Time Line of exposure to traditional and new media by Torralba

Timeline created by ineeddisforschool
  • TV

    When i was younger my parents made me watch children's shows and sometimes educational channels like Discovery or National Geographic
  • Radio

    I don't remember when I was actually exposed to a radio but my mom liked to listen to the radio when we drive around.
  • computer

    The first time I used the computer what i would normally do is use MS Paint and 3D pinball.
  • typewriter

    It may be surprising that typewriter isn't the first media or the fact that it's in this timeline at all but one of my teachers had a typewriter and i was allowed to use it. It was fun pressing the different keys.
  • cellphone

    Sometimes i would play games on my mom's phone like snake and bonce
  • Newspaper

    I already knew about newspapers since long ago but only now i read newspaper because of school work. Although i would read the comics section often.
  • Facebook

    Back then a lot of my classmates already had Facebook but I didn't not because I wasn't social but because I was following the age restrictions of Facebook back then which was 16.