• Philip Nolan

    In the 1800's Nolan had been arrested for capturing mustangs.
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    Timeline notes
  • Father Miguel Hidalgo

    Father Miguel wanted to arrest the spanirds in Dolores on September 16, 1810.
  • Jose Gutierrezde Lara

    Shaler and Lara were in Nat chitoches, where assembled and set for Texas.
  • Augustus Magee

    He was over his failure and he resigned from the United States Army. Then right after that he started recruting the force he was knnown as Gutierrez-Magee expedition.
  • medina, battle

    The battle was faught on Augest 18, 1813. It was the most bloodiest battle ever fought in Texas.
  • Jean Lafitte

    Lafitte was choosen to be the milatary leader of texas on September 12, 1816.
  • Dr. James Long

    James long was in command for the expedition to conquer Texas. The citizens planned the expedititon.
  • Constitution of 1824

    The constitution was all started in the year of 1824. It was resembled in 1812.
  • State Colinization Law

    The congress passed the national colonization law on Augest 18, 1824.
  • Coahulia and Texas

    The constitution was published on March 11, 1827
  • Rubi, Margues de

    Rubi's diary was founded in the year of 1989. It was found in a volume of bound document.