the history of radio

  • marconi

    On this day guglielmo marconi which was an italian inventor had sent the first ever radio signal and and also received it. For the first time in history. This will be a break through in history no one knows yet.
  • radio waves found

    radio waves found
    On this day a man by the name of Hiemrich hertz detects a radio wave. He then traces it and later produces one. No one knows but this once simple event will change history forever.
  • first real design of the radio

    first real design of the radio
    nothing so powerful has been seen form many peoples eyes. a man named nikola tesla made the very first "radio". which was able to send and receive signals.
  • amplifiers

    Lee de forest borrowed the idea of a tube that amplified sounds. Not just that he also made it possible for radio signals to go out way further. Without him would not have long signals.
  • the first physical and real radio

    the first physical and real radio
    on this day Marconi made the radio into a reality. Many thought it was something impossible like we think of ufos or flying cars today. That was the general thought of the radio until Marconi sent the first radio signal of a capital "S".
  • first radio station

    first radio station
    Roughly 25 years after the invention of the radio. The first official station was created and still exists today as K.D.K.A..... As far as today radio stations have come far but who knows when they will come to an end.
  • uncle charlie

    uncle charlie
    At this time anyone could have their own radio station. So at this point some people would change the station and signals would go back and forth. I guess this was good because now you need a license.
  • how commercials came to be

    how commercials came to be
    Around this time, commercials were not such a thing people heard of. Although now days it is how these station are still alive. Companies charged about $50 back when this was anew method of advertising.
  • FRC

    Uncle charlie had been way too popularized and now it had to come to an end. At this time you are now required to get a licence for it and the radio era had all sorts of new regulations and changes. Therefore not anyone can just own a radio station.
  • call letters

    call letters
    Call letters were made to give a more specific approach to what station you are listening to. For example 97.9 here is a hip-hop station, but in Houston it can be a pop station. so that why you see things like WFFA, or WFCA, etc.
  • golden age of the radio

    golden age of the radio
    At this time there was all reason to choose a radio over any other priority. The radio is what got people through the war, provided entertainment, informed us, etc. EVERYONE had a radio.
  • the more common/portable radio

    the more common/portable radio
    During this time the radio was still new. no one alive would ever imagine having a radio we just hook up and is ready to go. This made it less of a hassle to bring a radio around. It also changed the way the radio was seen to a lot of people.
  • radio shows to tv shows

    radio shows to tv shows
    In this time people already had a picture of how people in their favorite shows looked like, sounded like, acted like and more. Many were disappointed and created a downfall for radio and TV. It also led to radio stations playing music because shows were dead to radio and alive to TV.
  • music on the radio

    music on the radio
    Around this time shows on the radio were moving to tv. So the radio needed to change us its usage so it can stay around a bit longer. Eventually 90% of the radio will be known to be for music in the future of this date.
  • radio in the present day

    radio in the present day
    Now days radio has evolved and changed into something that primarily plays music and works off adds. Now the real question is will music streaming apps take over, and in the future what will take over apps?. We dint know yet, but we'll see in the future.