Radio History Esmeralda

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    Radio History

  • discovery of radio waves

     discovery of radio waves
    He proved the existance of radio waves that James Clerk therorized. Heinrich Herts was a german physicist. In his youth he enjoyed building instruments in the family workshop.
  • Nikola Teles started the attempt to invent radio

    Nikola Teles started the attempt to invent radio
    Nikola Tesla, a serb that moved to the US invented the theoretical model of the radio. Nikola was a siberian American engineer and inventor. he was 34 when he was inventing the radio.
  • the invetion of radio

    the invetion of radio
    Radio was discovered by a young italian named Gugliemo Marconi in the basement of his parents using morse code. Some people believe that he didn't invent the radio. He also had some desputed with Nikola Tesla.
  • audion tubes

    audion tubes
    Amplifing tubes where created inorder to amplify the sound vtom the radio speakers. They wher invented by Lee De Forest. Now the waves could easily modulate to make an AM transmitter. Many people belived that a candaian inventor was the actual creator of the tubes.
  • music in radio

    the first musical radio broadcast was from Brant Rock, Massachusetts. This was achieved by Reginal A. Fessenden.He built a complete system of wireless transmission and reception using amplitude modulation .
  • titanic sinks

    titanic sinks
    The radio company was sold to the ship industry. This helped sailors keep intouch wirlessly. Thnks to the radio in the titanic many peoples lives where saved.
  • injunction against Marconi

    injunction against Marconi
    Tesla tried to obtain a court injuction against marconi but failed. later the court reviewed the case and declared Tesla the official inventor of the radio. Because Tesla had begun the invention of the radio four years before macorni.
  • fisrt ad

    fisrt ad
    the first ad was aired in 1966 and aired for ten minute 50 dollars per minute. This marked the beggining of ads in the raadio. Ads wher made in order to be able to promote their objects to get more customers,
  • first brodcast in the U.S.

    first brodcast in the U.S.
    the first broadcast was from the station KDKA in 1920. This was the first station to broadcast in a wireless radio. KDKA was a total hit inspiring others to vreate a station.
  • uncle charlie

    uncle charlie
    Uncle charlies was a term used to describe self-made radio stations. Radio broadcastin became so popular everyone wanted atheir own station.There where so many radio stations you couldn't pick up the one you wanted
  • beggining of the Golden Age

    beggining of the Golden Age
    The Golde Age was the period when radio was at its peak in popularity. In the golden age everyone would listen to the radio. If they where with low recources they would prefer to listen to the radio at the end of the day for inspiration
  • FM radio

    FM radio
    Edwin H. Armstrong was the inventor of the FM radio in 1933. FM uses frequency modulation that reduced static and interfirance.He was also the inventor for modern day frequency modulation.
  • end of Golden Age and beggining of the television

    end of Golden Age and beggining of the television
    This was the end of the Golden Age because the television was invented so the Ads when to tv instead of radio. Many ads wanted to show their roducts so they switched to tv. This lefradio in the dust and music was the only savior.
  • first internet radio

    first internet radio
    the first internet radio was the first internet radio was pioneered by Carl Malanud, a computer expert. He launched "Internet Tlak Radio" which was the first computer talk show.
  • pandora was created

    pandora was created
    One of the most popular internet radios was created in 2010. This internet radio is called pandora. There are many of this types of radios which have left a gap in the actual radio stations. Thsi is mostly because they play what you want to hear.