Texas History Chet Hefton

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    Discovered the Americas in 1492 while he was looking for a route from Asia to India. He found land and thought it was India but is was, what we know now as, the Bahamas. He never actually set foot not he mainland.
  • Oct 3, 1519


    In 1519 Pineda entered a large bay with a sizable native American settlement on the shore pineda continued his journey southward there is no reliable evidence that he was on the shore of Texas but he anchored off of the Villa Recade shortly after and Cortez. he also named a Las Palmas river and is also believed to be the first person to mount the Texas coast
  • Oct 3, 1519

    Hernan Cortez

    Started his conquest in 1519. He sailed from Asia to Cuba, he was worshiped by the Aztecs because he arrived on a ceremonial day. When he found out how much gold and silver they had he decided to attack. He sank his own ships so his soldiers would not retreat. He won the war and the remaining Aztecs were enslaved.
  • Oct 3, 1527


    In 1527 he embarked for Florida with five ships and 600 men. a storm south of Cuba wrecked several of the ships in the rest of the exhibition continued to Florida during a hurricane after leaving Florida he and his men were carried out to sea on rafts only for men survived the expedition.
  • Oct 3, 1527

    De Vaca

    It was one of the survivors from the Narvaez expedition in 1527 during eight years of exploration and traveling he became a trader and healer for the natives before reconnecting with the Spanish forces of Mexico in 1536 devaca was appointed the delantodo of whats now known as Argentina.
  • Oct 3, 1540

    De Coronado

    In 1540 and 30-year-old conquistador commanded a force of 30 soldiers and more than 1000 Mexican Indians are going to cibola p, a city of gold, when They conquered the city they did not find any silver gold it was the adobe brick shimmering in the light, he was furious and turn back.
  • Oct 3, 1550

    Juan Onate

    Was born in 1550 his goal was to settle in govern a colony Was sent by King Philip in 1598 he led more than 500 colonists they went through a desert they came up on the Rio Grande and the desribed it as an oasis. without ever knowing if he explored the whole entire panhandle.
  • La Salle

    Was a french explorer who served as a governor and was sent by a king to travel to South Canada and sail down
    the Mississippi river you was the first To travel the length of the Mississippi river his mission was to establish routes along the river in 1682.
  • Chorpus Christi dea Yselta

    Chorpus Christi dea Yselta
    The first permanent settlement for the Europeans in Texas. Founded near present day El Paso
  • San Antonio

    San Antonio was settled in 1718
  • Nacodoches is founded

    Nacodoches is founded
  • Mission San Jose is completed

    Mission San Jose is completed
  • Most Missions in Texas are closed

    Most Missions in Texas are closed
  • Philip Nolan

    Philip Nolan and his men fight Spanish soldiers near Waco
  • Louisiana purchase

  • Neutral ground

    The neutral ground a agree ment is established
  • Father Miquel Hidalgo issues the Grito de Dolores

  • Juan Bautista de las casas declares Texas independence from Spain. Las Casa captured and executed. Father Hidalgo executed

  • The Guiterraz Magee exepedition

    ThenGuiterraz Magee exepedition is defeated, was made to continue the revolt lead by father Hildalgo.
  • James long

    James Long leads group of Anglo American settlers to nacodoches
  • Mexico gains independence from Spain

  • Moses Austin

    Moses Austin receives permission to settle 300 families in Texas
  • Stephen F Austin brings Anglo American settlers to Texas now know as the ole 3003

  • Martin De Leon

    Martin de Leon petitions to establish the first tejano colonies in Texas
  • Green de Witt

    Green de Witt is granted permission from the Mexican government to settle in Texas and bring 400 near present day Gonzalez
  • Fredonian rebellion

    People led by the Edward brothers claimed their land no longer under Mexican control. The Edwards were captured and executed
  • Mier Y Teran report

    Manuel mire y Teran was sent to northern Texas to find that the Anglos out numbered the Mexicans by 10 to 1
  • The law of April 6 1830

    Claimed that immigrants were no longer accepted and slaves were free
  • Turtle Bayou Resolutions

    Anahucu settlers had a Mexican cannon and refused to give back witch led to a rebellion
  • The arrest of Stephen F Austin

    He sent a letter to the rebels which made the gov aresst him.