Radio History Timeline

  • Maconi Invented Radio

    Maconi Invented Radio
    Marconi was an italian inventor. He is considered the first person to send and recieve a radio signal in 1895. Although he is considered to be the inventor of radio, there is a possibility that he stole the idea from someone else and just had better public relations.
  • First "Wireless Telegraph"

    First "Wireless Telegraph"
    The telegraph was about the results of a saling competition. It was transmitted from a sea vessel to the newspaper the Daily Express.
  • First Transmission of Music

    First Transmission of Music
    Dr. Nussbaumer is credited for the first transmission of music. He yodeled and Austrian fold song into an experimental transmitter. Although it was not broadcasted to the general public
  • Audion Tube Invented

    Audion Tube Invented
    The audion tube is said to be invented b Lee De Forest. Although there is speculation that a Canadian inventor, Reginald Fesenden was the person who actualy came up with the audion tube. The audion tube was used to amplify signals.
  • First Clear Transmission of Human Speach

    First Clear Transmission of Human Speach
    the first transmition was broadcasted on the radio station 9XM. This station was set up the University of WIsconsin Electrical enginerring professor, Edward Bennet. this station was used for many "experiments" overseen by the Army and Navy aswell
  • First Radio Station Invented

    First Radio Station Invented
    KDKA was the first radio station that aired. Although the station is called KDKA today it was originaly called 8XK. The station was created by Frank Corad in 1920 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and is still running to this day
  • International Broadcasting

    International Broadcasting
    The Westinghouse Company seta up the KDKA in East Pittsburgh. This statio transmited a wavelenght of 62.7 metres. This signal was received and rebroadcasted in Britain.
  • The FRC Was Established

    The FRC Was Established
    Because of the massive popularity of Uncle Charlie station interfering with stations that have adds playing the FRC was established. The FRC (Federal Radio Commission) was establised to get rid of radio stations that did not have the correct licensing. Also the FRC assigned different radio station frequencies, call letters, and power limits to help organized the stations better.
  • Columbia Brodcasting System Formed

    Columbia Brodcasting System Formed
    CBS was the second national network formed. CBS' first broadcast was a presentation by the Howard Barlow Orchestra.
  • First Electric Guitar Created

    First Electric Guitar Created
    The electric guitar is a guitar that uses a pickup to conver the vibration of its string into electrical impulses to amplify the guitar sound. It was created because jazz guitarists wanted to amplify their guitar sound in the big band format.
  • FM Transmitter Was Invented

    FM Transmitter Was Invented
    Major Edwin Armstrong invented the FM transmitter whis provided a strnger signal and much higher quality sound than AM radio. Because of the FM transmitter radio listners were forced to buy new radio stations so that they could listen to radio. Because of the overall higher quality of FM radio most if not all music was switched over to FM radio and talk stayed on AM because there is not very much change in pitch.
  • First All-Transitor Radio

    First All-Transitor Radio
    The first commercially manufactured transistor radio. There were about 150,000 units sold even though the radio had poor quality. It was usefull because of its small sized and easy transportability.
  • Rock and Roll Created

    Rock and Roll Created
    Chuck berry invented rock and roll. Rock and roll is similar to the blues, rhythm and gospel music. The name rock and roll is based on "rocking and rolling".
  • Sputnik 1 Launched

    Sputnik 1 Launched
    The USSR launched its first satellite into orbit of the earth. The satellite had a very low orbit.Although it was only was able to transmit a bleep it proved that satellites could be put into orbit
  • Sony Introduced First Transistorized Radio

    Sony Introduced First Transistorized Radio
    The radio was small enought to fit in a vest pocket and was able to be powered by a small battery. The radio was very durable becuase there were no tubes to burn out. Because of transistors tubes were almost completly displaced.