media technology history. us gov/pol

  • KDKA Radio

    KDKA begn broadcasting.
  • KYW Chicago Radio

    KYW opens in Chicago, Illinois
  • What radio can do

    Radio stations broadcasted popular music, sporting events, lectures, fiction stories (e.g. the "War of the Worlds" broadcast by Orson Welles) and newscasts
  • Because radio affected the American people...

    ...600 radio stations were built across the United States.
  • The Birth of Television

    Russian inventor Vladimir Zworykin invented the iconoscope (television). The First television camera.
  • The Origin of the FCC

    The Federal Radio Commission had been made to regulate the radio. This group would later become what we know now as the Federal Communications Commission in 1934.
  • Television

    Television was under development during the 1920's and it was a rarity for people to have this.
  • the Radio Act of '27

    the Radio Act was pased by Congress and gave responsibility to the FRC to regulate radio.
  • Throughout the 1930's

    Radio was still used to keep audiences informed and embidied political pressure during the depression.
  • Using the theater to prokect the news

    Movie theaters had newsreel films which were used for the ownership of a television set was very limited.
  • The postwar popularity of television

    During the 1950's post-war period, almost everyone in the U.S. had a television set.
  • Computer

    The first computer, the UNIVAC 1, was sold commercially and delivered to the U.S. Census Beureu. This caught widespread attention.
  • At the near end of the 1950's...

    ...2/3 of homes in the U.S. owned a television. Movies were quite unpopular due to television.
  • The cultural impact of television

    Television was used to broadcast Earth turning events such as the JFK v. Nixon debates.
  • ZIP codes

    The Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) Code was invented to make deliveries by mail more quicker, easier and efficient.
  • Fiber optics

    Three reaserchers (Robert Maurer, Donald Keck and Peter Schultz) invented Fiber Optic Wires.
  • Rise of the Jobs

    The Apple I computer was made by Steves Jobs and Wozniak and the Apple Company was born as Apple Computers.
  • The Birth of VHS

    The Japanese Vector Company released VHS and was not available to the U.S. until August 23rd of 1977.
  • Can you hear me nao?

    The first cellular phone communication network (Nippon Telephone and Telegraph) started in Japan. It launched the world's first generation mobile phone service in Tokyo as a car phone.
  • Let's go All the Way

    Fax machines and cordless phones dominated the business industry of the 1980's and contributed to the world's economy at this time.
  • Carphones

    Cellular phones in cars became large in popularity during the decade as people were able to make phone calls as they drove.
  • Running in the 90's

    This was the decade that brought the human race pagers/beepers and the internet.
  • In the late 90's....

    Beepers were becoming obsolete and cell phones were improved to be more portable and easier to carry and use.
  • The 2000's and beyond

    Internet became a dominant form of communication and is going through changes even to this day.
  • The founding of CBS

    CBS is founded as an independent company by Arthur Judson as a radio station.