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Radio History: Nalani Lear

  • Marconi

    Invented radio, he was an italian inventor. He sent and recieved the first radio signal in 1895. Don't really know if it was good PR or he actually did it.
  • The Audion tube

    The Audion tube
    In 1906, Lee De Forest "created" the Audion tube. It was a vacuum tube that amplified signals. It was basically like a speaker. They think that Reginald Fessenden created it but he actually didn't up getting the credit for it like Forest did.
  • Titanic!

    Radio had a large impact on the Marine industry. It was impossible to get a signal over to boats because their was no land lines. Now, you could use radio to wirelessly talk over boats and to land. When the Titanic sank, people knew about it because they were able to communicate.
  • Radio Stations

    Radio Stations
    Radio stations were introduced in 1920. It took about 25 years for them to be able to broadcast vocals, sounds, and music to people who'd listen. KDKA was one of the first stations to be created. KDKA was created by Frank Conrad, he would put the microphone next to the phonograph and broadcast it.
  • FM Waves

    FM Waves
    It changes the frequency and distance in between each wave. The Height stays the same, only the frequency changes. 88-108 MHz
  • AM Waves

    AM Waves
    Modulation means to change, so AM waves mean to modify or change the wave. So Am means you're changing the amplitude, the height of the wave. The frequency or distance between each wave stays the same it's only the height that changes. 535KHz - 1605 KHz
  • Period: to

    Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie's were the name for personal radio stations. If you had the money and the equipment then you could run a radio station from your basement if you wanted to But, the problem was everyone wanted their own radio station, there were too many going on. the problem was, people were picking up the wrong stations, one's they didn't pay for. So the FRC was created, it organized the licensing of transmitters, assigned radio station frequencies, call letters, and power limits. Problem solved.
  • Call Letters

    Call Letters
    First, you can't identify a station because of their call letter. A call letter is the number of the station, like 106.1, or 102.7. but, it different areas of the U.S, they're all different number's and stations because of their frequencies. W meant east of the Mississippi River, K is west of the Mississippi River.
  • Advertisments in Radio

    Advertisments in Radio
    This is how radio stations earned money. People would buy out a certain time slot (5minutes or 30 seconds for example) and advertise their product over the radio. the first advertisement was in 1922. WEAF aired a 10 minute commercial toll broadcast in an apartment charging 50$.
  • Shows of the Golden Era

    Shows of the Golden Era
    There were many famous shows of the golden Era. Amos n Andy, GunSmoke, The Shadow, Superman, etc. Eventually when TV became really popular, all those shows transferred to TV.
  • Period: to

    The Golden Era

    This was the time period where radio was at it's highest peak. everyone listened to the radio.Since the war was going on, everyone listened to be more informed about what was happening. It offered comfort to some, and even a distraction. The Great Depression was happening, people wanted money like crazy. Radio provided an escape to those whose lives were effected during this time.
  • Radio's Demise

    Radio's Demise
    TV makes an appearance in the late 30's. as TV started to get more popular, advertisers went to TV and left radio behind. Radio lost a lot of money. "Video Killed the Radio Star." People would rather show there product rather then just talk about it.
  • Family Medium

    Family Medium
    The entire family could sit down and listen to the radio without anyone having to worry about cursing or anything inappropriate. It was wholesome for the entire family to listen to. they had sitcoms, and sometimes played live music from big bands.
  • Radio's Progression

    Radio's Progression
    edwin Armstrong invented the FM transmitter,which gave a stronger signal and a higher quality sound to radio. Listeners were also now forced to buy new radio sets. They would set up shows where people would talk on AM, and music would play on FM.
  • Music!

    Since a lot of the radio shows left foe Tv, they decided to start playing music over the radio. The only places where you could actually go to listen to music at this point was at a jukebox in a restaurant, or play it on a record, or go to a live concert. Now, you could get in your car and listen to it, you didn't have to buy it if you listened to it at home.
  • Radio Now

    Radio Now
    now radio is still used for many things like sports events, meet and greets, music, meetings, gossip, and others. some things have taken radio over like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes.