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Radio History

  • 2000 BCE

    2000's - Radio's Replacements

    2000's - Radio's Replacements
    Soon, radio started getting replaced with many more things. In 2000, Pandora Radio was created and released to the public. In 2001, iTunes was made. In 2005, YouTube was introduced. And in 2006, Spotify was produced.
  • 1990 BCE

    1990 - Sirius XM

    1990 - Sirius XM
    The time came when radio was being replaced again. Sirius XM, a satellite radio, came along to replace the normal radio. Although it is a radio, it still is not the same thing as it uses satellite.
  • 1940 BCE

    1930-1940's - Golden Era

    1930-1940's - Golden Era
    This age was known as the Golden Era for radio. It was in the midst of the Great Depression and WWII. For most people, the radio was an escape, as times were hard and you could drift off into another world. A plus was it being a family medium; the entire family could listen to the radio because everything was kid friendly. There was music, story hour, dramas, and sit coms.
  • 1930 BCE

    Late 1930's - TV & Radios Comeback

    Eventually, TV was created and started hurting the radio industry. Everybody switched from radio to TV, meaning so did the advertisers. And the radio lost money, big time. So they needed a way to come back, thus bringing music onto the radio. The adding of music saved the radio industry.
  • 1927 BCE

    1927 - The Radio's Money

    1927 - The Radio's Money
    The FRC (Federal Radio Commission) was created in 1927 due to the fact that people could make their own radio stations that created chaos in the radio industry. FRC organized the licensing of advertisers, so therefore they could receive money. This was also the invention of call letters; anything with a W in front of it is east of the Mississippi River, and anything with a K is west of it.
  • 1920 BCE

    1920 - First Radio Station

    This was the year the first radio station was invented by a man named Frank Conrad.. It used to be titled 8XK, but the name has been replaced with KDKA. It is still around today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • 1906 BCE

    1906 - Audion

    1906 - Audion
    Lee DeForest made the Audion, which was a vacuum tube that amplified the signals of radio waves. He got the idea from the Canadian Reginald Fessenden.
  • 1900 BCE

    1900 - Voice Transmission

    Reginald Fessenden, in 1900, made one of the biggest moves in radio history. He was able to get his voice through a radio transmission. This was the first time it had ever happened.
  • 1899 BCE

    1899 - Another Planet? Aliens? What?

    1899 - Another Planet? Aliens? What?
    Tesla was in Colorado Springs experimenting with wireless power when he heard signals he believed were from aliens on a separate planet. He was trying to listen to the static from thunderstorms to try and determine values for what he had believed was a native electrical charge. Another explanation was he was hearing Marconi's wireless telegraphy in Europe.
  • 1898 BCE

    1898 - Radio Factory

    This was the year of the first radio factory. Marconi opened in it on Hall Street, Chelmsford, England. Fifty people were employed.
  • 1897 BCE

    1897 - English Station

    Marconi established a radio station on the Isle of Wight, England. meanwhile, in the U.S. during 1897, Tesla was applying for several wireless power patents. Those two patents were issued in early 1900.
  • 1897 BCE

    1897 - Tesla's Proposal

    Tesla first patented the idea for the radio. His proposal was in 1897, and it didn't passed till later. In the future, Marconi would steal the title of inventor.
  • 1896 BCE

    1896 - Marconi's British Investment

    In 1896, the British had an interest in Marconi's wireless communication through radio. So they rewarded him with a patent. This made the idea Marconi's.
  • 1894 BCE

    1894 - Bye Bye Hertz

    1894 - Bye Bye Hertz
    Heinrich Rudolf Hertz died in 1894. His contribution to radio involved him proving the existence of electromagnetic waves. They were a theory previously made by James Clerk Maxwell.
  • 1855 BCE

    1895 - First Signal

    Marconi sent and received the first ever radio signal, but it is rumored that he is not the first to do so. Later on, Marconi sold the idea to the marine industry. He did this because at sea there was no possible way for ships and land to communicate. Without this invention, there would be no survivors and they would have no idea when/where it sank.