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History of Film

  • Radio Transmission

    Radio Transmission
    Tesla uses radio transmission for telecommunication. He began the overall telecommunication process by creating a simple radio design. November 8 was the day which he showed us a radio the he controlled from a robot. Tesla quickly became a well heard man becuase his robot controlled waves in madison Square Garden.
  • Marconi's Transatlantic communication

    Marconi's Transatlantic communication
    Marconi develops the first successful form of transatlantic communication.Basically this means, Marconi sent the first radio transmission ACROSS the Atlantic Ocean. His radio waves traveled as far as two thousand miles! This was one of the MANY times Marconi was mentioned in Radio History.
  • Poulsen-Arc radio

    Poulsen-Arc radio
    The first Poulsen-Arc Radio transmitter is created. Even though it was created in 1902, The Poulsen-Arc wasn't used until 1904. This Poulsen-Arc Radio was named after its creator, Valdemar Poulsen. He was wasn't only known for the Poulsen-Arc, but also for his previous invention, the Telegraphone.
  • First radio Autocast

    First radio Autocast
    Fessenden allows the first radio audio broadcast to occur. This is due to the fact that he combined the idea of Alexanderson's alternator and a rotary spark plug. Reginald Aubrey Fessenden was a Canadian inventor and not only did he allow the first radio broadcast to occur, he also created patents for devices and many other inventions. He also experimented on voice and music.
  • Radio Act

    Radio Act
    The Radio Act aides radio stations by making the station able to be heard clearly. This is due to the fact that the frequencies are cleared. The radio station begins to operate depending on what the public likes. The main point of 1923 is radio broadcasting.
  • Uses of Radio

    Uses of Radio
    Theradio begins to get popular. It is mainly used for entertainment. This is the start of the Golden Age of Radio. Other than entertainment, the radio is also used to comfort the viewees. The president in office when the development of radio boosted was Franklin D. Roosevelt, later declared, "radio president."
  • Radio Sufferage

    Radio Sufferage
    Radio is getting so big that many people use it. We learn about radio defects and more about other types of technology defects such as television. Radio becomes more local and the stations focs on playing more songs for entertainment. Even though we suffered in the 1950s, we also learned that everything can be tweaked.
  • Telstar

    Telstar is the first radio satellite. It was used to launch into space because at this point in time, space and radio are the main focus. The Telstar allowed us to use waves to see television pictures, make phone calls and receive live feed. Telstar was made between an agreement of AT&T and many other corporations and businesses.
  • RDS Protocol

    RDS Protocol
    RDS Protocol is basically pieces of information that are used for FM broadcasts. RDS Protocol allows the radio station to display information about the record being played to the viewers. Information included can vary from the song, station, and artists. RDS protocol is still in use today, just more developed.
  • Copyright Trouble

    Copyright Trouble
    Many stations become charged to copyright fees because their work was apparently stolen from other stations. A radio broadcaster was shot during a broadcast. Multiple stations became signed off and inactive.
  • Pandora

    Savage Beast was the founder of Pandora, the radio. Some radio stations had their frequencies cut, meaning some radio waves didn't go as far as expected. The Buzz replaced the classical music station in Houston. Many other stations were swapped or became unactive while some radio stations just began.
  • Online Internet Radio

    Online Internet Radio
    Radio host, Rush Limbaugh, states that he was addicted to medication. basically meaning he was taking unneccessary pain killers and is beginning his treatment. The profit from radio internet is outrageous at fourty-nine million. "Just The Way You Are" by Milky quickly rises to number one in the charts.