Old radio

History of Radio

  • James Clerk Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory

    James Clerk Maxwell creates an electromagnetic theory. This theory connects electricity, magnetism, and light. A summary of his theory is that electric fields and magnetic fields go through space as waves that move at the speed of light. This theory led to the discovery of radio waves which then led to the radio.
  • People Got Their News and Entertainment by Telephone

    Back then, radios didn't exist yet. People had to get their news and entertainment in someway and that way was by telephone. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Heinrich Hertz Discovers Radio Waves

    In 1886, Heinrich Hertz created an experiment that confirmed James Clerk Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism (1865). Hertz used Maxwell's theories and found that radio waves, originally called "Hertzian Waves", existed. Hertz's experiments led to Marconi's invention of the wireless telegraph and radio.
  • Marconi Invents the Radio

    Marconi was an Italian inventor. He sent and received the first radio signal (sent a wireless signal) in 1895, which means he invented the radio. It's unknown if he was actually the first to invent the radio but it's believed he did.
  • The British Marconi Company Began Communication With Ships At Sea

    The British Marconi Company began communication between radio stations and ships at sea in 1897. This meant there was ship to land communication. This communication helped save lives during the Titanic situation in 1912 because the ships could communicate to radio stations on land and ask for help.
  • Lee DeForest Created/Borrowed the Audion Tube

    It's believed that Canadian inventor, Reginald Fessenden thought of the audion tube but that fact isn't well known. In 1906, Lee De Forest borrowed the idea of the audion tube and then created it. The audion tube is an amplifier or a vacuum tube that amplifies and increases signals. Now signals can travel further and this helped with radio signals.
  • Reginald Fessenden Makes the First Radio Audio Broadcast

    In 1906, Reginald Fessenden made the first radio broadcast with audio. He did this in Brant Rock, Massachusetts. Ships were able to hear his broadcast of him playing O Holy Night on the violen and reading.
  • The First Radio News Program Broadcasted

    In 1920, the first radio news program broadcasted. The news program was called 8MK and was located in Detroit, Michigan. KDKA was the first radio program to broadcast radio and commercials.
  • The First Commercial Radio Station is Created

    Created in 1920, KDKA was the first radio program to broadcast radio and commercials. It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and still continues today. Frank Conrad was the engineer for KDKA.
  • The First Commercial on a Radio is Aired

    In 1922, the first commercial on radio was aired. WEAF aired a 10 minute commercial (toll broadcast) for an apartment complex. They charged $50 for the whole things which means they charged $5 for every minute.
  • FRC is Created to Help Keep Radio Stations Under Control

    Uncle Charlie Radio Stations (personal radio stations) had become too popular and got in the way of normal radio stations. No one was able to hear the commercials that aired on normal radio stations and that made the companies who paid for commercials to be aired mad. This led to FRC (Federal Radio Commission) being created. This led to what is today known as FCC.
  • The Golden Era of Radio

    The Golden Era of the radio is during the 1930's to the 1940's. In this time period, it's the middle of the Great Depression and the World War. Radio provided an escape to the troubles and problems of this time and provided family time between a family.
  • The Beginning of FM Radio and Television

    In 1933, FM radio was created by Major Edwin Armstrong. FM stands for Frequency Modulation and FM changes the frequency of a wave. It also changes the amplitude (the height and distance between the waves). Soon after, analog television began broadcasting and being shown around the US.
  • Rock And Roll Music is First Seen

    Rock and Roll originated in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Alan Freed is known as the first person to use the phrase "Rock and Roll". Elvis Presley is probably the most known rock and roll artist.
  • The Regency Company Introduces A Pocket Transistor Radio

    In 1954, a company called Regency started selling a transistor radio. Transistor radios were portable and pocket sized. This led to a bunch of money being made since people could take these radios anywhere.