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Radio History

  • Marconi Invents the Radio

    Marconi Invents the Radio
    Marconi was a Italian inventor who was the first to send and received the first Radio Signal in 1895. We don't know what exactly it was but, we know it wasn't a voice or musical transmission. Most likely was a form of Morris Code. Although some people were unsure if it was actually Marconi who invented it.
  • Invention of Audion Tube

    Invention of Audion Tube
    The Audion Tube was an invention by Lee De Forest which amplified signals. This helped areas that are far recieve better signals when listening to the radio. But, it's widely believed that Canadian inventor, Reginald Fessenden actually came up with the idea, but Fessenden never made it into the history books for the invention.
  • First Radio Broadcast

    First Radio Broadcast
    First Radio Broadcast
    In 1906 Reginald Fessenden used an Alexanderson alternator and a rotary spark-gap transmitter to make his first, and the first ever, Radio broadcast in Brant Rock, Massachusetts. He would play on his violin O Holy Night while reading verses from the Bible. Even ships at sea heard the broadcast.
  • Radio and Society

    Radio and Society
    Radio did more than just provide talks shows. It also saved lives, some of those were the Titanic victims. Marine and Navy had already bought radios for these type of purposes which caused all ships to have Radios. Lets be glad this one had some too because they would've never known it had sunk had it not been for Radio.
  • Advertising in Radio

    Advertising in Radio
    In 1922 WEAF aried a 10 minute 'commerical' or toll broadcast. It was for an Apartment Complex and had been charging $50 for the commercial to air. Compared to today's prices for 30 seconds thats a deal of a life time.
  • Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie
    Uncle Cahrlie was a term used for Personal Radio Stations. Since the FCC wasn't invented yet, anybody could make a radio station at home with the right eqiupment and money. This opened up a lot of problems for the near future.
  • FRC (Federal Radio Commission)

    FRC (Federal Radio Commission)
    In 1927 the FRC was born. With Uncle Charlie's getting too popular around the country the FRC was established to organize the licensing of transmitters. They started assigning radio station frequencies, call letters, and power limits. This helped the Advertisers who were being cheated out of their air time.
  • Invention of Call Letters

    Invention of Call Letters
    Cal letters were invented to label different stations so that same different stations on the same frquency won't be confused. W is East of the Mississippi River and K is West of the Mississippi River. The only radios to keep their name were WBAP and WFAA because they were made before this law was implanted.
  • The Golden Era

    The Golden Era
    This was an era where Radio was at its peak. Around the same time as the Great Depression, Radio became a family thing and it was loved all over the country. But it would soon have its end.
  • Invention of FM Radio

    Invention of FM Radio
    In 1933 the FM radio was invented by Major Edward Armstrong. Unlike AM Radio, FM would change the frequency of the wave. This made a stronger signal for better quality sound.
  • Rock was Born

    Rock was Born
    In 1935 the Genre "Rock & Roll" was born. Although there are many theories of when it actually was born, most people think it was born with the infamous Elvis Presley. But the speculation is around the 1930's - 1950's.
  • Radios Demise

    Radios Demise
    When TV was made in the late 30's it caused trouble for Radio. It was losing its popularity and money. Even swapping Radio Shows to TV failed. What could save Radio?
  • The Savior of Radio

    The Savior of Radio
    Radio was on it's rope, but Music saved it. It became more like modern Radio which focues on talk, music and sports. This is what they needed.
  • Radio influence with Music

    Radio influence with Music
    With the help of music Radio became more popular. It also was one of the big cultral changes for the 1950's. Before this music was only heard at certain places. Now it was chaning society.
  • Famous Shows from the Radio

    Famous Shows from the Radio
    The reason the Golden Era was...well, "Golden" was because of its popular Radio shows. Some included Amos N' Andy, Gunsmoke, The Shadow, and many more. These are what made a family get together and listen to the radio.