Texas flag

Revolution and Republic: 1830-1845

  • Mexican government forbids further American emigration to Texas

  • The Battle of Velasco

    The Battle of Velasco
    This battle saw the first casualties in relations between Texas and Mexico.
  • The Convention of 1833

    The Convention of 1833
    The convention of 1833 was another attempt by Texans at reforms and they also drafted a constitution patterned after those in the US
  • Stephen F. Austin Arrested

    Stephaen F. Austin as a representative of the convention of 1833 was arrested without specific charges
  • The Revolution Begins

    The Revolution Begins
    1835 on October 2, the battle of Gonzales is waged by Texas' refusal to turn over a cannon to Mexican forces. This is the origin of the "Come and Take It" flag. The war of TX independence begins.
  • Davy Crockett

    Davy Crockett
    Former Tennessee congressman David Crockett arrives with volunteers to defend the Alamo.
  • Travis and Bowie

    Travis is elected commander of the enlisted army forces at the Alamo, while Jim Bowie leads the volunteers.
  • Retreat

    The Mexican Army of Operations under Santa Anna reaches San Antonio. Texan forces retreat inside the Alamo.
  • The Alamo Grows

    Twenty-two men from Gonzales join the Alamo.
  • Texas Declaration of Independence.

    Texas Declaration of Independence.
    Delegates at Washington-on-the-Brazos approve the Texas Declaration of Independence. Navarro, with his uncle, Francisco Ruiz, signs the declaration. The two men stay to serve on a committee to draft the republic's new constitution.
  • Leave or Fight - Travis's Choice

    Upon receiving news that Fannin will not send reinforcements, Travis gives the soldiers the opportunity to stay and fight or leave. All stay except a Frenchman named Louis or Moses Rose.
  • The Alamo

    The Alamo
    A bloody Mexican attack on the Alamo begins before dawn, and the Mexican forces slaughter all inside except for the women, children, and Travis' slave, Joe. Mexican losses number around 600.
  • James W. Fannin

    James W. Fannin
    Mexicans capture a Texan force retreating from Goliad, led by James W. Fannin, near Coleto Creek.
  • Massacre at Goliad

    Santa Anna orders the execution of Fannin and 350 men at Goliad.
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Battle of San Jacinto
    The Texan army defeats and captures Santa Anna at San Jacinto, and secures independence for Texas. Sam Houston shouts the Alamo call as he routs Santa Anna in the battle of San Jacinto
  • Treaty of Velasco

    Treaty of Velasco
    Santa Anna signs the Treaty of Velasco. It ceases hostilities and withdraws Mexican troops south of the Rio Grande.
  • Sam Houston Elected

    Sam Houston Elected
    Texans approve their new Constitution of the Republic of Texas. Sam Houston is elected president. Sam Houston selected Houston as the capital of Texas which was located near the Buffalo Bayou.
  • US Delays Annexation

    Many of the Texans wanted Texas to become annexed because they came from the US and they wanted its protection. However, the US refused to allow Texas to be a part of US because they did not want to damage relations with Mexico and they thought it would tip the balance of power to the slave states in the Senate.
  • Mirabeau Lamar becomes the President of the Republic of Texas

    Mirabeau Lamar opposed annexation to the US because he believed Texas would be a powerful and independent nation that would reach the Pacific Ocean. He contributed a lot to the education of Texas and was later known as "Father of Education in Texas".
  • Capital is moved to Austin

    The capital of Houston was a temporary spot until they decided that the permanent capital would be located on the Colorado River near the village of Waterloo, which excited Lamar because he wanted to expand Texas settlement westward. He named the capital Austin, in honor of Stephen F. Austin.
  • Council House Fight

    Council House Fight
    The Council House Fight was a conflict that happened between the Texans and the Comanches in which the Comanches wanted to stay in their homeland while the Texans wanted the captives of the Comanches back. The Texans and Comanches fought and 7 Texans and 35 Comanches died, ending the chance for peace between them.
  • Santa Fe Expedition

    Lamar sent an expedition to Santa Fe to control the region and open trade with New Mexico. Unfortunately, many people died on the way there due to heat, lack of water and food, attacks by Native Americans, and they also encountered a Mexican army detachment and surrendered.
  • Archives of War

    A Mexican army invaded Texas, so Sam Houston tried to move the archives to Houston. Opposing this because they thought he was trying to move the capital, some residents of Austin had a skirmish with government officials, causing the archives to stay in Austin.
  • Mier Expedition

    Houston sent 750 soldiers to search the area from San Antonio to Laredo in search of signs of the Mexican army's presence. They went down to Mier and attacked the city but were defeated and captured.
  • Anson Jones Presidency

    Anson Jones Presidency
    Anson Jones became the fourth and final president of the Republic of Texas. When US offered annexation, he called a special session and came to a conclusion that they will be annexed.
  • Congress and Texas approve annexation

    Congress and Texas approve annexation
    Congress proposed a joint resolution stating that Texas can be annexed under certain circumstances. Texas decided to be annexed and denied Mexico proposal which states that if Texas did not annex, they would be recognized as independent.