[ History of Radio ]

  • [ Marconi ]

    [ Marconi ]
    Marconi is an Italian inventor and he was sent and received first radio signal in 1895. Many people think that he was the first but other people think he wasn't the first and PR is public relations.
  • [ Audion Tube ]

    [ Audion Tube ]
    Back in the days, mostly in the 1906, one man by the name of Lee De Forest, created (or more like "borrowed" the idea for) the audion tube. A audion tube is a vaccum tube that amplified the signals. However, many people widely believed that a Canadian inventor, Reignald Fessenden, actually came up with the idea.
  • [ AM Waves ]

    [ AM Waves ]
    [ Changing the waves ]
    AM or amplitude modulations is the modulation of a wave by varying its amplitude, and are mostly used for radio broadcasting, it's also a audio signal is combined with a carrier wave. Amplitude is changing the height of the waves and AM waves are a 535 KHz - 1605 KHz.
  • [ Musical Transmission ]

    [ Musical Transmission ]
    Reginald Fessenden is the first to transmit a program of speech and music.
  • [ Radio Stations ]

    [ Radio Stations ]
    Marconi invented the radio in 1895 took him roughly 25 years to get a radio station to broadcast and in 1920 the first radio station was called the 8XK but they later renamed it the KDKA and this station is still around in present day and it is in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The man who created this station is Frank Conrad and what he would do is that he took a microphone and put it near/next the phonograpgh(sp??).
  • [ Uncle Charlie ]

    [ Uncle Charlie ]
    Uncle Charlie is a term use for basically personal radio stations, however, in present day you can't have your own station unless you have the money to actualy own a station. Anyway there was a main problem about having a personal station, back then EVERYONE wanted a personal station.
  • [ The Dawn of Advertising ]

    [ The Dawn of Advertising ]
    In 1922 the WEAF aired a 10 minuet "commercial" or a toll broadcast, form a apartment complex charging $50. Radio makes money out of commercials and sell advertisement and again make money. Also airing a advertisement is very expensive.
  • [ FRC | Federal Radio Commission ]

    [ FRC | Federal Radio Commission ]
    Uncle Charlie was geting too popular because many people who paid for advertisement are getting mad since they are hearing different peoples Uncle Charlie (a.k.a personal stations). So the established the FRC in 1927 and FRC stands for Federal Radio Commission. They also organized the licensing of transmitters and assigning radio station frequencies, call letters, and powerlines.
  • [ Call Letters ]

    [ Call Letters ]
    [ Call Letters are used to identify each station ]
    Stations need call letters because they can't used the frequencies again. [ Some examples:: ] W is East of the Mississippi River and K is West of the Mississippi River. WBAP is a talk radio and WFAA is a call letters for channel 8, also West of the Missippi River. W = East of the Mississippi River
    K = West of the Mississippi River
  • [ Golden Era of radio ]

    [ Golden Era of radio ]
    At this time, radio was at its finest point like EVRYONE now listen to the radio and this was around the 30's and 40's. This happened during a war and during the Great Depression and people were getting hurt for money and radio provided a escape for people to relax and know what is going on.
  • [ FM Waves ]

    [ FM Waves ]
    FM in the FM waves stand for Frequency Modulation and it is 88 - 108 MHz. FM waves changes the frequency of the waves and is also mostly used in radio broadcasting. When you turn the radio dial on you would hear different pitches or frequencies.
  • [ Family Medium ]

    [ Family Medium ]
    Family medium is used when the entire family can go on or listen to the radio and they can enjoy it together. They are used to listen to big band music, or any music in general, stories/story hours, situationa comedies and drama.
  • [ Famous Shows of the Golden Era ]

    [ Famous Shows of the Golden Era ]
    They broadcasted alot of famous shows and "The Shadow" was broadcasted on radio. Basically they started to broadcast show on radios.
  • [ Compacted Disc ]

    [ Compacted Disc ]
    In 1982 the compacted disc was created and this replaced the radio because you can download/burn stuff onto the discs, well this doesn't really replaced the radio station like less people listen to the radio. A lot of people still listen to radio stations.
  • [ Compressed Audio MP3 ]

    [ Compressed Audio MP3 ]
    The Moving Picture Experts Group MPEG-1 Audio Layer III (MP3) compressed audio file format becomes an international standard, and eventually the most popular format for distributing digital audio over the Internet.