help give confidence to Americans during these dark times.
  • FM Radio

    FM Radio
    FM stands for frecuency modulation and was invented by the inventor Edwin Howard Armstrong. FM radio was invented to demonstarte the superiority the his new system of radio broadcasting. Armstrong made FM to try and improve AM.
  • Radio at WWII

    Radio at WWII
    When World War II was happening radio was there to calm people down. So many americans were scared and confused and radio helped bring a little joy and less confusion to those who were like this. Radio also united Americans and it became a big thing. Since so many people had fear radio helped relax people and helped them not to worry.
  • Television Arrives

    Television Arrives
    Soon television arrived and at first some pople didnt like it and for a while television didn't work out. A lot of people didn't like television because they would hear everything on the radio. For example since radio had soap opras, comides, and music it was wierd for them to see it on TV rather then them imagining it in their heads. But later on people got used to the TV and liked it.
  • Titanic

    Titanic was the first ship to ever use radio over seas. Although many people died on the Titanic radio also saved a lot of people from diying. If it wasn't for radio then everyone most likely would've died. Before, if you would go a ship there would be no connection or no way you could communicate with anyone beacue theres nothing in the water there are no poles or any way you could communicate so you would basically be going out there alone. But because of radio now you are able to communicate