Radio History

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    Radio Events

    Historical radio events/music
  • Audion Tube

    Audion Tube
    In 1906,Lee De Forest, Created (or borrowed the idea for) The Audion Tube, a vaccume tube that amplified signals.
    but there's a chance that lee could have stolen the idea from a guy named Reginald Fessenden.
  • Marconi Invents The Radio

    Marconi Invents The Radio
    Marconi was an italian inventor, people believe he was the first to send and recieve the first signal but others believe he had a lot of Public relations.
  • First song ever played on the rado

    First song ever played on the rado
    It was on December 24, 1906 from Brant Rock when during a short program for Christmas, O Holy Night was played on a violin.
  • Titanic

    If it wasnt for the radio everyone on the titanic would have died but because of the radio other ships in that area got the signal and rescued some people.
  • Charles Herrold

    Charles Herrold
    Between 1912 and 1917 Herrold and some of his students decide to broadcasting music and talk on a regular schedule to a growing San Jose audience. College radio. He also broadcasts every day to receiving stations at the Pan Pacific International Exhibition in 1915.
  • World War One

    World War One
    All wireless stations are ordered shut down, silent, so that the Government can use radio for defense purposes. The war is important to radio technically as the vacuum tube, invented earlier by de Forest is improved for war communication, and all other radio patents are pooled for defense reasons.
  • KDKA News Radio

    KDKA News Radio
    Frank Conrad created the first radio broadcast station 8XK later renamed KDKA wich is still broadcasting live news and music to this day.
  • Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie
    after the creation of KDKA people decided to make their own radio broadcasting station because radio was very popular during the time- but since everyone wanted a their own radio station they passed a law for people to have a license in order to have a radio station.
  • simple radios

    simple radios
    between 1920-1930's a new decade begins with a simple radio to relax and listen to music and news was created.
  • Radio Broadcasting

    Radio Broadcasting
    in 1922 after the uncle charlie event than came radio broadcasting. it all started in new york a radio station called WEAF, ran a 10 min talk on the merits of some coop apartments in jackson heights and charged 50 dolllars for their efforts.
  • FCC

    The FCC replaced the FRC and regulated radio. they were very similar to the FRC. At the start of the decade they try to clean up the content of broadcast ads and claims, even take a few self-described “radio doctors” off the air. By the end of the decade they will complain that radio is not local enough, that the un-licensed national networks control the programming but the stations are licensed to serve local communities.
  • Big Shows

    Big Shows
    between the 1930's and the 1940's radio stations started to bring music,big stars, and big unions to their broadcast stations
  • Battle Of Los Angeles

    Battle Of Los Angeles
    In the early morning of Los Angeles,California 1942 there was a suspicious call from the military of an unusual aircraft hovering over the city this happend just three months after WW2 had begun as a result of the japanese imperial navy's attack on pearl harbor, and one day after the Bombardment of ellwood on 23 of february. after the event the government had a meeting about the problem and said that it was a false alarm but it was really just a cover up for UFO's and aliens.
  • radio makes a lot of money

    radio makes a lot of money
    When AM and FM got really famous radio started to make a lot more money they even started playing disco!!!!!!!!!
  • Youtube was created

    Youtube was created
    youtube was created by three paypal employees