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Radio History 1895-Today

By Ayyojo
  • Marconi

    This italian inventor was the founder of the Radio in 1895. No one knows if he really invented the radio, but he was the first one to claim it. He would be the first to send and recieve the first radio signal.
  • Jazz

    Buddy Bolden 'invents' Jazz. He will number one in their series of the 50 key events in the history of Jazz events. And this will be when Jazz will be born.
  • Audiotube

    Lee De Forest created or "borrowed" the idea of the audiotube. This tool would be used by radio stations all over the world. Just like Marconi no one will know if he really invented the audiotube.
  • Radio at Sea

    Radio at Sea
    Radio at Sea will help thousands of lives when the ship will sink. In particular, when the Titanic went down thousands of lives were saved because of the radio. Till this day ships all over the world use a radio to keep contact with land.
  • Broadcasting after World War One

    Broadcasting after World War One
    Although everything was unfocused snd he broadcasting was scattered the radio took advatnage of that time. The vacumm-tube technology accelerated after World War One. And that's when the Radio Industry started to return to civilization control.
  • Radio Station

    Radio Station
    The very first Radio Station was called 8XK then later renamed KDKA and is still here today. The radio station is placed in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania giving it 93 years still running. KDKA also caused Uncle Charlies, or personal radio stations to happen.
  • Dawn of the advertising

    Dawn of the advertising
    WEAF aired a 10 minute 'commerical' or toll broadcast. The radio didn't get paid for what they were going to play on the station, instead they got paid for the commercials they played inbetween. Making us hate the commericals that they play inbetween the shows or the music.
  • Fakes, Frauds, and Cranks

    Fakes, Frauds, and Cranks
    Unfourtunately there are some "misuderstood geniuses" out there who are actuall crazy, or dishonest, or both. No one was sure who to trust on the radio. In my opinion why would you trust the people on the radio in the first place.
  • FRC, now FCC today

    FRC, now FCC today
    Uncle Charlies were too popular. The FRC was established to enforce that you need to have a license to run a Radio station. No one can just own a transmitter anymore without a license. The commerical radio stations were the only ones you can listen to, so they can get paid.
  • Golden Era

    Golden Era
    Music gave an escape to the people in the Great Depression during this time. After a hard days work for to get food on the table, some of them would turn the radio on to let their mind escape the cruel world. This allowed them to relax before work the next day.
  • Famous shows of the Golden Era

    Famous shows of the Golden Era
    Even though it was the radio, they still were able to makes shows for people to listen too. No one knew what the characters looked like, but still enjoyed their voices. Entertaining others through the hard times.
  • FM Transmitter

    FM Transmitter
    Major Edwin Armstrong invented the FM transmitter with a stronger frequency of 88-108 MHz. Only music uses this, so the singers can hit all the notes they can hit without the radio messing it up. Giving the AM to the radio stations that only talk.
  • TV

    TV will replace the radio stations at this time. As the popularity grew, advertisers went to tv, making the Radio producers lose money. Some of the Radio stations jumped ship. "Tv will do to radio what the car did to Horses."
  • Music Saved Radio!!

    Music Saved Radio!!
    At this time you had very few options to listen to music. The only options that you had to chose from were to go to a restaurant and listen to the juke box they had, you had to purchase a record player to listen to music at home, or you could go to a live concert. Not many could go do or get these things.
  • Other music options

    Other music options
    Pandora and other music apps were going to give the radio station a run for their money.
  • Radio Today

    Radio Today
    Radio today is not like it was back then. This generation has decided to make the radio into a contest for their listeners. It's not all about the music or shows anymmore.