Radio History

  • Marconi and the Radio signal

    Marconi and the Radio signal
    Marconi invinted the radio signal. He was the first one to send a radio signal that actually worked. The intalian inventor is credited with the invention. some people belive that he was not he first though.
  • Audion Tube

    Audion Tube
    Lee De Forest invented the audion tube. He got the idea froma vaccum tube that amplified signals. Forest is credited with the invention. Many belive taht is was a canadian inventor named Regenald Fesseden.
  • Radio helps Titanic

    Radio helps Titanic
    Radio helped many people survive the titanic. With the marine industry taking marconi's idea this helped many ships talk to one another. This made ships able to communicate with land. Everyone would have died if not for the radio.
  • Radio act of 1912

    Radio act of 1912
    After the titanic sank a new act was passed. This act stated taht all land radios had to be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Thid would make sure nothing like the titanic would happen again.
  • Radio is shudown for public use

    Radio is shudown for public use
    During World war one the government took over the radio. They needed it to communiate withthe troops overseas. The Government experimented with the technology and tried to figure out a way to get entertainment to the troops
  • First Radio station

    First Radio station
    25 years after Marconi invented the radio, the first radio station appered. It was first named 8XK, but was then renamed to KDKA. Frank conrad was the inventor of this radio station. He put a phonogarph up to a microphone and thats how he palyed music
  • First Commercial

    First Commercial
    The irst Commercial was aired in 1922. It was aired by WEAF and lasted 10 minutes. This advertisement talked about an apartment complex.For this advertisement it cost 50 dollars. This was way cheaper than today's adverisements.
  • Amatures in radio

    Amatures in radio
    in 1919 the wartime restrictions were ended. And the next few years would see tremendous strides, as amateurs adopted vacuum-tube technology and began to explore transmitting on shortwave frequencies, which resulted in significant increases in range and reliability.
  • The FRC

    The FRC
    Uncle Charlies were beggining to get too popular. Most of the time instead of getting a radio station signal, you would get someone broadvcasting at their house, the FRC came along and changed all of that. They ade it to where you had to have a lisence. This turned into the FCC.
  • Golden Age

    Golden Age
    From 1930 to 1940 Radio was in its Golden age. Duringthe war and the graat depression peole need ed something to help them. Radio helped people get through all of the troubles they had. It was a family medium, somethingthe family can enjoy together.
  • TV grows in popularity

    TV grows in popularity
    AS the golden age of radio dissapared TV ad its way on to the market. Tv was radios demise and was getting popular. Advertisers went to TV and radio was loseing money. Radio shows jumped ship and dissapeared.
  • Radio is still around

    Radio is still around
    Radio survived even though tv was here. Radio ditched the radio shows and went for something more popular. They started palying music. many people loved to sit done and listen to music. They also loved to listen to music when they were driving
  • Fm radio was invented

    Fm radio was invented
    Edwin Armstrong invented the Fm Transmuter. This made a stronger signal and higher quality sound. this amade people go out and buy more radios. There was talk on AM and music on FM.
  • Radio vs Everything

    Radio vs Everything
    Radio now has competiton. With a lot of different things on your computer and your phone radio has more competiton than ever. Eith things like Pandora and Spotify, radio has to compete snd try to out do them.
  • XM Radio

    XM Radio
    Xm radio was invented. this radio broadcast came from satilites. Coming from satillites the signal were better and they could offer more stations. Now cars come with the option for Xm radio.