Texas History Timeline- By: Chloe Kim

By Cxk6806
  • Jan 16, 1400

    1. Age of Exploration begins

    a. - To find a sea rout to Asia
    - to find gold
    - to expand knowledge about the world
    - the three G's
    - God gold and glory
    b.Columbus wasn't even looking for America. He wanted to find shorter rout to Far East and there he could find valuable stuff like silks and spices.
    c.Spain and Portugal.
    d.A conquere, like the Spanish, Mexico and Peru.
    e.His name was Cortez
  • Jan 15, 1492

    2.Pineda maps Texas coast

    He was a Spanish Explore, he has led many expeditions western coastlines of the gulf mexico, from the Yucatán Peninsula, to the panuco river.
    ponce Leon had discovered Florida, Alamino had discovered all the western areas, which left Pineda to successfully finding the Northern Gulf Coast.
  • Jan 16, 1532

    3.Cabeza de Vaca shipwrecks

    a.He was captured by the Captured by the Karankawa Indians
    b.Illness, lack of food, and they were in water.
    c. he found cibola
  • Jan 12, 1540

    4. Coronado sets out for Cibola

    a. Cibola is one of the seven cities of gold it was set to have many treasures. b. Because Vaca wrote something's that made Coronado think cibola was in Texas c. No they found little villages d. The Grand Canyon
  • 5. La Salle lands in Texas

    a. France
    b. Mississippi
  • 6. Fort St. Louis founded

    a. Garcitas Creek in present-day Victoria County, Texas
    b. Robert Cavelier de La Salle
    c. because the french abandoned it after native americans attcks and diseases
    d. he was killed byt his followers
  • 7. Mission San Francisco founded

    a. To colonize and have shelter b. Conquistadors c. Spanish d. Christianity e. No f. Attacks and diseases and starvation g. Wood and bricks
  • 8. Marques de Rubi Inspects Texas

    a. To see the new mission in the new world
    b. new spain
    c. american natives wont turn catholic and the mission wasnt working
  • 10. Philip Nolan Expedition

    a.A pirate b. 2 other filibuster besides Philip Nolan. Peter and James c. French pirate
  • 9. The Louisiana purchase

    a. Now the U.S. And Spain are bordering each other. b. Spain, us, and Britain
  • 11. Moses Austin Asks Permission for Colony

    a. His friend pursuaded The Spanish b. He got mugged and died from Pneumonia
  • 12. Stephen F. Austin Establishes His Colony

    a. empresario was a person who has been granted the right so they can move to Mexican land
    b. rich river bottoms between the Brazos and Colorado river
    c. has to settle 300 families, the settlers has to obey the government and the religion, Catholicism
    d. they were the first ones to live in Austins first colony
    e. mexico was in the final part of the war for independence from Spain. After the colony was established, Austin learned that mexico wont recogniz the grant of Spanish land his father.
  • 13. Mexico gains Independence

    a. Spain b. That they have to stay a Roman Catholic religion c. Coahuila
  • 14. Fredonian Rebellion

    A. premature attempt to make Texas independent from Mexico
    B. Edward brother was upset with Mexico
    C. Fredonian Rebellion ended when Mexico sented army/troopss to defeat rebels.
  • 16. Law of April 6, 1830 passes

    a. For US immigration to be limited or prohibited
    b. suspend existing empresario contracts
    c. Mexican immigrates gets more benefits because they are mexican
    d. doubts concerning slavery and passports
    e. many were comming in illiegally
    f. placed custom duty taxes to goods coming from US to Texas
  • 15. Mier y Teran Report

    a. To find out what resource Texas has and to see if there is anything wrong with Texas
    b. Too see if US settlers was taking over Texas
    c. He suggested more troops surrounding the settlers
  • 18. Austin Arrested

    a. Austin’s letter to the Texans & felt it was an act of treason.
    b. that he should just go for it
  • 17. Convention of 1833

    a. Texas declaration of independence
    b. sfa
  • 19. Battle of Gonzales

    19. Battle of Gonzales
    a. Texians rebelling against Mexican government
    b. The US Texans won
    c. Come and Take It
  • 20. San Antonio de Bexar Siege

    a. a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off supplies, compelling the surrender of those inside.
    b. Texians
    c.Texans won
  • 23. Goliad Massacre

    a. Battle of Coleto
    b. santa anna
    c.472 (about) Killed in action, executed, imprisoned
  • 25. Battle of San Jacinto

    a. Remeber the Alamo and the Goliad
    b. Only 2 Texans died while many Mexicans died
    c. He was scared.
    d. Texas
  • 21. Convention of 1836

    a. Declaration of Independence & Texas constitution
  • 22. The Alamo Falls

    a. James Bowie,David Crockett, William Garnett
    b. about 180-280
    c. about over a thousand
    d. He knew he woulod loose alot of people which would be bad
  • 24. The Runaway Scrape

    a. east
    b. so that the mexican army wont use their homes and they could runaway faster
    c.because the mexican army was coming their way, and if they didnt move they would get killed
    d. they thought he was a coward and that he was scared to face the battle when Sam was acully acting wise