time line

  • factory system

    the factory system was made by samual slater.the reson it was made for maspriduction.It made made things easier and faster to make things.But it increased siave laybor and only childern and woman worked there.
  • cotten gin

    the cotten Gin was invented by Eli Wetney.what it did was clean cotten and to seperate seeds out the cotten faster.the cotten gin was going to benifit the north to make more factories.but it will increase slave laybor
  • steam boat

    The steam boat was invented by Robert fulton.the steam boat was made for sending off goods faster and for going up streams.The invention was made for things to go up river and it helped the cotten industry grow.
  • telagraph

    the telegraph was made by samuel morse.it was created to communicate faster over long distances.the telegraph helped people send letters from city to city.
  • steel plow

    the steel plow was invented by john deere.The steel plow made it easier to farm in rocky and tuffer soil.The steel plow would expand factories in the north.But it increased slave laybor.