Sam Houston Alex Neil timeline iof Texas Revolution

  • Stephen F. Austin settles 3oo colonist in Texas

    Stephen F. Austin settles 3oo colonist in Texas
    March 1825 the legislature of Coahuila and Texas passed a law conforming in general to the previous act approved by Iturbide. It continued the empresario system contemplated by that law and offered to each married man a league of land (4,428 acres), for which he was obligated to pay the state thirty dollars within six years. In the meantime, Austin had substantially fulfilled his contract to settle the first 300 families.
    Source: Handbook of texas online
  • Austin settles 300 colonist in Texas

    Austin settles 300 colonist in Texas
    i think that when stephen f austin brought all the colonist to texas was a good thing becasue all the colonist finally got to settle in Texas.
  • Fredonian Rebelion

    Fredonian Rebelion
    when two brothers. hayden and benjamin edwards couldnt get their way in a land grant dispute they revolted against the Mexican Goverment. The mexican goverment sent tropps with Stephen F. Austin to put down the revolt. Once the brothers left texas, they left the remaining american settlers with suspiscion with the mexican goverment.
    Source: of Texas Online1/31/12
  • Fredonian Rebellion: Mexico wins

    Fredonian Rebellion: Mexico wins
    The Edward brothers are bad for Texas. They don't know what they are doing and just make the Mexican government suspicious of hard working Texans.
  • • Mier y Teran Report

    •	Mier y Teran Report
    In his report on the commission, Mier y Terán recommended that strong measures be taken to stop the United States from acquiring Texas. He suggested additional garrisons surrounding the settlements, closer trade ties with Mexico, and the encouragement of more Mexican and European settlers. His suggestions were incorporated into the Law of April 6, 1830, which also called for the prohibition of slavery and closed the borders of Texas to Americans.
    Texas handbook online
  • Mier y Teren Report: Opinion

    Mier y Teren Report: Opinion
    General Mier Y teren inspection of texas led to the passing of the law of april 6th 1830..Since that law did trouble texans, i would have to disagree with the report. but mexicans did get away with this one.
  • Law of April 6th 1830: Opinion

    Law of April 6th 1830: Opinion
    this law that the mexican officials passed was bad for texas..its didnt allow settlers from the unuted state to colonize and mexican boreds. But since it was bad fro texas, the mexicans won this one..
  • The Law of April 6th 1830

    The Law of April 6th 1830
    in further eforts to control texas colonist. especially Anglo Americans, Mexican officials passed the law of april 6th 1830. it outlawed immigration from the united states to texas and canceled al empressial grants that had not been fulfilled. As a result, settlers from the U.S would no longer be allowed to colonize any mexican border stae, including texas. The law even provided land and money for the settlera
    Source: textbook P.G 194-195
  • Conflict at Anahauc:opinion

    Conflict at Anahauc:opinion
    the texans won.
    SOURCE: textbook 199
  • Santa Anna takes over mexican government

    Santa Anna takes over mexican government
    mexican citizens were angry that the constitution of 1824 was being ignored. this conflict created an unstable enviorment within the mexican government. one leader who took an advantage of this situation was Santa anna. with a keen of polotics Santa Anna shifted his alligence from spain at just the right time. During the war fro independence and the rapid changes that resulted, he was able to remian favor with each new government. by 1832 he was ready to assume power himself.
  • Santa anna takes over mexican government: opinion

    Santa anna takes over mexican government: opinion
    i think when santa anna took over the mexican governemnt went to thge mexicans.
    source: textbook pg 197
  • Conflict at Anahuac

    Conflict at Anahuac
    Wiliam T. Logan hired attorney Willian B. Travis to represent him while he returned to louisiana to obtain documents. Then travis, tried to trick bradbrn into releasing the slaves. Travis passed a note to a a gaurd stating that logan had returned with armed men. Noy only did travid embarrass bradburn, but bradburn reacted by ordering travis's arrest. Bradburn agreed to release the prisoners if the settlers of jacks brotehrs retreat. he lied and took the
    opportunity to reinforce.
  • Turtle Bayou resolutions

    Turtle Bayou resolutions
    The colonist drafted a statement known as the turtle bayou resolution. in the resolutions the colonist pledged their continued loyalty to mexico. They srated their support for santa anna who apppeared to be on the texans side because he claimed to favor the constitution of 1824.
  • Turtle bayou resolutions: opinion

    Turtle bayou resolutions: opinion
    The turtle bayou resolutions helped the mexican government because the texan colonists pledged their loyalty to mexico.. Even though santa anna was probobly lying when he told them that he claimed to favor of the constitution of 1824.
  • Convention of 1833

    Convention of 1833
    Texans were pleased with their early victories but unhappy with some of the desicions of the Mexican Government. The colonist asked fro the repeal of the law April 6th 1830. Officials in San Antonio refused to send texans request to mexican officials. the rigth to pettition the government was not guarenteed under the mexican system. he delegtaes of the convention of 1833 drafted
    the sam porporsals as they had in the eralier convention.
    Source: textbook 2/12/12
  • Convention of 1833: opinion

    Convention of 1833: opinion
    the delegates of the convention drafted the same porposalsas they had in the earlier convention, except this time they drafted a constitution for the new Mexican state of Texas. The steps taken by the members were similar to those taken by the americans when develooing the new states of the U.S. To mexicans, even some who sympathized with the texans, theese actions looked like defiance of the government.
  • Austin's Arrest

    Austin's Arrest
    After meeting with Santa Anna, Austin left Mexico city on december 10, 1833, to return to his home. However, he was arrested when he reached Saltillo. Gomez Farias had intercepted his letter to the Texans and felt that it challenged the authority of the Mexican Government. As a result, he had arrested Austin. He was finally allowed to return to texas in 1835.
    Source: textbook P.G 202
  • Austin's Arrest

    Austin's Arrest
    I think that Stephen F. Austin shouldnt have gotten arrested because he has the right to say what he thinks of the Mexican Government.
    Mexican authorities Arrested SFA.
  • Texas declarationof independece

    Texas declarationof independece
    the texas declaration of independence obviously went to texas.
  • Battle of gonzales

    Battle of gonzales
    mexican officials demenaded that the texans at gonzales return the tiny cannon to them. the texans responded with the " Come and Take it" flag. this battle showed that the texans were becoming more difiant toward the mexican government and more willing to use military frocve if necessary.
    Source: Textbook pg 206
  • Battle of gonzales: opinion

    Battle of gonzales: opinion
    The battle was good for the texans, it gave the texans confidence to use military force if necessary.
  • Battle of san antonio opinion

    Battle of san antonio opinion
    texas won. in fact, after cos hoisted the white flag, the mexicans agreed to give the texans all the all the money, supplies, arms, and property held by the mexicans in san antonio. They also pledged to never again oppose the constitution of 1824.
  • Battle of the Alamo: opinion

    Battle of the Alamo: opinion
    well obviously the mexicans won because every texan fell in the battle. except for the 14 children who Santa Anna let live to spread the word about the battle..
  • Battle of San Antonio

    Battle of San Antonio
    At first, the Texans humiliated themselves with the fight known as the Grass Fight. Right when the texans were about to give up, they got some encouraging news. They learned that Cos's troops were in great confusion and low on supplies. Ben Milam rose at a meeting and got 300 of the 500 men ready to fight. On december 5 they attacked. as casualties and injuries on both sides the battle raged for 5 days. It finally stopped when Cos hoisted a white flag. source: textbook 2/12/12
  • Massacre at Goliad

    Massacre at Goliad
    Actually the battle of Goliad was won by the Mexican forces under General Urrea who, obeying the orders of Gen. Santa Anna, captured the Texian forces commanded by Col. James Fannin after fleeing the fortress. Fannin had surrendered,assuming he and his forces would be treated as prisoners of war but he and his forces were slaughtered shortly after surrendering.
  • Massacare at Goliad

    Massacare at Goliad
    The Goliad Massacre, the tragic termination of the Goliad Campaign of 1836, is of all the episodes of the Texas Revolution the most infamous. Though not as salient as the battle of the Alamo, the massacre immeasurably garnered support for the cause against Mexico both within Texas and in the United States, thus contributing greatly to the Texan victory at the battle of San Jacinto and sustaining the independence of the Republic of Texas. source texas of handbook online
  • runaway scrape

    runaway scrape
    The term Runaway Scrape was the name Texans applied to the flight from their homes when Antonio López de Santa Anna began his attempted conquest of Texas in February 1836. The people began to leave that area as early as January 14, 1836, when the Mexicans were reported gathering on the Rio Grande. When Sam Houston arrived in Gonzales on March 11 and was informed of the fall of the Alamo, he decided upon retreat to the Colorado River.when the texans recived the news, they left to saftey.
  • runaway scrape

    runaway scrape
    the runaway scrape was nutreul.
  • Convention of 1836 ( texas declaration of independece)

    Convention of 1836 ( texas declaration of independece)
    The Texas Declaration of Independence was produced, literally, overnight. Its urgency was paramount, because while it was being prepared, the Alamo in San Antonio was under seige by Santa Anna's army of Mexico.Immediately upon the assemblage of the Convention of 1836 on March 1, a committee of five of its delegates were appointed to draft the document. The committee, consisting of George C. Childress, Edward Conrad, James Gaines, Bailey Hardeman, and Collin McKinney, prepared the declaration in
  • Battleof San Jancinto

    Battleof San Jancinto
    The Battle of San Jacinto, fought on April 21, 1836, in present-day Harris County, Texas, was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. Led by General Sam Houston, the Texian Army engaged and defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna's Mexican forces in a fight that lasted just eighteen minutes. About 630 of the Mexican soldiers were killed and 730 captured, while only nine Texans died.Santa Anna, the President of Mexico, was captured the following day and held as a prisoner of war.
  • battle of san jancnto: opinion

    battle of san jancnto: opinion
    the battleof san jancinto went to the texans..who won the war inless than 8 minutes.
  • treaties of valasco

    treaties of valasco
    Two treaties were signed by ad interim president David G. Burnet and Gen. Antonio López de Santa Anna at Velasco on May 14, 1836, after defeat of the Mexican forces at the battle of San Jacinto. The public treaty was to be published immediately, and the secret agreement was to be carried into execution when the public treaty had been fulfilled. The public treaty, with ten articles, provided that hostilities would cease, that Santa Anna would not again take up arms against Texas, exct...
    -texas H
  • Treaty of velasco

    Treaty of velasco
    i think the treaty of velasco wasmore of the texans because it was established right after texas defeated mexico at san jancinto.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    The siege lasted 13 days..while james fannin was gone, william B travis took over. James bowie got sick and couldnt even stand up from all the alcahool he had took. The mexicans raised the red flag showing No Mercy. There were over 1500 mexicans and only 150 texans. the battle lasted an hour and a half and every texan fell. Except for the 14 women and children wo santa anna let live to spread the word about the battle.