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Radio History

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    Radio History

  • The Radio was invented

    The Radio was invented
    In 1895, the first radio signal was sent and received by an Intalian inventor named Marconi. The signal sent did not contain any vocals or music like the radio today, but Marconi was the first to send a wireless signal from one place to another. Although we give Marconi a lot of credit for the creation of the radio, some believe that Marconi was not the first to invent the radio but that he was just the first to claim the invention of the radio.
  • The Audion Tube was invented

    The Audion Tube was invented
    In 1906, the Audion Tube was invtented by a man named Lee De Forest but some believe that the Audion Tube was originally created by a Canadian man named Reginald Fessenden, who for some reason did not get recognized for his invention. The purposed of the audion tube was to amplify radio signals so that speakers could produce quality sound.
  • The first radio station was created

    The first radio station was created
    IN 1920, 8XK, later changed to KDKA, was the first radio station created that had the capabilitiy to broadcast vocals and music. The radio station was very useful and was often used to broadcast news and other important information. In fact, the radio station is sill broadcasting out of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania today.
  • Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie
    People were creating their own radio stations and it was interferring with the actual radio stations that companies were paying to have their commercials aired on. This obviiously became an issue for the companies and they were searching for a solution to the problem.
  • Commericials are added to radio stations

    Commericials are added to radio stations
    Once radio stations became extremely popular, companies would pay radio stations to have their commercials aired on their radio station. Comapnies would pay for the commercial based on how long the commercial was and the rate was 50 cents a miniute. The use of commercials caused radio to become even more popular and produced radio stations recieved majority of their money airing commercials of other companies on their station.
  • FRC is established

    FRC is established
    IN 1927, the FRC (Federal Communications Commision) was established because companies were paying tons of money for their commercials to be played on radio stations but the signal was being inteferreed by Uncle Charlie because it had been gaining popularity.
  • The Golden Era

    The Golden Era
    In 1930, people were struggling to earn money because of the war and the great depression and people used the radio as an escape from reality. In fact, radio became so popular people would buy a radio instead of useful machine such as a washing machine.
  • Family Meidum

    Family Meidum
    When the Fmaily Medium was still around, Families would gather aorund and listen to the radio. Nowadays, the radio is full of profanity and it is not suitable for young children, but the Family Medium was wholesome and suitable for children to hear. Popular Bands would often play on the radio and the songs were appropiate for the children to enjoy as well.
  • Radio is replaced by TV

    Radio is replaced by TV
    In the late 1930s, Advertisers stopped paying to have their commercials aired on the radio and started to pay to have them aired on national television. This change caused radio to lose money and the radio business was failing.
  • The FM transmitter is invented

    The FM transmitter is invented
    In 1945, Edwin Armstrong invented the FM transmitter, which had a stronger singal over longer distances and transmitted a much higher quality of sound. Because music people want to listen to high quality music, radio broadcasters switched music stations to FM and talk shows to AM so that muisc would have the best quality signal.
  • Music saves radio

    Music saves radio
    Since radio was slowly dying, they had to come up with something that would bring them a solid income. Music was the answer. During this time period, you could not just use your iPod to buy and listen to music, but you had to either by a Jukebox, a record, or attend a live concert. To filll this void, radio played music on the radio at an amazing price, free.
  • Modern day radio

    Modern day radio
    As radio became more popular and the world began to modernize, several applications such as spotify, pandora, and iTunes were created for a fast and efficient way to enjoy music.