Texas History Timeline

By afc4193
  • Jan 1, 1519

    Pineda Maps the Coast

    Pineda Maps the Coast
    Pineda was a Spanish explorer whose map marks the first document in Texas history. Pineda led a few expositions to map the coastlines of the Gulf of Mexico from the Yucatan Peninsula to the Panuco River. Pineda took command of Alaminos and some men assigned by Garay to explore the rest of the Gulf. It is believed that Pineda was the first European to report of the mouth of the Mississippi River. He was also the first European to see the coastal areas of western Florida, Alabama and more.
  • Period: Nov 1, 1519 to Jan 1, 1521

    Exploration Begins

    3 reasons the Europeans explored Texas is for expanding their religion, find gold, silver and the valuable items, and to control a larger empire.
    Columbus set sailed to find a sea route to China, India, and the gold and spice islands of Asia
    Most explorers came from Europe
    A conquistador is a European explorer
    Heran Cortez was the one who tore down Tenochtitlan and found New Spain
  • Period: Jan 1, 1537 to Jan 1, 1557

    Cabeza De Vaca Shipwrecks

    After being shipwrecked, Cabeza de Vaca was captured by the Karankawa Indians. During the age of contact, dieseses killed many natives and explorers. After his exploration, his stories inspired others to explore the region that will someday become Texas
  • Jan 1, 1540

    Coronado sets out for Cibola

    Coronado sets out for Cibola
    Cibola si a place for the 7 cities of Cibola. He thought Cibola was in Texas because he heard rumors of about treasure in the lands for both Texas and Mexico so he went there. He never found Cibola. He discovered the Grand Connon.
  • Fort St.Louis founded

    Fort St.Louis founded
    Fort St.Louis was established in Matagorda Bay in Texas. It was established by the explorer LaSalle.The fort didn't survive that long because of harsh diseases,conditions and Native American attracts. The founder, LaSalle was killed because of a mutiny against him by his own crew.
  • Mission San Francisco founded

    Mission San Francisco founded
    The purpose of the mission was to convert Natives to Catholicism. The leader of the these missions would be Friars and priest. The country that built all theses missions was Mexico, and they tried to make the Natives to be Catholic like them. Even though there were many missions, pretty much all of them failed. The buildings that protected the missions were presidios.
  • Marques de Rubi inspects Texas

    Marques de Rubi inspects Texas
    Marques de Rubi was sent to Texas to write a report on the missions, and their success, he was sent by King Carlos lll. After the report investigation, his recommendations were to add protection and recognize it, also to complete abandonment to Spain in Texas.
  • Phillip Nolan Exposition

    Phillip Nolan Exposition
    Phillip Nolan was known as a filibuster, a filibuster is someone who goes against another country. Other filibuster are Col. James Long and Father Hildago. Another filibuster was Jean Lafitte and he was a pirate and privateer.
  • LaSalle lands in Texas

    LaSalle lands in Texas
    LaSalle discovered the Mississippi River. France wanted to challenge Spain for Texas
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    Spain, France, and the U.S. claimed the land. This meant for the U.S. and Spin was that Spain would try to claim the land and gain power
  • Moses Austin asked permission for a colony

    Moses Austin asked permission for a colony
    Moses Austin asked for a land grant for a colony and Mexico gave him one, the reason was to develop the land. But befor he could establish one, he was attacked and robbed and soon died
  • S.F.A establishes his colony

    S.F.A establishes his colony
    An empresario is a person who has the right to be on the Mexican land and is allowed to bring in stetlers. S.F.A decided to have his colony settle near the Brazos River . But the sttelers were forced to follow some rules and had to convert to Catholicism. A lot of the Old 300 families were ranchers and farmers. When the colony was first established there were a few challenges Iike S.F.A had to get another land-grant from Mexico and a few Indian attacks. Other empress were Heden Edwards and Green
  • Mexico gains thier Indepenedence

    Mexico gains thier Indepenedence
    Mexico gained independence from Spain. Federarlist established a constitution called the Constution of 1824. In this Texas was joined with the Mexican state Coahila
  • Period: to

    Fredonia Rebellion

    The Freudian Rebellion goal was the first attempt by Anglo settlers in Texas to seced from Mexico. The Edward brothers were the ones who started the rebellion and they are upset with the govt. The rebellion ended when Bejamin Edwards and a small group of men went off to Nocogdoches and proclaimed it the inpendent Republic of Fredonia. S.F.A and other Texans refused to support the Fredonia Republic, in 1827 there was a battle between the republic and Mexico and Mexico won and Texans feared them.
  • Mier y Teran Reports

    Mier y Teran Reports
    The exposition's goal was to investigate conditions is Texas. Mier y Teran as sent to help with that goal he recommended that trade with Texas should increase, more soilders should be sent to Texas to have better control of it, and Mexico should encourage more Europeans to settle in Texas.
  • Law of April 6 Passes

    Law of April 6 Passes
    The law banned any further immigration from US to Texas. No new slaves, settlement contracts were cancelled.
  • Convention of 1833

    Convention of 1833
    The goal was to be submitted to the Mexican congress.S.F.A made a trip to Mexico City to present it to the Mexican Govt.
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    The battle was fought because the Mexican government wanted the cannon that had been given to the settlers in 1831 but refused. Texas won because Mexico retreated.
  • Austin Arrested

    Austin Arrested
    After delivering the petitions to the govt. thought he was acting suspicious.
  • San Antonio de Bexar Siege

    San Antonio de Bexar Siege
    A siege is the operation when enemy forces surround a building or town. Befor the siege paths Mexican Army controlled San Antonio.after the siege San Antonio was controlled by Texas.
  • Convection of 1836

    Convection of 1836
    During the convection the Texas Declaration of Independence and the Constution of the Republic of Texas.
  • The Alamo Falls

    The Alamo Falls
    William Travis, David Croccet, and James Bowie were 3 defenders of the Alamo. There were 1,500 Mexican troops and about 200 Texans fought in the Alamo. Sam Houston didn't send reinforcements because he didn't want to waste men on a battle he knew he would lose.Mexico won the Alamo.
  • Goliad Massacre

    Goliad Massacre
    Fannin and his men lost the battle of Coleto and taken prisoner. Santa Anna ordered to execute Fannin and his men in the massacre. Only 342 Texans were killed during the Massacre.
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Battle of San Jacinto
    The cries "Remember the Alamo!" and "Remember Goliad!" were 2 important cries during the battle.630 Mexicans were killed and 9 Texans were killed. During the fight Santa Anna tried to escape but it was hard. The Texans were victorious in the battle.
  • Runaway Scrape

    Runaway Scrape
    Everyone was moving east to Lousiana to get away from Santa Anna. Santa Anna exeutudeed all of the prisoners and said he was gonna kill anyone who gets in his way. The goal was to cross the Sabine River to Lousiana befor they were killed. People thought Sam Houston was a coward and so they were unhappy.