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  • Period: Jan 1, 1518 to

    Texas Timeline

    Paraphrased information from, http://www.lsjunction.com/events/events.htm.
  • Jul 15, 1519

    Alonso Alvarez de Pineda

    Alonso Alvarez de Pineda
    Alonso Alvarez de Pineda sailed to Texas and mapped the Gulf of Mexico's Coast in the map shown.
  • Nov 10, 1528

    Cabeza De Vaca

    Cabeza De Vaca
    On his way to Mexico, Cabeza De Vaca crashed into what is believed to be Galveston Island and made his way through the Texas inland to get to Mexico.
  • Oct 27, 1540

    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and his crew left on what would be a two year expedition to look for the Seven Cities of Cibola. This journey led them to journey led them to explore most of present day southwestern U.S.
  • Robert Cavalier, Sieur de LaSalle

    Robert Cavalier, Sieur de LaSalle
    Robert Cavalier and Sieur de LaSalle traveled to Texas and established Fort St. Louie near Matagorda Bay. This Fort would form the cornerstone of French control in Texas.
  • LaSalle is killed

    LaSalle is killed
    Two years after establishing Fort St. Louis, LaSalle is killed by his own men.
  • Alonso de Leon

    Alonso de Leon
    Alonso de Leon discovers For St. Louie is abandoned while exploring Texas and decides to try and reclaim Texas for the Spanish.
  • Spanish Missions

    Spanish Missions
    Throughout the 18th century, many catholic mission were started by the spanish along with the towns of San Antonio, Goliad, and Nacogdoches.
  • Gutierrez-Magee Expedition

    Gutierrez-Magee Expedition
    The Gutierrez-Magee Expedition led about 130 men across the Sabine River to protest against Spanish rule in Texas.
  • Jean Latiffe

    Jean Latiffe
    1817-1820, Jean Latiffe used Galveston Island as a headquarters for his smuggling operations.
  • Stephen F. Austin

    Stephen F. Austin
    On this date, the Mexican government gave Stephen F. Austin a land grant to begin colonization along the Brazos River.
  • Constitution of 1824

    Constitution of 1824
    With the Constitution of 1824, Mexico adopted a new republican government. Unfortunately for Texas, it didn't define the rights of the Mexican states.
  • Tension

    The relationship between Texas and Mexico was not a good one when Mexico forbade more immagrants coming from the U.S.
  • Conventions

    Texas's growing problems with Mexican rule caused the Conventions of 1832 and 1833.
  • Battle of Velasco

    Battle of Velasco
    This battle held the first casualties because of Mexico and Texas's bad relationship. Once the first few days were over, the Mexicans had to surrender due to lack of ammunition.
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    Texans defeated a group of Mexican cavalry at the Battle of Gonzales, officially beginning the Texas Revolution.
  • The Goliad Campaign

    The Goliad Campaign
    The Goliad Campaign of 1835 was ended when 51 Texans, including George Collingsworth and Ben Milam attacked the presidio at Goliad.
  • Battle of Concepcion

    Battle of Concepcion
    James Fannin and Jim Bowie along with 90 other Texans defeated a group of 450 Mexican soldiers.
  • Organic Law

    Organic Law
    The Cosultation met at this date to discuss how to better Texas rule. The Organic Law was a document that outlined the functions of Texas's new Provisional Government.
  • Grass Fight

    Grass Fight
    Texans under the guidance of Jim Bowie and Ed Burleson won a battle near San Antonio, but only won a worthless supply of grass.
  • Siege of Bexar

    Siege of Bexar
    Mexican General Cos and his troops surrendered the city of San Antonio to Texans after a big siege of the city. Following the siege, Ben Milam was killed by Mexican troops
  • Texas Declaration of Independance

    Texas Declaration of Independance
    The Texas Declaration of Independance was created and signed by the members of the Concention of 1836. A new ad interim government was also created to run the nwly fromed Republic of Texas.
  • The Battle of the Alamo

    The Battle of the Alamo
    The Runaway Scrape was started when Colonel William B. Travis and his Texan soldiers were defeated at the Battle of the Alamo. This battle lasted two weeks.
  • Sam Houston

    Sam Houston
    Sam Houston left Gonzales after hearing about the Mexican army headed their way.
  • Goliad Massacre

    Goliad Massacre
    James Fannina along with his 400 men were shot and killed at Goliad by Santa Anna's men. This is known as the Goliad Massacre
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Battle of San Jacinto
    Texan soldiers under the leadershi of Sam Houston defeated a large Mexican force at the Battle of San Jacinto, therefore winning independance for Texas.
  • Congress

    Austin holds the Republic of Texas's very first Congress meeting and is declared capital of Texas.
  • Battle of Plum Creek

    Battle of Plum Creek
    Commanches had one of their biggest raids ever in the Battle of Plum Creek near present-day Lockhart.
  • Texas Santa Fe Expedition

    Texas Santa Fe Expedition
    Texans set off toward New Mexico, but were attacked by Mexican soldiers near Santa Fe. The Texans were captured and forced to march to Mexico City.
  • San Antonio

    San Antonio
    Refusing to accept Texaas's independance, Mexico raids San Antonio and captures it under Adrion Woll. The the Mexicans retreated to Mexico and took prisoners with them.
  • Mier Expedition

    Mier Expedition
    300 Texans left to raid Mexico, but ten days after leaving were forced to surrender near the small town of Mier.